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Julie Skyhigh Heels

Hi, my name is julie from Belgium and I'm 19 years old. I'm totally in love with high heels!
I'm walking with high heels everyday and during all day! I'm sharing my passion with you here! so, i hope you'll like my store and will come very often because of me! :)  I love discovering all things and i think that i have to try everything to know if I like or not!! In my store, you will be the witness of my hot adventures! Download High Definition Videos here - Kiss: Julie

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julieskyhighsbootcollectionMPEG4 added: 2014/09/15

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Only a good whore has so many used sexy boots!
I dont know if you can concentrate on something else then my ass and heels in this clip, but in the case you can control your cokc ...In this clip, I'm dressed with my new Met leather and skinny trousers, a leather top matching to my trousers and my red hooker Di Marni high heels, i show you all my boots collection, from my oldest suede pair of boots, to my new brown GML boots. you'll see how my boots are used a lot too. during this show, you can enjoy the all time, my heels clicking on the wooden floor. It's so sexy! you'll see how my leather trousers is so close to my skin...i never miss an opportunity to tease you....with my eyes and my perfect body slided in this so
skinny leather pants. I AM YOUR PERFECT GODESS!
Playtime: 12:29 Min  Size: 335.4 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: MP4

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set45 added: 2014/09/14

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44HQ picture set

Set 45: my gianmarco lorenzi brown mules & minidress in Vintage trains

Just some photoshoot when visiting an old trainmuseum in my sexy highheels. We planned to make a more artistic shoot at that place but never had the time till now to shoot it. You see in this shoot some sexy closeups on my feetarche, my legs and me sitting in the Train ...
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 269.3 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

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set134backstagewalkingpragueleather added: 2014/09/14

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42 HQ picture set

set 134 Walking in public ALL in leather with C.louboutin ankle booties 160
I bought this MET-jeans pant some time ago, and is really my favourite one. It is so sexy! all people look at me when I wear, in the video I made there, all people watch me. I wear my Christian louboutin daffodil ankle booties with 16cm heels and red soles and my gucci genuine leather jacket. nice view on my ass etc.
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 376.7 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

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set133backstagewalkingprague added: 2014/09/14

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24 HQ picture set

set 133: walking on public place in Prague in miniskirt and GML suede peep-toe high heels

Here you can enjoy my legs covered by sexy pantyhose in sexy spandex miniskirt and heels. Nice shots on my legs with people behind watching me. I wear Gianmarco Lorenzi high heels with 16cm golden spike heels. In the first part I wear my Gucci genuine soft leather jacket and in the second part I take it off to show my breast through my silk Gucci blouse. You can find the clip that match with this photoset too.
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 186.7 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

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set126reddressdimarni added: 2014/09/14

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66 HQ picture set

set 126 red spandex dress & red dimarni extreme sexy sandals
In this set, I'm posing in my smoking hot red spandex dress from BCBG max azria that is perfect ftted to my body so you see my nice bodycurves. I wear it with my most sexy red sandals from dimarni where you see nice views on my feet. I'm posing on stairs of an hotel and on top of brussels (very dangerous with these heels). You see the people all around watching. When I'm posing, you can see my DIM-ups from falke 8D coming out under the skirt
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 414.8 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

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GUCCISHOP added: 2014/07/30

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fitting leather legging with nude pussy in gucci shop with leather luxury lingerie under it
just watch me undressing myself in the gucci boutique with sexy lingerie under my clothes. It's a real leather lingerie set from agent provocateur with golden chains (garters& stockings). I fit several clothes and keep my lingerie under the clothes. Then I found the PERFECT leather legging! So I fit it... in the fittingroom of a nice luxeboutique. I record this myself with my cellphone. The lingerie is a gift of one of my fans I will never thank enough! It's more exciting to wear then the one I buy myself :)
Playtime: 04:53 Min  Size: 263.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: WMV

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set127dimarnibootsleatherskirtC4all added: 2014/07/28

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40 HQ picture set

set 127Leather miniskirt & dimarni orange boots + bonus white pant & slingbacks
In this set, I'm teasing you with my sexy boots under this sexy leatherlook skirt. nice seethrough effect on my silk shirt, that I open to show and tease you more and more. This dimarni boots are really sexy. My favourite and most sexy heel.
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 315.9 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

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BERLININBOOTS added: 2014/07/27

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89 HQ picture set


This photoset is taken when I was visiting Berlin for the first time in 2012. It was when I met tamia as well. In the first part of the set, im dressed in jeans light miniskirt, brown overknee suede/leather Gianmarco lorenzi boots and yves salomon same colored leather jacket. In the other part of the photoset, I visit berlin erotik museum and I'm dressed in MET jeans black jeans, with swarovski on the side (from top to toe, with transparant holes). Above the jean I wear the same beige boots with the beige leather jacket. You will see very public pictures in both outfit. I hope you will enjoy.
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 294.6 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

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maldivesredlingerieTHB added: 2014/07/26

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29 HQ picture set

My red Agent provocateur luxe lingerie & thigh high boots maldives
This set is from september 2013 I didnt released yet because I forgot it. I'm dressed in my red agent provocateur lingerie set from the soirée line, that is so sexy in fine lace, combined with my leather thigh high boots on the beach in a tree. I love the combination and this shoot will satisfy every bootlover :)
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 311.2 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

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set119C4ALL added: 2014/07/12

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58 HQ picture set

set 119: playing with my boots presented in sexy perforated leather pant & red dimarni heels
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 428 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

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set121londoninredleatherlooklegginglouboutin16cmboots added: 2014/06/28

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106 HQ picture set

set 121 : PUBLIC WALKING london in red leather legging and ankle boots C.LOUBOUTIN 160
This set is really sexy! I'm walking in my red leatherlook legging with C.Louboutin 16CM ankle boots and leather jacket from gucci i nthe street of london. Very nice views from behind, with my nice hair laying on my back. You're going to love this VERY public shoot in hot outfit. some pics are in jeans with same jacket & boots when i meat lady annabelle there.
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 828.8 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

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set118NBP1 added: 2014/06/28

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set 118 p1 backstage legging and peep toe heels
This is a little backstage shoot before doing a movie WITH nathan blake. Im dressed in my tight sexy legging and louboutin lady peep heels to see my sexy toes and nailpolish. Nice view on my feet where i take off one shoe. View on my feetarch too
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 205.3 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

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set117NYCP2 added: 2014/06/28

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87 HQ picture set

set 117 new york p2
My ff nylons with sexy dress and cleavage in waldorf astoria hotel. Very sexy dress and louboutin daffodils 160 with nice closeups on my legs and fertarche and stockings from cervin brown color. Enjoy very srxy set
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 589.6 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

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set118LEATHERHOOKERC4allP2 added: 2014/06/23

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This set contain 85 HQ picture set.

set 118 P2: street hookers: hooking all in leather with Jessie Volt
hooking in the street backstage with jessie volt. Enjoy my all leather outfit (gucci jacket, minishort, and overknee gianmarco lorenzi boots) and my long hair to make it perfect! :) enjoy us finding a john and teasing him together in the street. some backstage pics in the appartment too with jessie volt and black dick ;)
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 846.6 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

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set124leatherpantbeige added: 2014/06/22

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89 HQ picture set

set 124: all in leather: beige perforated leather pant & gucci leather jacet with heels

This set is made of 2 parts. The first part I wear the METjeans beige leather pant with white fitted body with white Louboutin daffodils 160 heels. In the second part, I wear my black gucci leather jacket with my black pigalle 120heels. Both are amazing sexy, but the black jacket give it a 'motorbike'' look I think is so sexy! :) enjoy all angle,
from the back and the front.
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 717.9 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

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