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DSC03542 added: 2020/03/29


Outdoor in Spandex Leggins , Rubber Leotard and Wellies
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C4AJenblackbikerandboots added: 2020/01/12



Following on from the previous set with Jen in a black leather biker jacket and Levi jeans, here She zips on Her fabulous vintage thigh length boots with that awesome sharp stiletto heel and teases you with the many images we took of Her slowly zipping them can almost hear that zip as it climbs up!
She's ready to collar you to be one of Her many bootslaves....

74 HQ printable images, av.size 1824 x 2736 px, Zip file only no video

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C4AJenNewBootsandBMW added: 2019/12/26



Our gorgeous leather Girl Jen Bailey showing off her new Arollo boots sent to her by a very generous fan in the USA!
Jen looks great and we photographed her in a long leather coat, jeans and a new biker jacket as part of a few costume changes.
Then we headed outside in the freezing November weather in our 3 series BMW with Jen in white shirt, tight jodhpurs and those now famous Ritual boots and spurs to get them good and muddy for her boot slave to clean.......

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C4AJenBblueplatformboots3 added: 2019/08/02



A photoset dedicated to fans of Jen and those beautiful blue platform boots she looks so hot in and loves to zip her long legs into....she completely owns these boots in this set, numerous pov shots from a kneeling level in front of Jen ensure a good vantage point to admire her long boot encased legs while she looks down with amusement at the camera......

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C4AJenBblueplatformbootsWM2 added: 2019/07/25



Another hot shoot with the lovely Jen bailey, featuring those blue platform boots she loves to wear and tease the men in!
Shot on a hot day, Jen refused to wear too many clothes as it was so hot, so check out the micro skirt and cool white shirt, showing off her tan which she tops up at every opportunity.
These great '70's platform boots fit Jen so well, they could have been made for her, so enjoy this set.
Another to be uploaded soon.

56 HQ printable images, av. size 1520 x 1900 px @350dpi. Zip file only, no video

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RoteGummistiefelundblauerBadeanzug added: 2019/06/18


Christina outdoors in blue swimsuit and red wellies
27 photos - 3000 x 1688 px
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GummiBadeanzugundWaders added: 2019/06/14


In red Slinkystylez rubber swimsuit and Waders in a pool
46 Photos - 2296 x 1288 px
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GummiLegginsundWaders added: 2019/05/26


In Slinkystylez Leggins , Nylon Top and Waders in a Pool
49 Photos - 2296 x 1228 px
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DSC03739 added: 2019/05/18


In Latex Leotard and Wellies
25 Photos - 3000 x 1668 px
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RoterSlinkystylezBodyundGummistiefelOutdoors added: 2019/05/15


Red Slinkystylez Rubber Swimsuit and Wellies Outdoors
29 Photos - 3000 x 1668 px
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ChristinainLackGummiundStiefel added: 2019/05/08


Christina in Vinyl , Rubber and Boots
25 Photos - 3000 x 1668 px
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Malwiederkomplettinrot added: 2019/05/05


Once again complete in red
36 Photos - 3000 x 1668 px
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LackschuerzeBodyundStiefel added: 2019/04/30


Vinyl Apron , Slinkystylez Leotard and Boots
26 Photos - 3000 x 1668 px
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RoterLatexbodyundWaders added: 2019/04/29


Red Latex Leotard and Waders
28 Photos - 3000 x 1668 px
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C4AMV8BootsandCarcrush added: 2019/04/02


The latest set featuring the awesome Mistress Vixen, shot In January with her new BMW, and pictured just after crushing an admirer's prized RC car, the video of which is on our sister producer's site. The car was totally wrecked. and the pleasure on this sadistic Lady's face when she viewed the damage was plain to see!
Dressed in skin tight jodhpurs, cropped tight white shirt and gorgeous thigh length boots with spurs, she looks sexy and dangerous.
Also included in this set are several images of her in her Kitchen having crushed a musical instrument, in knee high boots, and again showing off those gorgeous thigh boots and awesome bullwhip in the Lounge.

50 HQ images av. size 1400 x 1900 px, zip file only, no video.
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C4AJenblueplatformboots added: 2019/03/23


Our beautiful model Jen Bailey showing off a gorgeous pair of original 1970's blue platform boots in this set, the boots fit her perfectly and she loves wearing them with this very sexy outfit.
We can tell we're going to have to shoot more of Jen in these boots, already we have lots of feedback and many of you love Jen from our other work with her.

39 HQ images av. size 2100 x 1900 px, Zip file only, no video
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DSC01943 added: 2019/03/10


Christina in blue and purple Realise swimsuits and boots
42 Photos 3000x1668 px
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C4AVictoriacatsuitboots added: 2018/11/11


A real must see for lovers of catsuits and boots... Victoria, clad in her figure hugging leather catsuit, shows off her favourite pairs of thigh length boots in this set.
First she wears her Giaro 'slick' pair with a slight platform and very high heel, and having ground out a cigarette off camera, she shows what she expects me to do...which is to lick the ash off her boot sole!
Next she dons her Arollo 'Anna 2' pair of leather thigh boots-these are amazing and reach to the very top of her long legs, showing off the 5.5 cm platform and 16 cm heels to full advantage!

60 HQ images, av.size 2100 x 1900 px, zip file only, no video
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C4AJenBaileyIH4 added: 2018/11/09


No mistaking who is in charge here! Jen completes the fourth set taken at our cottage in April 2018, wearing a lace up leather top, thong, and amazing Arollo leather thigh length boots with awesomely high heels! Taken from a low POV these boots seem to go on up Jen's legs forever!
Using an antique wooden settle, Jen shows of her figure and her boots to full advantage, we think you will enjoy looking at the images as much as we did creating them for you.

40 HQ images av. size 2100 x 1900 px, zip file only no video
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MistressTeneerisHighHeelshoes added: 2018/11/07



!!! Photo gallery with high heels, feet, pantyhose and Mistress Teneeris !!!

High heel shoes, pantyhose, socks, legs, feet and Misteress Teneeris. You can find everything in this photo gallery for more than 50 photos.
More beautiful sexy moments can be seen on videos, clips and other photo galleries and collections by Mistress Teneeris ...

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