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DragonLily_Antonio_Complete added: 2014/04/10

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Two savvy, experienced fighters, Dragon Lily and Antonio, lock up in a fierce match.
Playtime: 10:24 Min  Size: 212.9 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: wmv

€ 8.23  

sanctuary3_complete added: 2014/04/02

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Gavin shows up at a private sanctuary looking for a fight. He's greeted by the beautiful MJ, and it isn't long before
the two of them start exchanging blows. Ultimately, they decide to have a "no rules, no mercy" match. It's a bitterly
fought fight to the finish.
Playtime: 12:30 Min  Size: 374.3 MB  Frame: 1440 x 1080  Filetype: wmv

€ 10.70  

Final_Showdown_Complete added: 2014/03/27

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Two mob bosses decide to settle their differences the old-fashioned way: with bare fists. Antonio sends his best henchmen, Chad and Dante, to face off against the champion of his arch-rival, who it turns out happens to be a woman, namely the magnificent Anna. Using rapid-fire combinations to repulse the attacks of the henchmen, she ultimately has to square off against the boss, Antonio, who has no better luck with her. Then comes the "piece de resistance": Anna against all three at once!
Playtime: 15:24 Min  Size: 461.7 MB  Frame: 1440 x 1080  Filetype: wmv

€ 13.18  

The_Recovery_Complete added: 2014/03/21

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Jolene comes to the aid of her mob-boss husband, who reportedly is having trouble collecting money from a dangerous pair of twins, both of them championship fighters.
Playtime: 20:07 Min  Size: 603.6 MB  Frame: 1440 x 1080  Filetype: wmv

€ 17.30  

Sablique_Gavin_Complete added: 2014/03/15

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Sablique makes a powerful debut by demolishing Gavin in two one-sided fights.
Playtime: 16:51 Min  Size: 504.7 MB  Frame: 1440 x 1080  Filetype: wmv

€ 14.00  

Rapture_Dante_Complete added: 2014/03/09

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Rapture returns to action after a long layoff to face Dante. He expresses doubt that she's the fighter she used to
be. He learns otherwise.
Playtime: 14:10 Min  Size: 425 MB  Frame: 1440 x 1080  Filetype: wmv

€ 12.35  

Raven_Lance_Complete added: 2014/03/04

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Lance has Raven Rae imprisoned like a wild beast. He takes the opportunity to let her stretch her legs, but doesn't exercise proper caution. She springs after him desperate to escape, but once she gains the upper hand, she decides to teach her captor a lesson.
Playtime: 13:29 Min  Size: 278.7 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: wmv

€ 11.53  

UHFlyTrapped added: 2014/02/28

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There's a new Dynafly and she is determined to succeed where her predecessor's failed! Spydra, on the other hand has plans of her own. Be sure to check out new videos at www.UltraHeroix.com
Playtime: 14:49 Min  Size: 868.9 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4

€ 11.53  

Skylar_Jason_Complete added: 2014/02/27

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Skylar puts her phenomenal kicking ability on display in a pair of fights with Jason.
Playtime: 11:22 Min  Size: 235.2 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: wmv

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Shauna_Q_Complete added: 2014/02/17

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Q thinks Shauna has come over to go on a blind date. To his surprise, she's there to collect a debt. He doesn't take
her seriously, and when she gives him an "easy way/hard way" choice, he chooses the "hard way." Bad
Playtime: 14:09 Min  Size: 292.9 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: wmv

€ 12.35  

Megan_Chad_Complete added: 2014/02/11

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Chad hires Megan for a private match. He wants an all-out fight, and she surprises him by going along with his
program. He soon wishes he hadn't made that choice.
Playtime: 12:14 Min  Size: 224.6 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: wmv

€ 10.70  

Agatha_Lance_Complete added: 2014/02/01

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Agatha and Lance go out on a blind date in which they discover a mutual interest in fighting. The date culminates in a hotly-contested fight, and then resumes later with two more fights--a best two-out-of-three contest to determine the ultimate winner. Agatha is a beautiful, lean and powerful woman with very fast hands and high-kicking ability
versus the tall and husky Lance, a skilled MMA fighter.

Playtime: 13:27 Min  Size: 277.5 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: wmv

€ 11.53  

Xena_Ninja_Complete added: 2014/01/19

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Ninja challenges the tall and powerful Xena to a fight. It isn't long before he realizes that was a mistake.
Playtime: 13:32 Min  Size: 247.8 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: wmv

€ 10.70  

Gia_Chad_Complete added: 2013/12/30

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Gia fights Chad three times. First, she discovers that Chad is having a relationship with another woman and she
takes her revenge out on him. Next, Chad gets "fresh" with Gia only to rile her up, leading to a beating at her hands.
Finally, the two square off in a thrilling martial arts fight in which Gia puts together fantastic kicking combinations as
well as countering Chad's best moves with scintillating defense.
Playtime: 19:56 Min  Size: 412.7 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: wmv

€ 16.47  

Jolene_Gavin_Complete added: 2013/12/23

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Jolene and Gavin are two experienced battlers who bring a sense of confidence into their long-awaited fight. One
of them is apt to be disappointed, and after a fast start, Gavin finds himself on the wrong end of a one-sided fight.
Playtime: 14:45 Min  Size: 293.1 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

€ 11.53  

There are 9 pages with 15 products in this category
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