Latin Fighters

Latin Fighters

Latin Self Defense Techniques by True Latin Fighting Girls. Fighting, Kicking and Boxing techniques by gorgeous Latin Fighting girls wearing High heels, Boots and Sexy Clothing.

NikitaAndLaura hinzugefügt: 06/03/2014


While Nikita and Laura are pleasantly talking about their boots, a thief is stalking them to strike by assault.

The only thing he does not know is what Nikita and Laura have for him!

What a nice action duo! Lots of kicks, punches and fighting against the male thief.

At the end, the latin fighters end with a flawless victory on their opponent.
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Laurapunishesboyfriend hinzugefügt: 02/03/2014


Learn how Latin Fighting Girls deal with disrespectful attitudes from men.

This is Laura, teaching his boyfriend to respect women.

Self defense techniques featured: kicking, slapping, punching.
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NikitaOnRedBoots hinzugefügt: 12/02/2014


Hi there!

This is Joanna from LRG. This studio is my new filming adventure. Of course... I will keep enjoying my passion for riding at Latin Riding Goddess but here, in my brand new studio, will share with all of you the most beautiful and exciting action scenes of my lady friends... who are pro fighters... Karate ladies! Wearing nice boots and high heels... kicking some butts out there!

This is our first clip... Nikita on Red Boots... Here we will introduce my beautiful friend Nikita. Her boyfriend is a stupid macho guy. And she usually has to keep him under control.

This clip features some nice fighting and sell defense techniques.

Hope you like it!
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