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slinkygirlspool2507 added: 2014/07/27

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Alina and Christina in Slinkystylez Leggins and Leotards bathing in an outdoor pool
Playtime: 05:07 Min  Size: 128.1 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: MP4

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Her_muddy_rainwear added: 2014/07/25

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Her muddy waders and yellow raincoat
Armed with a shovel, she went to her favorite grey mud spot to dig it up a bit for future muddy games there. She was dressed in a yellow raincoat, leather pants, black waders and rubber gloves...
Playtime: 10:02 Min  Size: 444.5 MB  Frame: 1280 x 724  Filetype: mp4

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Movie161part3 added: 2014/07/21

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Waders Movie 161 part 3

Amy in yellow Hunter Waders and Mia in red Hunter Waders and yellow rain-jacket in a river bed. They go deeply into the water.

Amy in gelben Hunter Waders und Mia in roten Hunter Waders und gelber Regenjacke in einem Flußlauf. Sie gehen tief ins Wasser.
Playtime: 19:12 Min  Size: 709.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

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Splendid_summer_wetlook added: 2014/07/18

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Splendid summer wetlook walk in transparent wellies
In the woods she found beautiful place for walk - it was rapid river with stony bottom overgrown with fern along the banks. She dressed in blue satin dress and white transparent wellies on bare feet for that splendid wet walk.
Playtime: 11:00 Min  Size: 487 MB  Frame: 1280 x 724  Filetype: mp4

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suckingcandytoering added: 2014/07/16

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Always a classic, and accompanied by classical music in this clip of Madame Amrita in summer school, in a sex education classroom with blackboard etc, slowly removing her purple suede leather velcro hightop sneakers and rainbow striped white knee socks to reveal her charms...her perfect size 6 model feet, teasingly slow with wrinkled up soles, toe curling, spreading, wiggling, pointing and arching...bright neon pink long pointed nails and matching toenails for summer to go with a hint of a tan, purple cap, tank tops, 40 D's and darling 80's style neon jewelry, bold earrings and ghetto fabulous accessories..until the best part of all..a sucker ring..ON HER TOES!!! ever so limber from her days as a ballerina and gymnast, Madame sucks the candy toering from her toes and licks her gorgeous fingers and offers her foot and toering to you to share a suck! If you don't blast off from this nothing will make it happen!
Playtime: 08:16 Min  Size: 37.9 MB  Frame: 640 x 360  Filetype: mp4

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BachBathtub added: 2014/07/16

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Soothing sensual erotic experience watching Madame Amrita pour oil on her perfect tiny barefeet in her bathtub, massaging her little silver painted toes (with matching long pointed fingernails!) in her size 6 feet, delectable, sweet smiling and toe pointing, toe curling, toe spreading, toe wiggling, wriggling, sole wrinkling, perfect ballerina high arches and all while listening to a fond sentimental piece of Bach classical music. What more can you ask for? This is a perfect example of a foot worshipper's dream. Rita looks sexy but sweet in her tiedyed tank top and denim capris and side ponytail.
Playtime: 05:42 Min  Size: 69.1 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4

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Movie161part2 added: 2014/07/13

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Chestwaders Movie 161 Part 2

Here, Amy carries silvery Hunter Waders and red long gloves and Mia in black Hunter Waders and blue long gloves.

Hier trägt Amy silberne Hunter Waders und rote lange Handschuhe und Mia in schwarzen Hunter Waders und blauen langen Handschuhen.
Playtime: 14:35 Min  Size: 534.8 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

€ 8.33  

wishclip added: 2014/07/12

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ich laufe mit meinen neuen 7 inch high heels durch matsch und wasser über stock und stein,
nichts ist für mich ein hinderniss, am ende sind sie nass und dreckig! die hacken bohren sich durch den boden,
ich kletter berge hoch, usw. am ende kann ich nicht mehr und man sieht richtig wie ich schmerzen habe und nicht mehr laufen kann, unterstützt weitere videos von mir und ladet oder teilt bitte meine videos, bei youtube könnt ihr meine videos runterladen und sie auf eurem kanal hochladen!
du willst auch ein video oder schuhe, klamotten haben ? corahighheels@live.de

I walk with my new 7 inch high heels in slush/mud and water over stock and stone,
nothing is for me an obstacle, at the end they are wet and dirty! the chop drill through the ground,
I climb mountains high, so in the end I can not and it looks really as I have pain and can not walk,

supports more videos of me and invite or ask my videos divides, on youtube you can download my videos and put them on Upload your channel!
do you want a video or shoes, have clothes? corahighheels@live.de
Playtime: 19:09 Min  Size: 168.1 MB  Frame: 640 x 480  Filetype: mp4

€ 16.67  

Great_WAM_fishing_2 added: 2014/07/11

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Great WAM fishing 2 (in black hip waders)
...and yet Darina decided not to return home without a fish this day! She rinsed in the river her clothes that was soiled during her first attempt to catch some fish. Then her clothing partially dried up while hanging on a tree branch, and also she found some old clothes in the trunk. And most importantly, in the depth of it she found an old fashioned black waders. "Oh, maybe my father once went fishing wearing them!", thought Darina, dressed in this attire. And with renewed energy she set off to her new fetish adventure, combined with fishing.
Playtime: 13:08 Min  Size: 581.4 MB  Frame: 1280 x 724  Filetype: mp4

€ 12.50  

Great_WAM_fishing added: 2014/07/04

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Great WAM fishing in green hip waders
It was great indeed, because as a result of that wet-and-messy fishing Darina was muddy-wet from head to toes of her green waders, without any fish catch, but happy as ever.
Playtime: 13:09 Min  Size: 582.4 MB  Frame: 1280 x 724  Filetype: mp4

€ 12.50  

Movie161part1 added: 2014/06/29

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Waders Movie 161 Part 1

Amy in red Hunter Waders, black long gloves and Mia in black Le Chameau Waders and white gloves in a mushy gravel pit.

Amy in roten Hunter Waders, schwarzen langen Handschuhen und Mia in schwarzen Le Chameau Waders und weißen Handschuhen in einer matschigen Kiesgrube.
Playtime: 15:27 Min  Size: 567.3 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

€ 8.33  

Playing_in_the_mud added: 2014/06/27

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Brook playing in the mud
That sunny weekend morning Brook had a definitely wonderful mood and she decided to use if for a good play in the mud.
Playtime: 11:05 Min  Size: 489.8 MB  Frame: 1280 x 724  Filetype: mp4

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Walk_in_Viking_wellies added: 2014/06/22

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Imprudent walk on the forest lake
Walking in the summer woods, I've come across a small lake with trees fallen in the water. It would be interesting and fun to crawl upon them!
Playtime: 07:33 Min  Size: 334.6 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4

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On_the_lake added: 2014/06/22

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The lake in deserted military unit (wet walk in Viking)
She found a quiet place with a beautiful lake in that abandoned military unit. How nice to sit on a log and to dangle your legs in the water!
Playtime: 06:47 Min  Size: 300.6 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4

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Autumn_ice added: 2014/06/22

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Autumn ice
I've come here into the woods to say goodbye to my favorite lake until spring, and it has been already covered with ice. It's so urgent to test its strength!
Playtime: 08:21 Min  Size: 370.2 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4

€ 4.16  

There are 34 pages with 15 products in this category
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