Latin Riding Goddess

Latin Riding Goddess

South American, Latin Riding Culture and Tradition performed by the most beautiful and stunning Riding Ladies on earth. Enjoy the art of Chapa Training, Escaramuza training, and other cultural expresions of the South American Riding Culture, available only here. For requests you can mail us on 


jf_je_leatherredrideonperibecobyadrianna aggiunto: 14/01/2021


The first Bomb clip from the stunning Adrianna for 2021 is here! and for this special ocassion, she is wearing an ultra sexy full leather outfit with black fernando Berlin boots. She is also using the nice military spurs that I got for the girls recently, so, rest assured, this clip is just awesome. Both the W lovers and the S lovers will be in heaven
durata: 11:36 Min  grandezza: 262.3 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

YF_Ye_Marypracticinginperibeco aggiunto: 11/01/2021


The gorgeous Mary is here to enjoy a ride on Peribeco. She is wearing my favorite pants... The black leather ones! paired with her petrie
riding boots and the little devil spurs. The general action of the video is really nice with a beautiful mix of sensuality and severity, like
only her can do it! Enjoy!

durata: 11:20 Min  grandezza: 256.7 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

tf_te_goddessjoannafirstride2021 aggiunto: 08/01/2021


Hello guys and gals! Welcome to a new Riding Year!

The Sublime Queen of the Riding Cult is pleasing the leather fans out there with her first riding video of 2021. Her outfit is absolutely amazing. This is a nice stop and go routine with zeus, with plenty of W and S action from the Goddess. Very nice riding action clip. She is using the nice military spurs that I got in UK for her.
durata: 12:47 Min  grandezza: 289.6 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Yf_Ye_Raqueltraininginthemorning aggiunto: 03/01/2021


The beautiful Rachel enjoying a nice dominant ride on Florentino. Nice W and S action in this clip from the gorgeous Goddess Rachel!
durata: 10:27 Min  grandezza: 236.7 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Ye_Yf_Rebecaonhermorningwalk aggiunto: 26/12/2020


The beautiful Rebeca enters the scene today walking side by side with her horse for the viewing pleasure of her fans. Seeing her walking with her black riding boots, with her spurs and the elegant dressage whip is the perfect prelude for her riding action clip today. We see a much more confident and dominant riding Mistress. A very nice clip with awesome W action from becky.
durata: 10:32 Min  grandezza: 238.6 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

tf_te_whiterideonperibeco aggiunto: 21/12/2020


This is the last riding clip of her Majesty Joanna for the year 2020, so it has to be a memorable one! First, she is wearing the red deniro boots an you know that these boots make her feel very inspired. She is trying a nice pair of side rowel military spurs I bougth recently for her and I must say I love its action. The clip features a nice challenging ride with a rebel Peribeco who wants to test her Majesty's mood today. The S action is very good, so all the S lovers will be please with her Majesty's performance today. I wish you a Merry Christmas and send you tons of good vibes from this corner of the world! On behalf of all the LRG team!
durata: 13:21 Min  grandezza: 302.5 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

tf_te_thecristmasgiftbyvenusandjoanna aggiunto: 18/12/2020


I asked Her Sublime Majesty, our Queen Joanna, a nice clip as a christmas gift. Guess what... She and Venus made my wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is an outstanding riding action clip from Joanna and Venus, both of them on classic dressage boots, and beautiful riding outfits that enhance their femenine beauty. The Queen is using a nice and long dressage whip and the Princess, a nice long riding crop. The S and W action is just superbe!
This is the best Xmas gift that we can come up with! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
durata: 11:33 Min  grandezza: 261.5 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Yf_Ye_DubraskaTrainingDay aggiunto: 10/12/2020


A nice practice workout featuring the beautiful Dubraska. She looks much more confident now with the W and the S action. This girl has a lot of potential. It would be nice to see her riding on nylons... what do your think?
durata: 11:10 Min  grandezza: 253 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Yf_Ye_Marywithhernewtoy aggiunto: 03/12/2020


The first 30 seconds of this incredible clip from Mary are enough to send shivers along all your body... OMFG! She is wearing one of my
favorite outfits in this clip... her exquisite Black OTK platform boots, paired with a skintight pair of leather look leggins and a snakeskin
top that makes her look like if she was taken out of my wildest leather fantasy!!!! The sharp small devils are the perfect aid for todays
ride. She is using a new toy sent by one of our loyalest fans, a nice red racing whip which is perfect to make Florentino to know who is
the boss.

The W action is nice, but what I like the most is her subtle but strict spur action which always left her seal. A superb clip from a superb
Goddess! Enjoy!!!!!

durata: 11:11 Min  grandezza: 253.1 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Yf_Ye_Rebecaonthedonkeyforthefirsttime aggiunto: 20/11/2020


The beautiful Rebeca is here to enjoy her very first ride on the Burro. She looks very elegant today with her white shirt and black tie.
Black riding boots and huge side rowel spurs are the perfect compliment for her ride. Although burro riding is completely new for her,
she looks very confident and applies the whip and the spurs in a very effective way! Superb Burro riding clip from this stunning slim
Latina Mistress!

durata: 11:26 Min  grandezza: 259 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

jf_je_adriannapracticeoncastaway aggiunto: 14/11/2020


The beautiful Adrianna is enjoying a nice battle with Castaway today. As usual, he is reluctant to obey the Goddess but with the aid of her W and S, She will promptly let him to know who is in charge of this battle. She is wearing classic dressage riding boots, riding breeches and a nice corset to enhance her beautiful figure. Nice riding action in this clip from the gorgeous Goddess Adrianna.
durata: 10:52 Min  grandezza: 246.3 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

JFAETheGorgeousRedDevilbyAmaK aggiunto: 09/11/2020


My gorgeous riding muse is here again to please all her fans... Yessssss! Ama K is back more gorgeous than ever before. Today she is riding her favorite horse, Peribeco, with her black patent berlins and a super sexy red catsuit which makes her look like a super sexy red devil! As usual in her clips, her open toes sexy S action is just exhilarating. Beautiful video from my beautiful riding muse! We have included some very nice footage caught by our camera drone which added a perfect touch to the final video clip. Cant wait to be back in the farm to make some nice clips with her! I adore you Ama K!!!!!!!
durata: 09:16 Min  grandezza: 418 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Yf_Ye_AwalkinjeansandhighbootsbyMary aggiunto: 02/11/2020


To all the riding fans who love to see a gorgeous girl riding on tight jeans and high heel OTK boots! OMFG! Mary... you almost cause me
a heart attack!!!! Black Berlins, skin tight jeans, sexy top, medieval spurs and long dressage whip... this is just the perfect combination
for a superb riding action clip! She made me remember the days of the Jeans Riding Club Serie! I love you Mary!!!!! Thans for the ride!
durata: 12:49 Min  grandezza: 290 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Yf_Ye_BeautifulRaquelwalking aggiunto: 29/10/2020


To finish the month of october, we want to share with you a nice riding clip of the voluptous Rachel on Florentino. Although the exquisite leather pants she is wearing caught my attention from the very beginning, it was the incredible sound of her dressage whip what I loved the most! it sounds like a bullwhip! OMG! she made me dream with her exquisite W action today! For those of you who prefer a gorgeous curvy riding Goddess... Rachel is just perfect!
durata: 11:11 Min  grandezza: 251.8 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

tf_te_adrianapracticecoleoonzeus aggiunto: 26/10/2020


Beautiful "Recoleo" practice by the stunning Adrianna! The abrupt stop when she approaches the tire in the ground with her horse is just magnificent! This is the kind of action to practice to approach a bull which is the ground. The rest of the bull chasing riders have to compete to approach the bull to take its tail. That is why is so important to learn to accelerate toward the bull (which is emulated by a tire in the ground)... This is the essence of the venezuelan recoleo. Nice ride Adrianna! You are just sublime!
durata: 09:48 Min  grandezza: 222 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Yf_Ye_BeautifulDubraskainFlorentine aggiunto: 22/10/2020


The beautiful Dubraska is here to please all the fans who have asked for more rides on skintight leggings! Wow! What a slim beauty!!!!
She is doing beautifully well on the saddle! Now we can see how she uses the training aids, spurs, whip, reins, to keep Florentino under
control. She looks much more confident in every new clip. A superb video from this slim Beauty! Enjoy!

durata: 12:41 Min  grandezza: 287.3 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

tf_te_practicedayonarbelcastaway aggiunto: 18/10/2020


The Riding Cult Queen wants to enjoy a challenging ride on Castaway today. It seems that she loves the feeling of her stubborness and rebelty every time she digs her golden sticks on his flanks or uses her exquisite whip. I must say that I absolutely love the outfit she has chosen for todays clip! The black riding boots, the nice and elegant breeches and the sexy cap! She is wearing the long medieval spurs and a couple of nice, long and flexible dressage whips! Everything is perfect for her! Enjoy!!!!!
durata: 13:22 Min  grandezza: 303 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

JdFAERiddenbytheLeatherWardenAmaK aggiunto: 16/10/2020


A very gorgeous and voluptuos Leather Warden is here to enjoy the pleasure of dominant riding. She looks incredibly sexy with the long leather coat and the black riding boots. She has the urugayan rebenque to keep her mount active. In this clip, we are introducing the filming of some nice scenes with one of Ama K's latest toys... a nice video camera dron which allows us to capture some very interesting footage from our riding action videos. This will be the first try with the drone. Would appreciate your feedback in this regard. I think it is unnecesary to say that I loved the S action from my sublime riding muse! Gorgeous as always! Enjoy!
durata: 08:09 Min  grandezza: 369.1 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Yf_Ye_Marygallopingonthesleeve aggiunto: 12/10/2020


The Gorgeous Mary is here today to enjoy some galloping action on florentino... She enjoys the feeling of power that comes from a
galloping horse under her noble bottom. She has a very nice and sharp dressage whip handy to let him to know who is the boss! She is
wearing the big rowel side spurs which are perfect for today's session. The S and W action is suberb as usual in Mary's clips.
durata: 12:03 Min  grandezza: 273 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

tf_duodonkeybyandreinaandvenus aggiunto: 07/10/2020


Hello everybody! It has been quite dificult for us to be able to update our studios lately. The situation in Venezuela has been tough: power outages, No internet, No gas, etc. The girls have been doing a great effort to get to the farm but here we are! So bear with us our dear and loyal fans!

Today, the gorgeous Venus and Adrianna want to have some fun with the Burro. I must say that as soon as I saw Adrianna with those breeches and that blue blouse, I got completely hooked with her beauty and her charm. And Venus! OMFG! The quarentine has had a very nice effect on both Goddesses! They look so refreshed and so gorgeous! Today, they will take turns to ride on the burro. While one of them are riding on the burro, the other will keep him active with the mini lunge whip. A very funny burro riding session for both Goddeses. I hope you like the burro duo as much as I did!
durata: 09:20 Min  grandezza: 211.4 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv