C4AJenblackbiker added: 2019/03/24


Our gorgeous model Jen Bailey showing off her new black leather biker jacket and a figure hugging pair of Levi's. She looks great in this black jacket, it complements the new collar and leash she also intends to use in the next shoot!
We shot this set at Jen's cottage, which is an ideal spot and has a large garden we also use for shoots. Enjoy this set, the next one features a really sexy scuffed and worn biker jacket which looks so hot on Jen!

42 HQ images, av. size 1700 x 1400 px, zip file only, no video.
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 46.1 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4AJenleathermini added: 2019/03/24


Taken between sets, some fun images of Jen in a very short pink mini skirt, figure hugging leather top and those blue platform boots ( if you look carefully!)
Shot in her cottage bedroom, this small set is very sexy and seductive.....

15 HQ images, av.size. 2200 x 1900 px, zip file only, no video
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 19.7 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

CameltoeLegginsmitNylonTop added: 2019/03/05


Camel toe Leggins with Nylon Top
28 Photos - 3000 x 1688 px
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 26 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4AVictoriacatsuitboots added: 2018/11/11


A real must see for lovers of catsuits and boots... Victoria, clad in her figure hugging leather catsuit, shows off her favourite pairs of thigh length boots in this set.
First she wears her Giaro 'slick' pair with a slight platform and very high heel, and having ground out a cigarette off camera, she shows what she expects me to do...which is to lick the ash off her boot sole!
Next she dons her Arollo 'Anna 2' pair of leather thigh boots-these are amazing and reach to the very top of her long legs, showing off the 5.5 cm platform and 16 cm heels to full advantage!

60 HQ images, av.size 2100 x 1900 px, zip file only, no video
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 78.9 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4AJenBaileyIH4 added: 2018/11/09


No mistaking who is in charge here! Jen completes the fourth set taken at our cottage in April 2018, wearing a lace up leather top, thong, and amazing Arollo leather thigh length boots with awesomely high heels! Taken from a low POV these boots seem to go on up Jen's legs forever!
Using an antique wooden settle, Jen shows of her figure and her boots to full advantage, we think you will enjoy looking at the images as much as we did creating them for you.

40 HQ images av. size 2100 x 1900 px, zip file only no video
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 60.1 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

ThomasSplint added: 2018/07/03


A photoset account of Clarise modelling the new improved Thomas Splint.
32 HQ images av. size 2100 x 1800 px ZIP FILE ONLY NO video.
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 76.3 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4AVictoriacatsuit2 added: 2018/05/27


Following the first set with Victoria in her leather catsuit, here we see her posing in the Kitchen again, wearing Ritual thigh length boots and this time with her trusty bullwhip to hand.
You can almost smell the sexy aroma of warm leather and hear it creak as she moves.
A must for lovers of leather girls and boot fetish afficionados!

54 HQ images, av. size 2100 x 1900 px, zip file only, no video
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 85.7 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4AVictoriacatsuit1 added: 2018/05/19



If you like girls in skin tight black leather then this set is for you!
Our very own Victoria clad in a tight black leather catsuit. stiletto heeled Ritual thigh length boots, giving us a smouldering gaze behind gold framed RayBan sunglasses.We shot these images in her country house Kitchen area a while back after she had just moved in.
She looks amazing in that custom made catsuit which shows off her slim sexy figure to good effect, and the gorgeous, rare boots made by Ritual complement it very well.
We hope you enjoy this set, and the next sets will feature Giaro and Arollo boots for all you boot lovers out there.
56 HQ images av. size 2100 x 1900 px zip file only, no video

Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 78.7 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4AJenRidingMistress added: 2018/01/16


Alongside our video shoot with the lovely Miss Jenny, we shot a stills set with her wearing a very sexy alternative riding outfit which made us all a little weak at the knees...a figure hugging black leather top, perfectly fitting Gorringe jodhpurs teamed with sharp heeled thigh length boots, with spurs ready for the additional control of her mount.

We had a great time shooting this set, we hope you enjoy the images-we intend to shoot more with this gorgeous young Lady soon!

37 HQ images, av. size 1536 x 2048 px., Zip file only, no video.
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 77.2 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

c4acam0409 added: 2017/09/05


Slinkystylez Camel toe Leggins outdoors
21 Photos - 6000 x 3376 px
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 88.5 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4AVictoriaPrisonGuard added: 2017/08/05


A small but very hot and sexy set of Victoria in her role as Prison Guard in one of our new videos.
Dressed in a figure hugging sexy black leather catsuit and wearing Arollo crotch length boots with 8 inch heels, the sight of her is enough to bring any man to his knees with desire.
Wielding a 10 ft bullwhip, she is either your dream or your nightmare..
These are high quality images and not frame grabs from video footage.

20 HQ images av. size 2100 x 1900 px, Zip file, no video
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 30.2 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4AJenEqu4Cowgirl added: 2017/06/05


The sexiest and toughest young Cowgirl you'll ever meet, dressed in black leather chaps and figure hugging leather top, Jen struts her way through this set brandishing her trusty bullwhip and its not cattle she's rounding up, it's men, who she believes should all be corralled and branded as her property.

We're not arguing with her..

45 HQ images av.size 2100 x 1900 px, Zip file images only, no video
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 81.5 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4AJenEqu3 added: 2017/06/03


The country walk with Jen continues in the beautiful rural surroundings, and as we come to a less well frequented spot Jen suggests that its time for an outfit change.
So, out come those gorgeous soft black leather chaps and sexy figure hugging leather top for some images that raise your heartbeat count...and that Stetson makes another appearance.
Jen looks fabulous as a bronzed, sexy female ranch girl... which leads us into the next set, due soon.

She'll round you up and corral you with the greatest of pleasure, Mister..

62 HQ images av.size 2100 x 1900 px, Zip file only, no video
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 114.8 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

Sarah_Photos_1 added: 2017/04/12


We continue bringing stuff, never seen before here on Leathered Life. Big set with 144 hot photos of top model Sarah in sexy black Miss Sixty Oriel leather pants and leather jacket!
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 70.9 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4AJenSmoking1 added: 2017/04/02


Our largest photo set yet, featuring the lovely Jen in a sexy leather Biker style jacket, bootcut Levi's and relaxing in her lovely country garden..smoking!
It's quite difficult to find a model who smokes these days. Jen, as well as being talented and very pretty, also occasionally smokes, so I took the opportunity on an early Spring day to shoot outside with her and see if we could capture some smoking shots for our (and her) growing number of fans.
Quite a few of you have asked for smoking themes with the cigarette butt being ground under soles and heels, and Jen was very happy to oblige!
Wearing a pair of 'Pleaser' brand platforms with 150 mm heels, Jen shows off her long jeans - clad legs and her lovely pedicured feet as she slowly grinds the butt into the ground beneath her heels, while looking contemptuously and seductively at her lowly photographer.....

94 HQ Images av.size 2100 x 1900 px @ 350 dpi resolution. Zip file only, no video
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 192.2 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4AVivienne6DungeonII added: 2017/03/30


The second set from the Dungeon shoot with Vivienne, taken with a different camera body.
This leads on from and complements the last set with some variation in style and some candid type shots.

Beautiful Arollo boots feature, complemented by Vivienne's own outfits and accessories.

36 HQ images, av. size 1900 x 2100 px Zip image file only, no video.
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 56.3 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

Laura_Photos_1 added: 2017/03/25


What about some hot Photos? We have a set of 98 Photos for you, showing Laura in sexy Miss Sixty Roxy leather pants. Enjoy!
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 72.9 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4AVivienne5DungeonI added: 2017/03/19


Welcome to the lair and playroom of the fabulous and awesome Vivienne l 'Amour, a place at once awe-inspiring and welcoming to the nervous visitor...

Many items of equipment await the unwary, and Miss Vivienne is all too happy to show how everything works and fits in with her plan to make you her willing participant...her imagination knows no bounds!

Visit with us, and view Vivienne in black leather, stunning spike-heeled Arollo boots and of course the ever present bullwhip will be at hand for the unruly slave....

60 HQ images, av. size 1900 x 2100 px @350 dpi resolution. Zip file only, no video.
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 103.9 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4AVivienne4 added: 2017/03/12



Leading on from Vivienne's last set, we travel back with her to her beautiful secluded garden, which is a great location to shoot and also to train her willing slaves, no doubt!
Dressed in figure hugging jodhpurs, brown leather boned corset, crisp white shirt and low heeled boots with Prince of Wales spurs, not forgetting her awesome 12 foot bullwhip, she is a magnificent sight!
The evening light was perfect for this part of the shoot, and the images are some of my favourites.
I hope you agree!

68 HQ images av.size 1900 x 2100 px @350 dpi. Zip file only, no video.

Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 174.6 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4AMV7BasqueBootsWeapons added: 2017/02/11


Enjoy this large set of Mistress Vixen clad a hot leather outfit, dangerous looking spiked boots by 'Demonia' footwear, and toting her favourite vicious riding whip.
As if that wasn't enough to get you interested, how about being threatened by Her brandishing a gun?
And for the final subjugation and humiliation of the male, the trusty dog collar and leash to ensure complete subservience when teamed with that whip....

60 HQ images, av size 1900 x 2100 px @ 350 dpi Resolution. Zip image file only, no video.
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 78.5 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip