Lady Cavallo

Lady Cavallo
Professional riding mistress & horse whisperer

Zebrastyle added: 2013/08/18


Zebra or maybe chess ?!.... Might be the first thing that will cross your mind, once you see this video :-)
In Italy I found this short amazing whip, and to match it's black & white pattern, I decided to dress in a matching outfit. I also found these very long rodeo spurs with wheels, and as you will see, they match perfectly with my black'n white leather. Not sure the small pony enjoyed being kicked with this pair of sexy long spurs - But I'm THE BOSS, so he better behave and do as I command !

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newhorsepart2 added: 2013/07/19


This is the second part of my very first riding session with this new BIG mare... She still has a lot to learn, and will need a lot of training and discipline, before I can claim her to be broken in. So I really look forward to get to ride her in some of my amazing, sexy and dominant leather riding outfits. Today I'm starting out with a pair of brown leather riding boots and an extremely tight short brown leather jacket, and offcourse my shiny spurs. Still not able to manage a proper trot and canter, but we will get there shortly, because there must a limit to how much KICKING this huge mare can take.

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newhorsepart1 added: 2013/07/11


This is the first part of me trying a new horse - a mare with an attitude - fortunately, I have an attitude as well, and some great "tools" in my spurs and whip, to make her obey ! You might think that we are at a rock-koncert, because this is a HEAD-BANGING horse.. Hahahaha... But she was just annoyed and not in the "riding mood". I really tried my best to make her move, but she would only do the walk. She is really a HUGE mare (more than 175 cm), so she is a handfull to move around. Therefore a lot of kicking was needed for me to take control.... Because of her size, I'm not really sure she could feel me kicking that much - but if it was you taking her place, you would be crying !

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Bestofleather added: 2013/06/29


Take a trip with me down the memory lane, as I invite you along in some of my best riding moments in tight leather.... I simply just love to wear these dominant outfits during my riding sessions - it gives me such pleasure and makes me feel I'm 100 % in control. As you can see, I have a lot of different outfits to combine with all my spurs and whips.. Which one is your favourite ?
Hope you'll enjoy this short medley.

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Morekickingfun added: 2013/06/22


On this lovely late summer night (it was actually rather late), I brought my small red gelding out for some dressage training. Even though it is summer, it was still a bit cold, so I only felt comfortable in my black knee high leather boots, and my leather corset and black leather bolero - perfect outfit for riding ! As you can see, he's a little further in his education than my little yellow gelding. However, that does not mean that he does not require any discipline ! Despite the fact that he snorted and groaned, I forced him to do various short turns and I also forced him to go backwards. When he did not obey right away, I had to give him some serious kicking... I really found it necessary to dig my long shiny spurs into his chest - how would you feel if it was you being kicked and pinched by me with this set of spurs ??

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kickingfun added: 2013/06/15


Is this football ? That might be the first thing that crosses your mind, when you watch me riding in this clip, because never ever have I had to do so much kicking ! I am still in the first stages of educating my little yellow pony, which is a gelder who still thinks he's a stallion... So I really had to use my long shiny spurs a lot, and I also had to take control over him, by the force of my whip... He has to behave and not be to naughty, because that's were I draw the line and starts kicking with my spurs.
My black knee high stiletto boots was a perfect pair to match my tight black leather pants and leather gloves, and all that kicking really made me sweat. Just be glad it was not YOU who was under my heels today, cause I would have kicked you all blue, black & purple !!!!
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Funwithalittleyellowonepart2 added: 2013/06/08


This clip is part two of my training of my smallest pony - a dun-coloured gelding.... He's actually quite obidient compared to the fact, that I have only been riding him a short while.. At one point though, I really had to do a lot of kicking with my spurs to make him move, and later on, you will also find me digging in my spurs on his chest.. How would you feel, if it was you who had my long legs in a pair of leather thigh boots wrapped around your neck ? Finally I also managed to do a little bareback riding, which is actually quite funny, because the horse is so small.

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Funwithalittleyellowonepart1 added: 2013/06/05


Time to put in some more training in the very smallest of my ponies... He's a small yellow / dun-coloured gelding, and as you will see in this clip, he's only just big enough to carry me. But before I could even get a saddle on him, I had to get a rope on him, and since he has not been used a lot for riding, even catching him was difficult.
But I did manage to do some riding on him, and I hope you will enjoy watching me in this hot outfit: Black leather thigh high lace-up stiletto boots, leather corsage, black leather bolero and a pair of very long black leather gloves..... I JUST LOVE TO RIDE IN LEATHER !
So enjoy this first clip, and look forward to part two where there definately will be some serious kicking with my spurs and a little bareback riding as well...

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Littlebeautylotsofleather added: 2013/05/26


Nothing like the felling of buttersoft black leather....My absolute favourite riding outfit ! So regardless, that summer is almost here, and wearing leather is very hot at this time of the year, it is an absolute MUST for me to wear and ride in.
Thigh high leather lace up stiletto boots, opera long leather gloves, leather corsage and a black leather bolero on top - so there's really a treat for all you leather lovers in this clip :-)
The pony seemed to be stressed, which was caused by allergy. So the poor little boy, sneezed a lot. I did bring my bull-whip, just in case he misbehaved too much - and my long spurs also kept him focusing.

Lady Cavallo
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Falling added: 2013/05/23


Now in this clip you will see what happens, when a small and very un-experienced pony meets the spurs of a trained and skilled rider in terms of me - LADY CAVALLO.... THE SMALL PONY WINS ! For the first time in years I was throwed off a horse..
Off course I was not very pleased with this pony and his performance, but as you will discover, he's not yet very used to carrying a rider, so it will take a lot of training before he's broken in.
Neither was I pleased, that my long brown leather thighboots and my ultra tight brown leather jacket got all dirty - but it only took a few seconds to dust it off.
For the record, no one was injured or got hurt - it just look's a little wild :-)

I'm sure you will enjoy and have a laugh..

Lady Cavallo
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funinthesun added: 2013/05/18


What a beatufil day for a riding training session.... That was probably my very first thought, when I woke up this morning. Sun was shining from a clear blue sky, and it was really hot. The warm weather, got me into such a good mood today, so I decided from the beginning of this training, that this pony should follow my command and obey !
And despite the fact that it was hotter than hell, I simply had to wear a pair of tight black leather pants combined with real black leather boots and a small leather top to finish this amazing outfit. I was sweating under the black leather - probably just as much as the pony, but wearing leather and boots, is just what does the job for me, as I feel so much more DOMINANT...
In this clip you will see some kicking, and you will also see me riding like a english lady !

Have fun.

Lady Cavallo
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ponyride added: 2013/05/04


Training and a lot of practise is required, for education a dressage pony. So in this training session, you will see me focused on the most difficult part of the riding - which is dressage. The pony is still quite young, and he still needs to be handled carefully, but also to know who's the BOSS !
So you will also see me using my spurs quite a lot, compared to a much more experienced horse.. But as I also really have a thing for tight leather, I simply had to do the training in stiletto boots combined with a very tight short black leather jacket, and long black gloves.

Lady Cavallo
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springride added: 2013/04/28


With the spring sun warming the landscapes all over Europe, I decided to do a little training in the open field..
However, this pony was for whatever reason a bit stressed, and reacted quite jumpy, to my use of spurs.
So my riding skills came in handy, and I really enjoyed riding him in my thigh high lace up leather boots, with 5" stilletto heels.. These boots were actually quite comfortable to ride in - and my ultra tight black leather jacket, just completed this outfit !

Hope you will enjoy watching me.

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gettingusetospurs added: 2013/03/08


A few days ago I got this new pony mare... She's really sweet and very beautiful. But not very used to carry a rider, so I had to get her used to the spurs, and as you will find out in this video, this pony was extremly jumpy !!
She danced around and tried to throw me of... So I really have to make use of my huge experience in both riding and breaking in new horses.
I really love it, when I at the same time get to wear one of my tight leather outfits - it makes me feel extra dominant and so much more in control. So for this training I wore black leather pants, 4" stiletto leather boots with my silver spurs, long tight leather jacket and to complete this amazing outfit, I pulled on a pair of buttersoft opera gloves... ALL IN BLACK LEATHER.... I just love it.....
Lady Cavallo
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SnowStallionandaShepherdfromGermany_0001 added: 2013/02/10


Winter has really set in now, and with the frost also less opportunities to ride as much as I would like. So my black Stallion needs to be in hands and disciplined in other ways then. So today I decided to push him a little around the fold, without riding him. The earth was very slippery, so I had to be very careful with him. - unfortunately my big German Shepard wanted to help out.
I really felt very dominant wearing my tight black leather outfit ! Black leather pants, tight short leatherjacket, stiletto boots with spurs, leathergloves and my top to toe black leatherjacket... So using my short bullwhip was just such a pleasure !
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littlemisskittypart2 added: 2012/11/17


Here in part 2 of my training of Little Miss Kitty, I really make her work up a sweat.
I really love riding in my tight leather pants and overknee boots - it gives me a great grip in the saddle, but at the same time I also need to concentrate on not scratching the horse to much with my high heels..

Hope you will enjoy.. And please remember, that if you have any wishes, feel free to contact me through the webmaster here on Maybe I can make your fantasy come true !
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Littlemisskittypart1 added: 2012/10/12


Brought in some "extra pussy" for this sexy riding session :-) As you will discover I had a couple of cats disturbing both me and the pony... However I did manage to control and keep the pony focused!
The dresscode for this clip, was as often before, tight black leather pants, over knee lace-up boots and my favourite black ultra tight leather jacket.
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fastriding added: 2012/08/31


What fun I had today..!! Took my pony "Charlie" for a fast field riding, which really made us both sweat.. It was so hot today, so wearing my long red stilletto boots, leather top and a pair of new red leather gloves, didn't exactly help me cool of... But nevertheless, we did have some fun in the sun - hope you'll enjoy watching it as well....Lady C.
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traininginleatherandheels added: 2012/08/25


At the moment I'm training and preparing for an upcoming amateur dressage competition, so I really want my dark brown stallion to look and perform his best.... I really enjoy riding him while wearing tight leather. My black leather stiletto boots look so great with the silver spurs.
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ridinginred added: 2012/08/17


Today, I was trying out another new outfit in one of my favourite colours - red - and also trying out my new italian designer riding pants and of course stilletto's - in red. It was hot, and the pony was very lazy, so I had to use the whip alot to make him work.
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