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jump_photo added: 2017/04/12


Full photoset - 220 HD photos in zip archive
2016 × 1128 pixels resloution
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aqua_photo added: 2017/03/25


Full photoset - 111 HD photos in zip archive
1725 × 1142 pixels resolution
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C4AVivienne5DungeonI added: 2017/03/19


Welcome to the lair and playroom of the fabulous and awesome Vivienne l 'Amour, a place at once awe-inspiring and welcoming to the nervous visitor...

Many items of equipment await the unwary, and Miss Vivienne is all too happy to show how everything works and fits in with her plan to make you her willing participant...her imagination knows no bounds!

Visit with us, and view Vivienne in black leather, stunning spike-heeled Arollo boots and of course the ever present bullwhip will be at hand for the unruly slave....

60 HQ images, av. size 1900 x 2100 px @350 dpi resolution. Zip file only, no video.
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c4achrniklatboo1303 added: 2017/03/14


Christina and Nikki in Latex dresses and high boots
28 Photos - 6000 x 3376 px
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wadersslinky1003 added: 2017/03/13


Waders with Slinkystylez Rubber Leotard
62 Photos 6000 x 3376 px
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C4AVivienne4 added: 2017/03/12



Leading on from Vivienne's last set, we travel back with her to her beautiful secluded garden, which is a great location to shoot and also to train her willing slaves, no doubt!
Dressed in figure hugging jodhpurs, brown leather boned corset, crisp white shirt and low heeled boots with Prince of Wales spurs, not forgetting her awesome 12 foot bullwhip, she is a magnificent sight!
The evening light was perfect for this part of the shoot, and the images are some of my favourites.
I hope you agree!

68 HQ images av.size 1900 x 2100 px @350 dpi. Zip file only, no video.

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C4AVivienne3 added: 2017/03/06


The third set with the fabulous Vivienne l'Amour involving some bullwhip action in a Country House Estate parkland setting. Vivienne loves to practice with her trusty bullwhip, and here she gives it a good shakedown.
After soaking up some sun and catching some rest, she moves on to a wooded glade to show off her gorgeous Giaro thigh boots while getting close to some majestic Oak trees. Lucky trees!
A third outfit change, and the mood changes with a beautiful black leather corset, red leather skirt and a pair of stiletto heeled Ritual thigh boots. The next set will be devoted entirely to this last outfit, in a beautiful rural location.

60 HQ images, av. size 2100 x 1900 px @ 350 dpi resolution. Zip image file only, no video.
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crushing_photo added: 2017/03/04


Full photoset - 34 HD photos in zip archive.
1301 × 862 pixels resolution
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c4achrvinyljeans1302 added: 2017/02/19


Christina in Vinyl, Jeans and Boots
26 Photos - 6000 x 3376 px
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C4AMV6BootsandJodhpurs added: 2017/01/31



An interim small photoset featuring the gorgeous Mistress Vixen in the now classic Riding Mistress outfit which she has made her own...
Skin tight creamy jodhpurs, crisp white shirt and a pair of thigh length leather spike heeled boots, teamed with a vicious looking bullwhip. The images speak for themselves, we feel!

16 HQ images av.size 1800 x 2100 px, Zip image file only, no video

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C4AJenmuddybootsandwhips added: 2017/01/29


The second set of 'Muddy Boots' features Jen showing off her beautiful boots to full advantage, she still needs a willing hand to clean them, perhaps the threat of her using her whips if her high standards were not met was enough to put most guys off!
Sitting around on a picnic table and the dirty flagstones have made her jodhpurs filthy as well so she seems to be in need of someone who is willing to sponge them down for her too...

43 HQ images, av. size 1800 x 2100 px, Zip image file, no video.
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deepmud_photo added: 2017/01/29


Full photoset - 165 HD photos
1577 × 1044 pixels resolution
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C4AJenmuddyboots added: 2017/01/28


A special set for a fan who asked to see more of our beautiful Riding Mistress Jen getting her gorgeous thigh boots very dirty and muddy....
Dressed in skin tight creamy jodhpurs, leather top and her beautiful thigh length spike heeled boots, this set is sure to appeal to Jen's many fans and especially those who like to see her in her riding outfit.
Her bullwhip is also featured, just in case of any trouble from our photographer....

50 HQ images av. size 1800 x 2100 px, zip image file only, no video.
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C4AMV3 added: 2017/01/15


The third set featuring the awe-inspiring Mistress Vixen is dedicated to this beautiful Lady in our favourite Riding Mistress outfit, feauturing Her favourite bullwhip and of course the Lunge whip for the training of pony slaves in the indoor Menage. Of course the outfit would not be complete with Mistress Vixen's favourite boots, and spurs for the control of troublesome steeds.
Her new jodhpurs fit perfectly, and teamed with a crisp white shirt, she is the epitome of the English Riding Mistress.

60 HQ images, av. size 1500 x 21 px, Zip file only, no video
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chrjeanwaders1609 added: 2017/01/10


Christina in Jeans and Waders in a pool .
72 Photos - 4592 x 2576 px
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C4ATiaEq1 added: 2017/01/02


I had a further shoot opportunity with Tia in October last year, this time a shared studio shoot for her website and also some content for mine.
This set features a very hot equestrian outfit which suits Tia very well, she had a new pair of jodhpurs as a gift from a fan which she wanted to show off, so we teamed it with a classic white shirt and black leather thigh boots for a very sexy and powerful look,

35 HQ images av. size 1500 x 2100 px Zip file, no video
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C4AMVcompilation added: 2017/01/01


My first shoot in 2016 with the amazing Mistress Vixen, in Derby, UK.
Many shots were taken in the studio in front of a green screen for further manipulation on my upcoming website.
Some further shots included in this set were taken a various other parts of the property.
Here is Mistress Vixen in a compilation set featuring leather catsuit, bullwhip, knee boots. Thigh boots, jodhpurs, leather skirt and basque.
There will be further sets dedicated to the different outfits ...a stunning Lady!

71 HQ images av.size 1500 x 2100 px Zip file, no video
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highheels_photo added: 2016/12/31


Full photoset - 140 HD photos in zip archive
1577 × 1044 pixels resolution
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alredleggwaders1609 added: 2016/12/24


Alina in red Spandex Leggins and Waders clearing pool
61 Photos - 4592 x 2476 px
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c4ajapanboots2211 added: 2016/11/26


Posing in japanese rubber swimsuit and white boots
24 Photos - 4592 x 2576 px
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