Valery Dream

Isabelmarantleathercowboyoverkneebootswet agregado: 24/07/2023


Maybe a different pair of boots would have been the better choice to cross this river - rubber waders.
But nevertheless I give it a try with my designer cowboy overknee boots. Those boots look tough
but they are really delicate. The leather changes color almost immediately when I step into the water
and on the river stones those boots are really slippery and hard to walk in. The deeper I go,
the harder it is to keep the balance on those slippery stones and my poor boots get scratched
badly. I kneel down to show my damaged heels - will my boots survive this threatment?
At the end I show my socks.
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Redleatherparistexasoverkneebootswet agregado: 20/07/2023


My red leather high heel Paris Texas boots are really high up to my thights, perfect for a walk in the river.
They are sexy overknee cowboy boots with high heels. When I step into the water they keep my feet
completely dry so I start walking around to see if they can handle some more water.
In between I show my boots - after some minutes the leather starts to discolor, but my feet are still dry.
Of course I cant resist and continue. I try some deeper spots of the river and the leather gets
soaked more and more. In the end I go really deep - can those boots take all of this?
I show my socks in the end.
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lesillawinterplateau agregado: 17/07/2023


My new leather winter plateau boots from Le Silla need a proper test - winter boots should be resistant to water.
I test them in some really deep water. Are they up to it? At the end I show my socks.
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Lautrechosegreenleatherbootsinmudandwater agregado: 16/07/2023


I feel like an explorer walking along a riverside with my green Lautre chose leather boots.
I walk trough muddy puddles and clean my boots in the river. Those boots are not leather lined and
get stained quickly - maybe I should be more careful not to get wet feet. At the end I show my socks.
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Lesillablackoverkneehighheelsbootsinriver agregado: 29/05/2023


In a small cold mountain river I wear my black Le Silla overknee high heels boots - they are
really well made and I can walk around without problems even in deeper water.
So I decide to go really deep. In the end I show my socks.
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Sergiorossihighheelsoverkneebootsinriver agregado: 29/05/2023


My overknee high heels sergio rossi leather boots are a great choice for walking in this
mountain river. I feel confident they will keep me dry even in deep water so
I give them a try- at the end I show my socks.
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Strategialeatherridingboots agregado: 27/04/2023


My Strategia leather riding boots are great for outdoor activities as you can see in this video.
Of course I test them to their limits. At the end I show my socks.
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GianvitoRossioverkneebikerbootswet agregado: 25/04/2023


A long walk in the forrest is no problem for my Gianvito Rossi overknee biker boots. Ankle deep puddles neither,
but when I arrive at a small pond I put them to the test as you can see in part 1 of this clip.
At the end I show my socks. Could they keep my feet dry? In the second half of this clip I walk along
a river and I try them in really deep water for a longer time to see if these leather boots can cope.
Accidentally some cold water comes over the top of my left boot. At the end I show my socks.
Playtime: 10:16 Min  Size: 1483.3 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4

AlbertaFerettihighheelleatherbootsintheriver agregado: 13/01/2023


This time I try an elegant pair of Alberta Ferretti knee high fashion boots with a golden buckle in the water.
Those high heeled leather boots don´t really look like if they are made for wet adventures but they are actually
not bad so I decide to give them a try in some mud and deep water. At the end I show my socks.
Did they keep my feet dry?
Playtime: 09:06 Min  Size: 1291.6 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4

offwhitetighhighleatherbootscrushtoys agregado: 08/01/2023


Tonight I go out to a party, but before that I still have to get ready. You can see me entering the bathroom
and walking around with my thigh high leather boots. I don`t even realize that there are some tiny Lego men
trying to get a good look at her godess in her sexy outfit. I step on them without noticing. After some time
I realize there is something unworthy beneath my high heeled boots and I crush them in purpose.
You can hear the cracking when I step on them. There is even a toy car and some squishy rubber figures
- that must be a joke. I crush whatever comes in my way and squeeze the toy figures.
Are they allowed to be touched by my sexy boots? My pointy heels is what they deserve.
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Isabelmarantthighhighbootsfloodedinbath agregado: 06/01/2023


I am putting on my expensive thigh high beige leather boots from Isabel Marant and fitting leather gloves.
Those boots are so delicate, they change color immedeately as do my leather gloves when I touch the water.
The shower helps me to make them change color even more. As the water is not deep and my boots are
really high I kneel down - but they are not high enough and I accidentially flood them.
In the end I remove my soaked boots to show my wet stockings.
Playtime: 08:09 Min  Size: 1008.2 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4

suedehighheeledbootsriverwet agregado: 01/01/2023


Suede boots are usually not the first choice for wet winter conditions, but I want to give this pair a chance to see
if they are durable enough and how they hold up in a freezing river. At first I walk two rounds and the boots start
to discolor more and more. The leather getting soaked slowly - I show my socks after each round.
Then I take a longer stroll intodeeper water to really put them to the test.
Afterwards I show my socks - could these delicate bootskeep my socks dry?
Playtime: 09:40 Min  Size: 1354.3 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4

Highheelleatherridingbootswet agregado: 17/11/2022


In the weekend I wear my elegant and expensive high heeled leather riding boots for a walk near a lake.
My feet start to ache after a long walk. The deep water seems to be perfect to cool down my aching feet.
My boots are a great combination - rugged riding style and elegant high heels.
The deep water is perfect to cool down my aching feet. Can my boots keep me dry all this time?
I also remove my boots and show my socks - did they get wet?
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Paroshbrownleathercowgirlbootswet agregado: 13/11/2022


Its a sunny day for a nice autumn walk and I really enjoy it. All of a sudden the way ends at a river
with some kind of flooded path trough it. But the water is high. My nice dark brown cowgirl boots
have seen only city streets so far but I am confident they can take some rough terrain as well.
I start to follow the path, but after some time it gets deeper and even more rocky.
I turn around a bit desperate and try to go to the right, but the water is even deeper there.
After that failure I show my socks for the first time. Not giving up so easily I try to go to the left this time,
but also there the water gets deep quickly. So I just try the path again, this time almost until the middle of the river
but the water keeps getting deeper. I couldn´t make it. I show my socks again.
Could the keep my feet dry after all those trys?
Playtime: 09:55 Min  Size: 1403.1 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4

Giorgioarmanibootslake agregado: 14/10/2022


Who needs rubber boots for walking in the lake? I am wearing an expensive pair of leather boots
from giorgio armani - lets see if my feet stay dry. This time I show my socks twice.
Playtime: 09:36 Min  Size: 1454.5 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4

Chloefull agregado: 08/10/2022


I am out for a walk in my brown leather cowboy boots from chloe. They seem ok for a little test
in the water at first, but after some time the leather gets stained and changes color.
At the end I remove the boots to show my socks.
Playtime: 05:09 Min  Size: 919 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4

Isabelmarantoverkneelake agregado: 08/10/2022


My Isabel Marant overknee cowboy leather boots look rugged but the beige leather gets stained
immedeately when I step into the water. I take some steps more - my feet stay dry. I get confident
and try them in deeper water - can they still keep my feet dry. At the end I show my socks.
Playtime: 06:27 Min  Size: 1143.2 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4

Lesillafull1 agregado: 08/10/2022


High heeled leather overknee boots are not really made for walking in a rocky river -
but I dont care if the leather gets scratched or the soles and heels get destroyed.
The leather starts to discolor after some minutes but my feet stay dry so I continue to walk around.
At the end I remove the boots to show my socks. Did they still stay dry?
Playtime: 13:29 Min  Size: 1430 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4

casadeilake agregado: 08/10/2022


I am dressed in a biker outfit with Casadei leather boots. I wore these boots already in a river twice
and they did well, but this time I go even deeper into a lake to put them really to the test.
They look rugged with profile sole and heels but the leather is soft.
At the end I remove the boots to show my socks.
Playtime: 06:38 Min  Size: 1176.2 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4

paroshsuederiver agregado: 08/10/2022


Autumn is the right time to wear suede boots - so I put on my brown cowboy leather boots
for a walk next to a river. I start to play around a bit in the shallow water with my boots.
They completely change color but my feet stay dry, so I try some deeper spots.
Who says suede boots are not made do deal with water? At the end I remove the boots to show my socks.
Playtime: 06:36 Min  Size: 1413 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4