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Lady Cavallo
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HappyNewYear agregado: 10/01/2015


Hope you'll enjoy my first riding session in the new year, which has just begun. Brownie is the name of this mare, and the name of this pony fits perfect to the brown leather outfit i jumped in today.. Leather pants, brown leather thigh boots and a very tight brown leather jacket !
Brownie was a real handfull today, and I really struggled to keep her focused and do a simple thing as canter. She was just SO jumpy, so a little extra work with my spurs were needed !
I wish you all a fantastic HAPPY NEW YEAR, and I look forward to share more videos with you..

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GreatWhiteandBlackleather agregado: 20/12/2014


Time to pick up on the training and education of this HUGE white mare - and what better way to do so, than using my new long flexible dressage whip.I also dressed in a tight leather jacket together with my favourite overknee riding boots with flat heels - the feeling of the tight leather makes me all exstatic.
During todays riding session, I really tried my best not to scare her.. But on the other hand, this mare also needs to learn the sound and the feeling from the whip, so it's a bit tricky to find the right balance in using the whip on her.
She did however get to feel my spurs.. Not that I kicked her that hard, but just to get her attention and concentration.

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dressageinleather agregado: 11/10/2014


Perfect weather to do a little riding session, so I dressed up in black top to toe leather - only this time my over knee boots, where with a flat heel ! I have close to 100 pair of boots (most of them with high or stiletto heel), so it's some time difficult to choose ! This gelder I have only had for a couple of months, and he's actually bought for jumping, but as you'll discover, he also has a talent for dressage - seems as if there might be a little dressage Champ hidden in him.. With all the riding experience that I have, I have learned that "better safe than sorry" sometimes is the case, so to be safe, I brought along my zebra style bull-whip, and I actually also did use it, and at the same time tought this gelder, that I'm the boss... Do you also fear my whip ?
Have fun...

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Hotindiansummerinleather agregado: 06/09/2014


25 degrees celcius in September.... Is what we call a Hot Indian Summer. And hot is exactly what it was today. Never the less a good training was required, and as so many times before, I chose to perform in a black leather outfit. But after a short while I started to sweat more than this new gelding did, so I simply had to take off my ultra tight black leather jacket - hope all you leather lovers don't mind ? I still felt quite exquisit, as I kept my black leather pants and leather gloves on, which I today combined with a pair of red leather boots with a very slim stiletto heel ! It was my first time on this horse, and I was actually VERY SURPRISED of his speed and balance. This breed is known as "working horse", and do most things in slowmotion... So you can imagine my surprise, when he started the canter. Really a funny - BUT WARM & HOT - training today..


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Alittleridebeforetherain.... agregado: 23/08/2014


seems as if the warm summer days are on retrete... And today I think I should have skipped into a latex or rubber outfit, and not my black leather outfit, as this training session suddenly ended with a thunder storm and a lot of rain ! But then again - LEATHER is my absolute favourite , so I'll stick to that. Like my black tight leather pants and my bolero ? I really love the gloves I'm wearing in this clip - they are also excellent as riding gloves... The mare I rode, was a little at tense at first, but loosened up after a little while - and just as I was ready to really do some serious riding, the rain set in - bad luck...
Hope you'll all enjoy..
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Bareskinandleather agregado: 09/08/2014


What a hot summer it has been so far, and tonight was no exception.. Close to 30 degrees celcius ! So I jumped in a leather outfit, that left me with a bit of bare skin to show... I assume this little mare also found it to be too hot, as she snorted and huffed a lot, and maybe all the flies were teasing her as well. Despite the fact that it was hot, it turned out quite well, and I must admit, that I also found this outfit very hot.. What do you think ?!
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Allnewandwhite agregado: 12/07/2014


What a great day it was today.. For several reasons! As you will notice I now have a new riding pitch with fresh new white sand - I LOVE IT..... And then I also got this new white gelding, which I simply had to try immediatly on my new pitch. So I jumped in a pair of black leather stiletto thigh boots, white tight riding pants and a leather top. I completed my beautiful outfit with a pair of black leather gloves with a zipper.
Finally I found a new whip with a wide leather head, which would come in most handy, as it turned out, that this pony, REALLY needed to be put in his place !! You will see me using the whip a lot, as well as kicking with my spurs.. And at the end I managed to control him and forced him to jump with me. This was actually the first jumping I've done for years, so I was really glad it turned out well. I felt so dominant in my black leather controlling him and making him behave... WHAT A GREAT DAY.
Hope you'll all enjoy this clip !!!

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Speedyinleather agregado: 30/06/2014


What a beautiful day it was today..The warm sun brought me straight into my dominant "riding-mood", which was just perfect, as I had a training session with this little mare... She is under training and is supposed to start in a series of jumping competitions over the summer, so I have been hired to get her into better shape, as well as teaching her, who's the boss. It will be a very young rider who will ride her later on, so this mare needs to be controlled !
That's why you will see me being a little hard on her - and you will also see a lot of kicking with my shiny long spurs.. Today was also the day, where I used my new red leather gloves..... What do you think of them in combination with my tight white pants and my thigh high black leather stiletto boots ?!

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Jumpinginleather agregado: 22/06/2014


Really enjoyed riding my little yellow gelding pony today.. He had his first jumping lesson and performed quite good ! It's important that his balance is good, so we also still have to practise a lot of dressage, which afterall is my favourite riding style. But even though he did good, I still had to kick him with my spurs, in order to maintain his canter.
I love to wear my leather outfits when riding, and today was no exception.. What do you think of this combo: Brown leather OTK boots, ultra tight brown leather jacket and brown leather gloves ? So SEXY !
Hope you'll enjoy this clip as much as I did..

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Windyweatherandleather_0001 agregado: 05/04/2014


Spring has really set in. So on this beautiful sunny, but windy day, I brought out one of the small ponies, for a little training. I took this mare to the field, hoping that I could force her into a lot of canter, which I successfully did, using my spurs a couple of times.. Though it was sunny, the strong wind made it feel cold, so luckily my favourite clothes to ride is LEATHER, which kept me warm... Leather pants, leather top, leather bolero, tight leather boots, and to complete this outfit, I wore my new black leather gloves with a zipper.

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littleyellowandalotofwhip_0001 agregado: 15/03/2014


What a perfect sunny day it was, so I brought my little yellow gelding out on a field for a little riding session.... As so many times before, he spent the first minutes crying out for help from the rest of the herd, but no one came to rescue him, so it was time to perform and obey me.
Just to keep in his mind who's in charge, I brought along my thick black leather bull whip... And I loved swinging it.
As always, I was dressed from top to toe in LEATHER.... What do YOU think of the combo ?? Like to clean my boots ? Haha...
In your dreams !

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hiddeninalongleatherjacket agregado: 09/03/2014


I just LOVE the feeling and the smell of leather.... So today I really wanted to bring something special into my training. Therefore I wore a very long black leather jacket, which basically covered more than half of the pony, so it was more or less hidden under all that leather.
To complete this outfit I wore a tight brown short leather jacket, camouflage riding pants and off course a pair of matching brown thigh high boots. This little mare was quite agitated and it took a lot of strength from me to just hold her - she's really a handfull !!
Really loved the feeling when my long leather jacket flapped in the wind, during some canter.
Hope you'll all enjoy..

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stallionindoor_0001 agregado: 01/02/2014


Too much snow outside on both my field and my riding pitch, so I was forced to move todays training session inside - luckily I had my private riding hall. It's been a while since I last rode my black stallion, so it was his turn. In this clip you will see a lot of dressage, trot and canter. At first he grunted, puffed and panted a lot, but after a few minutes, he was ready to perform and obey me. I was wearing white breeches, black leather overknee riding boots with flat heal, black leather corsage, a black leather bolero and to finish this amazing hot outfit, I wore a pair of long black leather gloves... All that black leather really matched this dark stallion perfectly, so only my white riding pants stood out and broke the all-in-black theme !!

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yellowandthewhip agregado: 17/01/2014


Yet another fantastic sunny day.. So I jumped in one my numerous leather outfits with a tight black leather jacket, a black leather bolero, elbow long leather gloves and a pair of over knee leather riding boots, and wen't out on my field to do a little training session, with my little yellow gelding. But can you imagine what happened ? As soon as this little naughty boy saw my long thick black leather bull whip, he started crying out for help. He whinnied over and over again, calling for help from the rest of the herd of horses. Being a "cry-baby" is not gonna help, so I just forced him to move forward. As you will discover, I actually did struggle a bit with him, so I just took control over him, by the force of my whip, and by kicking him, using my heels and spurs. During the training, one of my cats started to interrupt, so we drove him away with the whip, so I could continue my exercise. Hope you will enjoy watching me riding, as much as I enjoyed this ride...

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JumpyinHeels_0001 agregado: 11/01/2014


Perfect day for riding this mare... So I thought ! But as you will find out in this clip, she was definetly not in the mood for any riding att all. So instead I put on her the long rope and forced her to do some canter, and after that we went inside, where I by the force of my long thick black bull whip, chased her around, and forced her to do some jumping. As you can see, this horse can really jump. I really love this outfit I wore today.. These brown leather thigh boots a really tight in the foot and ankle, so they are actually quite comfy to wear and to ride in. And my black ultra tight leather jacket as well as a pair of long black leather gloves, are an absolut "must wear", when I'm riding or training indoor !

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littleyellowbareback_0001 agregado: 05/01/2014


What a long way this little yellow gelding has come... He has really moved in the right direction in his training and education.. Therefore I decided to do a little bareback riding today, just to see his response to carrying a riding mistress without a saddle, and it actually wen't well !
He is still a little naughty, but such minor problems is something my thick black bull whip and extra long rodeo spurs will take care of.
Sun was shining today, so I did this session in my thigh high lace up boots, combined with my ultra tight black leather jacket and off course a pair of black leather gloves that wen't all the way up to the elbow.. Riding without a saddle is actually quite hard and I really trained my thighs today - hope I won't be too sore tomorrow !
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seriouskicking agregado: 24/12/2013


Some serious kicking.... Is what describes this riding session best ! This mare is actually best at jumping and not very keen on dressage, which is my prefered riding style. Maybe it was because I recently took away her fole, or maybe it was because she just had an attitude today - never the less, this stubborn mare simply refused to do any trot or canter - she would only do the walk. And as you will see in this clip, it's not that I didn't try - I have never ever kicked and used my spurs as long and hard, as I did in this case... Today I even did the riding in my over knee leather riding boots with low flat heel, so I felt I had quite a good grip. I combined my long sexy boots with a black leather jacket and off course a pair of elbow long leather gloves. At the end I almost got as warm and sweaty as this horse did - no wonder, as I kicked more than any soccer player would do in a match.. Just be glad, that it was not YOU who I was riding. A serious kicking like this, would have made you look like the Swedish flag - blue and yellow !

Wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS !

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camouflageriding agregado: 08/12/2013


Today I got a pair of new tight riding pants in CAMOUFLAGE style.. I just had to test them right away ! But as the soil on my riding pitch was frozen, I had to move today's training inside. Fortunately I have my own riding hall, so no problem. As always, I dressed up in some skintight leather, and as you can see, this brown leather jacket really put my sexy curves in the spotlight. And my brown leather thighboots simply just match this jacket perfectly. Finally I wore a pair of very long black leather gloves, which are a bit thick in the leather, but that was only nice today, because it was freezing cold, and they kept my fingers warm. My new riding pants were really nice to wear, and even though they are not made of leather, I do like the camouflage pattern. My yellow gelding is getting better in his balance, but still need's to feel my spurs from time to time, so you will be seing a little kicking in this clip.

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alittleyellowandalittlemeow_0001 agregado: 01/12/2013


Winter is coming shortly, as the first night with frost has set in here in Europe ! First sign, is that my outdoor riding area is frosen, and my little yellow gelding was having some trouble, keeping his "feet on the ground". But once got warmed up, we managed to get quite a good riding session out of it - after all. He has really come a long way in his education, but as you can see, he's despite his small size, very strong!
So a lot of kicking is still needed to make him behave, and at the same time, a pair of very long shiny spurs were needed, as he from time to time, really do need to know his place.. During todays training, one of the cats suddenly decided to join in... Miauw-Miiauw.. I was just about the whip his red ass and tale out of my space, when he thankfully choose to back off him self.
Never forget, that I am a true Riding Mistress, and my command must be obeyed ! That is also the reason I prefer riding in my sexy leather outfits, and leather thigh boots.. So to all you leather riding lovers out there: Sit down - and enjoy.. !!

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Yellowandthespurs agregado: 14/09/2013


Great training session with the little yellow gelding today - you can probably see, that he's making some progress ? A little better balance and not as naughty any longer ! However, to keep him focused during a ride, I still need a hard firm hand, and from time to time, like in this clip, my long wheel-spurs are very useful. So you will see some hard kicking, obviously in a pair of knee high stiletto boots with metallic heels.. I just LOVE these boots - they are soooo sexy ! If you turn on your speakers, you will also hear my black leather pants squeaking against my leather saddle... I just love that sound.. Don't you ?

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