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Beautyful girls from all over the world riding on horses. Tradition, Culture and Competition action as well as conventional and fashion clothing combine with unique styles.
Spectacular Show and Action ! 


Elsaridinghorsehardhappy aggiunto: 23/05/2019


ELSA looked sexy in tight white breeches. Elsa believes that every horse should be loyal to its owner. When riding a horse,
the owner should be absolutely obedient. The elsa will train horses very hard. You'll see elsa kicking the horse, using voice
commands, and pushing the horse forward with her sexy butt.
【Comprehensive Video Rate】 Visual Effect ★★★★★★★★, Riding Pleasure★★★★★★★, Horse Character ★
durata: 11:23 Min  grandezza: 416.1 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

VictoriaShadowStarforceLasher aggiunto: 23/05/2019


Victoria as a black widow is once again a sight that could cause the blood in the veins of her
admirers to tile much faster. This time she works on the little brown horse in the shade of a big
tree, which does not do much to prevent the horse from sweating. In tight turns with lots of whip
and spurs in this video is not just about sweat.

Victoria als schwarze Witwe ist wieder einmal ein Anblick, welcher das Blut in den Adern ihrer
Bewunderer dazu bringen könnte deutlich schneller zu fliesen. Dieses Mal bearbeitet sie den
kleinen Braunen im Schatten eines großen Baumes, der aber nicht viel dazu beiträgt das Schwitzen
des Pferdes zu verhindern. Bei engen Wendungen mit viel Peitsche und Sporen fließt in diesem
Video nicht nur der Schweiß.
durata: 10:58 Min  grandezza: 410.1 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Yf_Ye_ExcitingstockingsofBelkis aggiunto: 22/05/2019



Hello guys. This is g. Here we have another unbelieveable sexy riding action clip from the stunning Goddess Belkys. This time, she is wearing a super sexy mini dress, paired with a black corset. The outfit gives her a naughty student look. Black riding boots and huge side spurs are the perfect complement. I really like the way in which her starts to pick the action gradually. She tries the long whip and the spurs to see the reaction of the horse. The more intense the action the more she smiles and enjoys. Just divine.

This girl is pure sexappeal on horseback!

Dont miss this ultra sexy clip from Goddess Belkys!

durata: 11:48 Min  grandezza: 355.9 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Hannah148.7 aggiunto: 21/05/2019



Sehen Sie eine ganz normale Dressur. Ich bin mitten drin. Ich habe meinen Hengst die Aufmüpfigkeit ausgetrieben. Jetzt geht es darum, ihn zur Leistung zu motivieren und fleißig zu halten. Von meinen Motivationsinstrumenten mache ich daher reichlich Gebrauch. Der Clip
beinhaltet 7.27 Minuten knackige Impressionen aus anderen Aufnahmen des Tages.
See a normal dressage. I'm in the middle of it. I drove my stallion off the rebelliousness. Now it's about motivating him to perform and keeping him busy. I therefore make ample use of my motivational instruments. The clip includes 7.27 minutes of crisp impressions from other shots of the day.

durata: 16:04 Min  grandezza: 485.1 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Charged_up aggiunto: 19/05/2019


Charged up
durata: 20:43 Min  grandezza: 878.7 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

No_Risk_no_Fun_1 aggiunto: 19/05/2019


No Risk - No Fun 1 (of 2)
No one loves a beasty pony..., except Sonja! She always knows how to bear, and the horse to drop Sonja down is not yet born... Nobody does it better!
Sideline Sonja is always telling to pony how the story runs..., in German language, but if pony understands..., everyone can do.
durata: 16:38 Min  grandezza: 846 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Yf_Ye_RadiantVeronica aggiunto: 19/05/2019



Hello guys. This is g. From time to time, the girls like to please their fan´s requests when they are in line with what they like to do in the riding action clips. Today, the stunning and beautiful Veronica, is fulfilling one of the most wanted requests of her fans which is bareback riding without boots and socks... for us to enjoy her beautiful feet while she enjoys some nice horseback riding.

I think this was a great idea. I absolutely loved it. The clip starts as usual, with the stunning and slim riding Goddess wearing a sexy black leotard with some nasty and sexy high heeled OTK boots. She looks hot as hell! she is using a beautiful and flexible red dressage whip with makes a gorgeous sound in the air when she let Florentino knows who is in charge. The little but effective spurs are just the perfect complement for the outfit.

A perfect riding girl for a perfect riding action clip. Hope you like the idea of the sexy bareback riding segment (I absolutely loved the detail when she dropped from the horse! thanks to the cameraman!)

Enjoy guys and happy weekend!

durata: 14:27 Min  grandezza: 436.2 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

BarbaraLeatherHotPants aggiunto: 16/05/2019


Barbara's black leather hotpants make the attractive Latina's legs appear even longer than they already are.
Also, the too short shafts of the riding boots ensure that more than enough of the pattern of the tights can be
seen and how to take the holes and runs in it by the ride on Empalardor in number and size more and more.

Barbaras Hotpants aus schwarzem Leder lassen die Beine der attraktiven Latina noch länger erscheinen,
als sie ohnehin schon sind. Auch die zu kurzen Schäfte der Reitstiefel sorgen dafür, das mehr als genug vom
Muster der Strumpfhosen zu sehen ist und wie die Löcher und Laufmaschen darin durch den Ritt auf Empalardor
an Zahl und Größe immer mehr zu nehmen.
durata: 10:23 Min  grandezza: 389.3 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

jf_je_adriannadoublewhippingoncastaway aggiunto: 16/05/2019



Hello guys, this is g. Today, I want to share with you a nice riding action clip from the stunning Goddess Adrianna. This girl has a very sweet and elegant riding style, while at the same time, is demanding and strict. Besides that, she is so beautiful! I love her videos. Today she is wearing a nice pair of skintight riding pants which fit her like a glove. hmmmmmmmmmm. She looks divine on them. She enjoys a nice battle with one of the most rebel horses, Castaway. He is so challenging today that she had to ride him on the round pen, to teach him a nice lesson in obedience. To show him who is in control. Always!

The S action is really nice and the W action is ultra hot. She had to use two whips in the final segment! something I had never seen before!

Really nice video Adrianna! Thanks a lot Goddess! Looking forward to see you wearing the medievals next time!

durata: 09:44 Min  grandezza: 220.6 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Hannah150.1 aggiunto: 14/05/2019



Dies Video ist der Anfang einer langen Dressureinheit. Ich habe meinen Hengst schon aufgewärmt und fange jetzt mit der Abrufung des nötigen Sporengehorsams an. Kleine Unstimmigkeiten mache ich sofort stimmig. Sie sehen keine große Action, aber erbarmungslose
Konsequenz. Die Kamera filmt oft meine sehr konsequenten Sporen und finden dann und wann auch gefallen an mein Gesicht und meiner engen Reitleggins. Dem Film über 8.02 Minuten sind 11.02 Minuten knackige Impressionen über andere Aufnahmen des Tages beigefügt.
This video is the beginning of a long dressage session. I have already warmed up my stallion and start now with the retrieval of the necessary spore obedience. Small disagreements I agree immediately. You do not see much action, but merciless consequences. The camera often films my very consistent spurs and then find my face and my tight riding leggings. The film over 8:02 minutes 11:02 minutes are accompanied by crisp impressions of other shots of the day.

durata: 19:06 Min  grandezza: 573.4 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

jf_je_alondrawesterngirl aggiunto: 13/05/2019


alondra beathifull ride of young rider alondra this time in a amazing western job this girls rocks guys !!!!! the w is wonderfull and the s job is pure placer for us sit down and enjoy it
durata: 10:14 Min  grandezza: 231.6 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Lorena2MammaMia aggiunto: 11/05/2019


The stallion El Cicatrizado can not talk, but his expression probably says something like: "Mamma Mia, why me again?"
But the busty Lorena
does not give him more than a mocking smile as she sits in the saddle and pulls up the zipper of the overknee leather
boot. The long riding
whip in Lorena's left hand will make sure that the stallion properly accelerates the weight of his strict rider. These g-
powers are very well seen
in the playful neckline of Lorena's black top.

Der Hengst El Cicatrizado kann zwar nicht reden, aber sein Gesichtsausdruck sagt wohl soviel wie: "Mamma Mia, warum
schon wieder ich?"
Aber mehr als ein spöttisches Lächeln schenkt ihm die vollbusige Lorena nicht, während sie sich im Sattel sitzend den
Reißverschluss des
Overknees – Lederstiefels nach oben zieht. Die lange Reitpeitsche in Lorenas linker Hand wird schon dafür sorgen, das
der Hengst das
Gewicht seiner strengen Reiterin anständig beschleunigt. Diese g – Kräfte sind sehr gut in dem neckischen Ausschnitt
von Lorenas schwarzem
Oberteil zu sehen.
durata: 11:16 Min  grandezza: 423.8 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Franziska17.7 aggiunto: 10/05/2019



Franziska und der Hengst werden keine Freunde. Sehen Sie, wie Franziska ihn „nicht zu sparsam“ überzeugt. Auch stimmlich hält sie sich nicht zurück. Es waren keine Filmaufnahmen vorgesehen, aber es ergab sich einfach. Franziska ist daher in „Arbeitskleidung“ zu sehen. Die Kamera ist voll dabei und zoomt gelegentlich auf das Gesicht. Neben den 8.41 Minuten Video sind 5.15, oft kämpferische, Minuten Filmimpressionen aus anderen Aufnahmen des Tages beigefügt. Als Bonus noch weitere rund 100 Bilder von 3 verschiedenen Reiterin aus gänzlich anderen Clips.
Franziska and the stallion will not become friends. See how Franziska convinces him "not too sparingly". Even vocally, she does not hold back. There were no scheduled movies, but it just happened. Franziska can therefore be seen in "work clothes". The camera is full and occasionally zooms on the face. In addition to the 8.41 minutes of video are 5.15, often combative, minutes film impressions from other shots of the day attached. As a bonus, another 100 pictures of 3 different rider from completely different clips.

durata: 22:55 Min  grandezza: 620.2 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

PAribeco aggiunto: 09/05/2019



Hi guys, this is g again. This month, my favorite Latin Riding Goddess has created another magic riding action clip. You must know who is she... The stunning and ultra sexy Ama K. She is wearing a skintight pair of riding breeches which fit like a second skin… absolutely delicious. It is paired with a very stern and sexy camo top which gives her a very dominant and strict look. Her beautiful black cavallos armed with a nice pair of western spurs complete the outfit. She is using the rebenque in this clip. The W and S action is spectacular as usual in her clips. My favorite part was the final segment, in which she walks carrying peribeco and we can “appreciate” her beautiful body. Thank you Goddess for this beautiful clip.
Will wait patiently for your next clip!

Your Number 1 fan: g

durata: 09:52 Min  grandezza: 223.5 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Hannah195.3 aggiunto: 07/05/2019



Normalerweise trage ich meine Nylons unter meiner Reithose. Ob mein Hengst lieber unter sichtbare Nylons läuft, konnte ich nicht feststellen. Die Sporen gaben ihn den Takt vor und ich ließ ihn keinen Spielraum der Interpretation. Es war jedenfalls ein sehr schönes Gefühl im flauschigem Fell. Dem Video über 8.05 Minuten sind 6.37 Minuten knackige Impressionen aus anderen Aufnahmen des Tages beigefügt. Weitere rund 120 Fotos aus gänzlich anderen Clips sind ebenfalls angehängt.
Usually I wear my nylons under my breeches. Whether my stallion prefers to run under visible nylons, I could not determine. The spurs set him the pace and I left him no room for interpretation. Anyway, it was a very nice feeling in the fluffy coat. The video over 8:05 minutes is accompanied by 6:37 minutes of crisp impressions from other shots of the day. Another 120 photos from completely different clips are also attached.

durata: 23:17 Min  grandezza: 526 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Instead_of_Breakfast aggiunto: 07/05/2019


Instead of Breakfast
The early girls gets the horse... or it may have been something like that. Anyhow, instead of wasting time with breakfast, the girls decide, it's better used for a first little warm up riding. And the horses of course fully agree. In any case, nothing has been said otherwise...

durata: 18:31 Min  grandezza: 824.2 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Yf_Ye_Belkistheleathergirl aggiunto: 03/05/2019



Hello guys. This is g. Today, we have a superb clip by the stunning Goddess Belkis. This time, she wanted to please all the leather fans out there, giving us a masterpiece of riding on leather and Berlin Boots. The contrast between her beautiful red hair and the black leather is just amazing. I really like the spurs she is wearing, since they are small but very "effective". The W and S action is really nice. I highly recommend this clip to all the leather lovers out there. Sit down, relax and enjoy!

durata: 12:05 Min  grandezza: 364.7 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

SamanthaBlackBeautyWithGoldenStingers aggiunto: 01/05/2019


Today Samantha chose the Black Widow style for her ride on the mare Comida. Completly
dressed in black, our long-legged Spiderwomen sits in the saddle, any time ready to stab the
golden stingers into their prey to paralyze any resistance at once.

Samantha hat sich für ihren heutigen Ritt auf der Stute Comida den Black – Widow – Style
ausgesucht. Ganz in Schwarz gekleidet sitzt unsere langbeinige Spiderwomen im Sattel,
jederzeit bereit die goldenen Stacheln in ihre Beute zu stechen, um jeglichen Widerstand
sofort zu lähmen.
durata: 10:40 Min  grandezza: 401.8 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

jf_je_goddessvenusonperibeco aggiunto: 01/05/2019


goddess VENUS she decide make a nice ride on the farm but our horse peribeco he not want to cooperate so as you know our trainer always watching the girls for any situation soo both of them decide make it hem a litle reminder as we called training day this will be a entertaining ride full of good action for the S lovers out there ....the outfit is exquisite sit down and enjoy of 18 minutes of good ellegant riding ...
durata: 17:48 Min  grandezza: 403.3 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Hannah198.5 aggiunto: 30/04/2019



Militärisch und ohne Sattel. Sie sehen den letzten Ausschnitt einer Dressureinheit über 8.46 Minuten. Da der Hengst schon lange unter mir war und sehr gut geht, fordere ich nur noch den Grundgehorsam und schaue durch kleinere Dressurübungen, was geht und genieße die Muskeltätigkeit unter mir. Es sind Filmimpressionen aus anderen Aufnahmen des Tages sowie über 100 Fotos aus gänzlich anderen Clips von 3 verschiedenen Reitern beigefügt.
Military and bareback. You see the last section of a dressage unit over 8.46 minutes. Since the stallion has been under me for a long time and is doing very well, I only demand the basic obedience and look through smaller dressage exercises, what's up and enjoy the muscle activity under me. There are film impressions from other shots of the day and over 100 photos from completely different clips from 3 different riders attached.

durata: 22:56 Min  grandezza: 641.3 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv