Wet and Messy

Wet and Messy

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Fussbad_nach_Chips_zerdrcken aggiunto: 24/07/2023


Fußbad nach Chips zerdrücken
Ich habe Chips und Knabberkram mit den Füßen zerdrückt. Jetzt habe ich die Krümel unter den Füßen. Schade dass du nicht hier bist um mir die Füße sauber zu lecken. So muss ich diese im Wasserbad säubern.

Footbath after crushing chips
I crushed crisps and snacks with my feet. Now I have crumbs under my feet. Too bad you're not here to lick my feet clean. So I have to clean them in the water bath.

#feet #fuß #fuesse #fußfetisch #feetfetish #waschen #washing #clean #chips #krümel #crumbs #barfuß #fetisch #fetish
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Isabelmarantleathercowboyoverkneebootswet aggiunto: 24/07/2023


Maybe a different pair of boots would have been the better choice to cross this river - rubber waders.
But nevertheless I give it a try with my designer cowboy overknee boots. Those boots look tough
but they are really delicate. The leather changes color almost immediately when I step into the water
and on the river stones those boots are really slippery and hard to walk in. The deeper I go,
the harder it is to keep the balance on those slippery stones and my poor boots get scratched
badly. I kneel down to show my damaged heels - will my boots survive this threatment?
At the end I show my socks.
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Redleatherparistexasoverkneebootswet aggiunto: 20/07/2023


My red leather high heel Paris Texas boots are really high up to my thights, perfect for a walk in the river.
They are sexy overknee cowboy boots with high heels. When I step into the water they keep my feet
completely dry so I start walking around to see if they can handle some more water.
In between I show my boots - after some minutes the leather starts to discolor, but my feet are still dry.
Of course I cant resist and continue. I try some deeper spots of the river and the leather gets
soaked more and more. In the end I go really deep - can those boots take all of this?
I show my socks in the end.
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lesillawinterplateau aggiunto: 17/07/2023


My new leather winter plateau boots from Le Silla need a proper test - winter boots should be resistant to water.
I test them in some really deep water. Are they up to it? At the end I show my socks.
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Lautrechosegreenleatherbootsinmudandwater aggiunto: 16/07/2023


I feel like an explorer walking along a riverside with my green Lautre chose leather boots.
I walk trough muddy puddles and clean my boots in the river. Those boots are not leather lined and
get stained quickly - maybe I should be more careful not to get wet feet. At the end I show my socks.
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Lesillablackoverkneehighheelsbootsinriver aggiunto: 29/05/2023


In a small cold mountain river I wear my black Le Silla overknee high heels boots - they are
really well made and I can walk around without problems even in deeper water.
So I decide to go really deep. In the end I show my socks.
durata: 06:31 Min  grandezza: 1190.9 MB  frame: 1920 x 1080  filetype: mp4

Sergiorossihighheelsoverkneebootsinriver aggiunto: 29/05/2023


My overknee high heels sergio rossi leather boots are a great choice for walking in this
mountain river. I feel confident they will keep me dry even in deep water so
I give them a try- at the end I show my socks.
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Strategialeatherridingboots aggiunto: 27/04/2023


My Strategia leather riding boots are great for outdoor activities as you can see in this video.
Of course I test them to their limits. At the end I show my socks.
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GianvitoRossioverkneebikerbootswet aggiunto: 25/04/2023


A long walk in the forrest is no problem for my Gianvito Rossi overknee biker boots. Ankle deep puddles neither,
but when I arrive at a small pond I put them to the test as you can see in part 1 of this clip.
At the end I show my socks. Could they keep my feet dry? In the second half of this clip I walk along
a river and I try them in really deep water for a longer time to see if these leather boots can cope.
Accidentally some cold water comes over the top of my left boot. At the end I show my socks.
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Wet_stream_cleaning aggiunto: 14/04/2023


Wet stream cleaning
Darina decided to clean the stream near her house from fallen tree trunks. She climbed into the chestwaders, took a chainsaw and went into the woods. Well, how did she manage to scoop up water in her chestwaders in such a shallow stream?)))
durata: 11:03 Min  grandezza: 490.2 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Wet_adventure_in_the_Hunter_waders aggiunto: 08/04/2023


Wet adventure in the Hunter waders
It was the time to let the paper boats float on the water, so Darina pulled on her hunter waders and went to wade through the fast river... This is our old video - for fans of adventures in waders!
durata: 22:40 Min  grandezza: 1001.7 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Wet_farmerboots aggiunto: 31/03/2023


Wet farmerboots
Summer, a secluded warm pond, a boat - everything you need to devote time to your hobbies and fetishes! Darina rides a boat, burns a fire, plays with her wellies, swims and makes fun. Watch our old cool video))
durata: 08:33 Min  grandezza: 377.4 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

The_muddy_theater_of_one_actor aggiunto: 24/03/2023


The muddy theater of one actor
Today, Darina tested her rainjacket and chestwaders in a freshly thawed mud and in invigorating water. She arranged true theater of one actor: managed to get stuck in the mud, pour herself out of a bucket, swim on an ice floe and make faces in front of a random spectators. (And run barefoot on the snow. But it didn't fit into the video anymore)
durata: 18:24 Min  grandezza: 815.8 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Wet_jeans_wet_rubberboots aggiunto: 18/03/2023


Wet jeans, wet rubberboots
In this video, Darina plays in the river with her hunters, then expropriates a wellies from her operator and continues to have fun in them, the huge lumberjack rubberboots. This is an old reworked video!
durata: 10:58 Min  grandezza: 486 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Rainwear_changing_again aggiunto: 10/03/2023


Rainwear changing again
At first, Darina tries her short rubber boots in the mud and everything goes well, but to play in a fast river, you will need more serious protection from dirt and water... A waders and a bib pants will be just right!
durata: 22:35 Min  grandezza: 1010.1 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

WAM_winter_walk_with_rainwear_change aggiunto: 03/03/2023


WAM winter walk with rainwear change
A wellies stomping on snow and mud - a dressing up in a waders - wet pants and socks - againg a dressing up in a chestwaders - a mud play! Watch our old reworked winter video!
durata: 18:40 Min  grandezza: 823.2 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

The_WAM_rainwear aggiunto: 24/02/2023


The WAM rainwear
Darina, dressed in a rainsuit and Viking boots is playing in the water and mud! (Sorry for these remade old videos, we still have winter, the rivers are frozen and a mud is not always available!)
durata: 10:06 Min  grandezza: 448.2 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Adventure_with_burning_a_pair_of_rubberboots aggiunto: 17/02/2023


Adventure with burning a pair of rubberboots
Trampling the mud in dunlops, a wet socks, burning old wellies, changing boots, wet playing in the river... Watch our old reworked video from the fun times of adventureinwellies.
durata: 13:00 Min  grandezza: 570.1 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Snowynmuddy_rubberboots_fun aggiunto: 12/02/2023


Snowy-n-muddy rubberboots fun
Dancing in dirt soaked clothes, funny falls in the mud, showing the wet feet, playing with her boots - watch the latest fresh video with Darina's WAM tricks.
durata: 18:35 Min  grandezza: 822 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

annabellawetboots118 aggiunto: 10/02/2023


As these boots performed so well in the previous test I've been asked a few times if I can test them in the bath, in deep water for 10 minutes. I wasn't sure if they could still be waterproof after this but I thought it would be fun to find out! ;o) I test them for 5 minutes and then show one of my socks and then I test for another 5 minutes and show my socks at the end, could they keep me dry after all this time? The full length video is nearly 14 minutes long!
durata: 13:45 Min  grandezza: 826.1 MB  frame: 1920 x 1080  filetype: mp4