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bex_washing_car added: 2013/02/24


The slazenger GBR boyleg suit looks fantastic on Bex and when it gets wet its awesome. Not sure the car wash
was the best, but who cares....Bex looks hot in those swimsuit.
Playtime: 09:35 Min  Size: 284.1 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: avi

HAGPROD087 added: 2013/02/22


Germaine on Fur.
Germaine really loves animals. Especially when she can eat or wear them. She brings her fantasies to reality in this clip wearing a real fur coat. She protects herself with some suncream. After rubbing her long legs she starts to blow some dirty exhaust against a tree in her fur coat. She get's out of the car and takes off her coat to put it on the driversseat. She puts her sexy butt on the fur and revs the car while she's feels the softness of the fur with her hand. Lots of sexy talking of how she loves the soft fur. Excellent shots of her pussy on fur in this clip!
Playtime: 14:24 Min  Size: 275.9 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD085 added: 2013/02/08


Latoyaa's Tight Legging...
Latoyaa presents a new clip. She's wearing white boots and a black tight legging. You can see her modeling and posing, revving, pedalpumping and driving. Good close ups and full body shots guaranteed! Enjoy the delicious Latoyaa...
Playtime: 10:20 Min  Size: 311.3 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD084 added: 2013/02/01


Black Snow...
Winter came... Winter Stayed.... For a very long time. To make sure Shela keeps it warm she took her (real!) furcoat with her. She loves wearing fur and doing some great polution. Mother nature gave Shela some beautiful white snow. The land is looking peaceful and clean. Shela hates it! Time to make a change. She turns the beautiful white snow into a black dirty pulp. With her diesel car she shoots black clouds into the snow till it turns black. Meanwhile she's playing with her furcoat and tells you how much she loves the soft fur and black snow. At the end she throws the dirty snow into mother nature...
Playtime: 12:28 Min  Size: 375.8 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD083 added: 2013/01/25


Kim's Bikini Revving
A early Sunday morning in september. The fog is still hanging between the trees. Kim gives the mother nature a brutal wake-up call in her sexy bikini. She revvs her Pimped Volkswagen from 1987. The car produces a lot of noise. Kim is having problems to keep the engine running while she is revving and driving. Wich means she needs to produce extra gas to keep the damn thing running. She doesn't bother about disturbing the rest in the forest and the air-polution she causes....
Playtime: 12:36 Min  Size: 379.6 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD082 added: 2013/01/19


Kicking, Revving and Driving.
Shela welcome's you for a new great car adventure. We know she doesn't like the beauty of mother nature. In the past she did a very good battle (see HAGPROD069). This time she harms mother nature kicking off some tree branches. Also some breaking work with her bare hands. But Shela would not be Shela when she causes some extra troubles for mother nature. She revvs the car to cause some air polution. After her revving she begins to drive her car and accelerates very fast to produce more gas. When she's driving she's passes some biikers. She knows they are looking at her sexy body....
Playtime: 13:13 Min  Size: 397.6 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD081 added: 2013/01/06


Germaine's Sexy Revving
In this clip you can see the very sexy Germaine doing some good revving. She is wearing very elegant black lingerie. She revvs the FIAT Punto very hard. Also some driving as well. Very good close-ups of Germaine in her sexy lingerie who's making the engine really scream. Get in the car with her and take a ride...
Playtime: 11:35 Min  Size: 349.2 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD080 added: 2012/12/28


Sexy Irma is in the mood for some real sexy driving action. The clip starts with Irma in a beautiful nature enviroment. She really hates everything that belongs to the beauty of mother nature and decides to crush the young plants and little trees. After that she starts revving the engine of a FIAT and blows the dirty exhaust straight into the gras and forest. The last part of the clip contains Irma's driving action.
Playtime: 09:33 Min  Size: 288.1 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD079 added: 2012/12/19


Kim's Leather Revving Session.
Kim is wearing a sexy leather pants and goes for a revving and driving session. She revvs the car barefeet as well.
Playtime: 13:10 Min  Size: 396.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD078 added: 2012/12/14


Sabrine Lingerie Session.
Sabine revvs and drives in sexy lingerie...
Playtime: 12:54 Min  Size: 388.6 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD076 added: 2012/12/02


Germaine Diesel Revving
Imagine yourself.... blond hair, black lingerie and blue smoke...... A new great clip with Germaine. She entering a Mercedes type 124, 200 Diesel from 1986.The clip contains revving, driving action and great body shots. She also stands behind the car to let the exhaust pipe blow dirty smoke between her legs...
Playtime: 16:34 Min  Size: 316.8 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

ZWC1 added: 2012/11/30


Outdoor Movie with cardriving and tanking scenes in sexy clothes, nylons and high heels.
Playtime: 11:56 Min  Size: 122.8 MB  Frame: 720 x 400  Filetype: divx

HAGPROD075 added: 2012/11/24


Shela's Redline Revving
I'm gonna give this car a redline! That's what Shela tells you when she has done some good revving already. She kicks the gaspedal hard to the floor and make's the engine scream for a while. Shela also does some hard stomping on the gaspedal to torture her car. She puts on her racing gloves to hit the road. Without seatbelt she goes for a wild ride. Watch the sexy Shela doing some great redline revving, hard pedal stomping and wild driving...
Playtime: 12:48 Min  Size: 385.6 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD073 added: 2012/11/11


Kim is doing some modelling and posing for a fashion shoot. Suddenly her cellphone rings and her frend is in trouble. She hurries herself to the car and tries to start... Her car won't start and she gets out for smoking and thinking. Kim tries it again and doing some hard cranking and pedal pumping. After several times the engine starts and Kim keeps on revving just to make sure the engine does not turn off. Finaly she can leave. Full speed !!!
Playtime: 12:08 Min  Size: 365.8 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD072 added: 2012/11/04


Cassidy's Latex Revving
Hot Action Girls presents Cassidy. She's making you part of her first car experience. Cassidy is wearing a wetlook latex pants. She starts with a revving session and does some driving action as well. After some driving she revvs up the engine again but harder.... Enjoy Cassidy's revving and driving action in her Audi TT wearing a hot wetlook latex pants.
Playtime: 14:13 Min  Size: 271.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

BMWheelsbarefoot1 added: 2012/11/01


Playtime: 07:17 Min  Size: 75.1 MB  Frame: 720 x 400  Filetype: divx

HAGPROD071 added: 2012/10/26


Peep at Germaine
Germaine is in a real sexy mood. She's relaxing near a tree. You can spy her from behind another tree. Suddenly she notices someone is watching her. Instead of becoming angry she invites you to come closer and have a good look at her great body in a sexy bikini. She also shows you some hot revving and driving in her high-heels and sexy bikini. Halfway the clip she uses some hairspray and throws the can out of the car...
Playtime: 14:55 Min  Size: 285.2 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD070 added: 2012/10/19


Latoyaa Returns.
The number 1 Hot Action Girl Latoyaa is back! With a hot new clip she will show you again what real revving is. Latoyaa is wearing a sexy green short dress with green high-heels. She's revving a Opel Astra 1.8_16V Engine hard on a "Latoyaa way". After her revving part she goes for a ride without wearing a seatbelt...
Playtime: 16:35 Min  Size: 317.2 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD069 added: 2012/10/06


Battle with Mother Nature
Sheila fights a battle with mother nature. This time it’s war!!! She's doing everything she can to harm and destroy the innocent nature. In her sexy dress she starts with some crush action. Many plants and little trees are kicked down under her powerfull feet. For the next attack Sheila takes some plugs out of her bag and puts them into poison. With a big smile she kicks the plugs into a tree to leave them there as long as the tree will live…. Sheila is not finished with that stupid tree and decides to give it something to drink because it’s a warm day. Instead of using water she is pouring gasoiline over the tree. Sheila knows that plastic is a big enemy of nature. She takes out several pieces of plastic out of her bag and leaves it behind in the forest. Lots of pollution and damage caused by Sheila. At the end Sheila has a final suprise for mother nature. She pollutes the air with a Mercedes diesel. While she revvs big black smoke is visible. Sheila definitely is stronger than nature in this great clip… Lots of great sexy talking in this clip.
Playtime: 14:50 Min  Size: 283.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD068 added: 2012/09/30


Sabine's Sexy Night-Ride
On a boring night Sabine is feeling very sexy. But she's all alone... She decides to create her own plesure. Because of the fact that Sabine loves cars she starts her Golf 4 Diesel and begins with revving. After some good revving she starts to drive on the dark roads. Not afraid at all because she's safe in her car. She loves the fact she save and comfortable in her Diesel car and pollutes the environment with Diesel.
Playtime: 15:09 Min  Size: 289.5 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv