LeahFisherVenice13part4 added: 2013/11/25


Leah Fisher Venice 2013 Spearfishing Part 4
Some viewers ask me to show more of our starlet in her bikini or talking about her adventures with excitement and big smiles. So we have assembled a clip consisting of behind -the-scenes film, deleted scenes, out-takes,and bloopers from both of Leah's series Freeport Texas 2012 and Venice, Louisiana 2013. This is all previously unreleased content.

It emphasizes above - water action although there are a couple of dives included .

It starts with footage of Leah fighting her third cobia of the day back to the boat as filmed from the boat when the cameraman was changing batteries on the main underwater camera system. It was shot with the back up system from the surface. She boats it with a gaff and then violently finishes it off using both a billy club and a dagger. This was in Louisiana.

Next we show the events of the fateful second day of filming which was cancelled immediately upon arrival at the first dive spot by an oncoming storm which was the start of a strong cold front. There is some blurred footage shot with the camera in the housing with sheets of rain and salt spray slashing the small boat.

Then we have a montage of more unreleased snippets of video from both Texas and Louisiana showing dive footage interspersed with short clips of above water footage of Leah with a an upbeat musical score.

The video is 10 minutes long and we offer it for only $10. That is a 50% discount. Don't let the cheap price fool you, many fans of Leah will find this clip as interesting as the regular spearfishing clips!
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LeahFisherVenice131.3 added: 2013/11/21


Leah Fisher Venice 13 Spear Part 3

See Leah Fisher Venice 13 Spear part (1.1) for more general information about this clip.

We moved inshore a little bit to hunt the locations shown in this clip. The water visibility was less than the previous rigs, Still it is green water diving with about 25 feet of visibility. The sheer numbers of fish on the rigs were amazing. Solid walls of baitfish swirl around Leah as she hunts primarily for cobia. There are lots of red snapper, sheepshead, spadefish, blue runners, mangrove snapper too.

The first kill is a bluefish of about 3 pounds. After a few more dives, a cobia comes by and she makes the perfect shot, immobilizing it instantly. This is called "stoning" a fish. This cobia is not as large as the one she shot in Part Two but still a respectable 20 pounds.

There is one more dive before the clip ends.

As with all of these clips in the Venice series, this is all 100% breathhold diving. Quite challenging and more than a little dangerous.
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WenonaSuitSpearfish added: 2010/03/02


Wenona Spearing Fish 1

Wenona is our primary spearfishing model. She can freedive to 22 meters holding her breath. She has killed some large ocean fish on film for us before. Here we see her in the Florida Keys spearing hogfish and mutton snapper in about 12 meters. We also see a Goliath grouper which may seem large but is actually just a baby at 15 kgs. The adults reach 300 kgs ! The camera also locates a poisonous scorpionfish. It is great to watch a pretty girl diving in clear warm water and totally relaxed and confident.
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