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HeelsBlueJeans hinzugefügt: 13/11/2020


In these pandemic times, finding time to relax while strolling is fortunate. I took the opportunity to wear my new purple suede pumps
outdoors. To "warm up" my legs and feet I wore a nice pair of Italian shoes (the purple are also Italian, 12cm heel ...) by Laura Biagiotti,
open toe and very small platform ... Enjoy the video and my fantastic shoes !!
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Schachteln_unter_Nike_air_max hinzugefügt: 07/11/2020


Schachteln unter Nike Air Max
Alles muss kaputt gemacht werden. Die Lady zerdrückt und zertrampelt eine Sammlung von Zigarettenschachteln. Ohne Rücksicht macht sie alle platt mit ihren Nike Air Max. Keine Schachtel ist vor ihr sicher.
Möchtest auch du so von ihr zerquetscht werden? Ein gruseliger aber aufregender Gedanke.

Boxes under Nike Air Max
Everything must be broken. The lady crushes and tramples a collection of cigarette boxes. Without consideration she flattens them all with her Nike Air Max. No box is safe from her.
Do you want to be crushed by her like that? A scary but exciting thought.
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SchachtelTodzumOktober hinzugefügt: 01/11/2020


Schachteltod im Oktober
An einem Oktobertag crusht die Lady mit ihren Stiefeln eine ganze Sammlung von Zigarettenschachteln. Sie zermalmt die Schachteln bis sie total zerdrückt sind. Stiefelfans werden auf ihre Kosten kommen.

Nesting death in October
On a day in October, the lady crushes a whole collection of cigarette boxes with her boots. She crushes the boxes until they are totally crushed. Boot fans will get their money's worth.

#Stiefel #zertreten #zerstören #Zigaretten #Schachteln #Lady
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Mud_walk hinzugefügt: 25/09/2020


Mud walk in good old Aigle
It was a beautiful walk with mud bog, rubber boots and socks that were destined to become muddy after all.
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Barfu_in_gummistiefeln hinzugefügt: 30/07/2020


Barfuß in gummistiefeln
Some crushing, some playing with mud and bare feet clad in heeled wellies with zipper: Darina came to the forest to take a break from the working day and be alone with the forest and her boots.
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Brake_and_gas_pumping_in_flats_and_nylons hinzugefügt: 02/07/2020


Brake and gas pumping in flats and nylons
She start her bus pedal pumping wearing her flats and then kicked them off. She continued to press the gas and brake alternately with her pantyhose feet.
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Barefeet_pedalpumping_in_the_big_bus hinzugefügt: 28/05/2020


Barefeet pedal pumping in the big bus
Hooray, we managed to do the shoot in a big bus right in the middle of the pandemic! It was raining, and Darina came to the shooting in her rubber boots. But it turned out that the wellies are not so convenient to press the pedals. Revving with bare feet, in medical mask and rubber gloves turned out to be fun, easy and unconstrained. Enjoy! :)
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Russianmodelwithlonglegsdrivesoldsovietmiliturytruck hinzugefügt: 21/05/2020


A Russian model with long bare feet drives an old Soviet military truck. She pump pedals barefoot. The girl shows footfetish. The model goes off-road.She hardly changes gears. The girl very quickly rides on an old truck that participated in the Afghan war.

Ein russisches Modell mit langen nackten Füßen fährt einen alten sowjetischen Militärlastwagen. Sie tritt barfuß in die Pedale. Das Mädchen zeigt Fußfetisch. Das Modell fährt im Gelände. Sie schaltet kaum um. Das Mädchen fährt sehr schnell auf einem alten Lastwagen, der am Afghanistankrieg teilgenommen hat.

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Wading_in_the_chestwaders hinzugefügt: 26/04/2020


Wading in the chestwaders
Darina is trying to cross the river and not scoop up water in her neoprene chestwaders...
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WAM_rainwear_story hinzugefügt: 18/04/2020


Opening of the season (WAM rainwear story)
By chance, Darina found her long-forgotten rainwear in the attic - orange rubber jacket with a bib-pants. And just in time, because it's time to open the season of wet and messy adventures! In this video Darina wades the river in her green waders, plays with some mud, enjoys her rainwear and checks the degree of wetness of her wool and cotton socks with laughter.
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Driving_barefoot hinzugefügt: 10/04/2020


Driving barefoot
Ira was driving her car and listening to the radio. Tired of her tight shoes, she kicked them off and began to massage and stretch her feet. She danced to music and drove with her bare feet.
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Revving_in_a_swimsuit hinzugefügt: 20/03/2020


Revving in a swimsuit
After some swimming in the sea, before going home, Darina decided to have fun revving her old chinese car with her bare feet and in flip-flops also.
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SimmoneDior hinzugefügt: 18/03/2020


Simone entertains with her one Dior maryjane little heel. She has a liking for wearing just one shoe.
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CathPantyhose hinzugefügt: 18/02/2020


desc. follows

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Crushing_in_sneakers hinzugefügt: 14/02/2020


Crushing of christmas decorations
Darina is crushing with satisfaction some fragile christmas decorations with her trendy big pink sneakers. For lovers of feet in black nylon and crushing in a sneakers!
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FeundBeineinNylons hinzugefügt: 15/01/2020


Füße und Beine in Nylons
Stundenlang könnte ich die Füße dieser Lady bewundern und anhimmeln. Genieße auch du den herrlichen Anblick ihrer Füße, geschmückt mit zarten Nylons. Von allen Seiten präsentiert die Lady ihre Füße; da kommt Freude auf und der Puls schlägt schneller. Das ist nichts für Leute mit schwachen Nerven sondern nur für Liebhaber bewundernswerter Frauenfüße. Komme ruhig nahe ran und fühle als wenn du live vor ihr kniest.

Feet and legs in nylons
For hours I could admire and adore the feet of this lady. You too can enjoy the wonderful sight of her feet, adorned with delicate nylons. The lady presents her feet from all sides; joy comes up and the pulse beats faster. This is not for people with weak nerves but only for lovers of admirable women's feet. Come close and feel as if you were kneeling live in front of her.
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DominaLeatherMulesWetlookLeggins hinzugefügt: 11/01/2020


A sunny morning, a pair of mules with 15cm high heels, wetlook leggings and the wonderful feeling of walking in public. It had never happened with similar shoes, with extreme heels like these, my first time ...
I am proud of this and can't wait to repeat it.

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Sandals_and_slippers_revving hinzugefügt: 20/12/2019


Sandals and slippers revving
This time Darina decided to arrange a bus revving with change of shoes. Flat sandals, flip-flops... "But there's no way to be absolutely without rubber boots" - thought she.
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Rainwear_walk_with_abusing_of_shoes hinzugefügt: 29/11/2019


Rainwear walk with abusing of shoes
A bit of backstory. One day a neighbor brought Darina a bag of shoes, saying they were of good quality but out of fashion, and asked Darina to take the package to some homeless shelter. But Darina already knew that these funny vintage heels were destined for a different fate. In this video Darina plays with her rain gear, as well as there are many close-ups for abused boots fans.

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driving_me_crazy_at_the_library_1 hinzugefügt: 12/11/2019


I've been waiting for this moment forever! She hates it when I film her in public, but given what she
was wearing (loud patterned leggings aside), I just couldn't NOT do it. Them shoes? Them nylons?
Come ON! The last time we were here, she was all bare. Which isn't a bad thing, but I'm a nylon lover!
No way was I letting this moment pass by. But I had to be discreet. I did NOT want her to turn around
and see me, and I certainly didn't want anyone else blowing my cover. This was a tricky shoot, but it
was worth it!

Her movements for this first part are rather tame, but that's because she's feeling a bit overstimulated
with all the activity going on (there was a big event taking place next door, with people coming in and
out continuously). She's very tense in the beginning, but she eases up as time goes on.
For this first part, we get to see her lifting her feet out of her shoes, flashing some very soft and smooth
looking nylon-covered soles and heels! YUMMY! Her shoes are a brand new pair of blue denim flats!
Her nylons, if you couldn't tell, are sheer black! She kind of had an “I Don't Care day” with the rest of
her outfit, but honestly, I don't care. She looked cute and comfortable.
There's a little bit of foot shaking that takes place through this first part, but not a whole lot. Most of
this video just consists of the camera admiring her lovely heels and soles from afar with a few generous
zooms, while trying remain discreet!

It becomes a bit more apparent that she's loosening up, as she crosses one foot over the other, and
slightly relieves herself from both shoes. We can still see that she is nervous, as she seems to be
shaking her leg, for most of the time. By now, she's her moist silky soles fairly exposed for the world to
see — which is a little odd for HER, as she generally isn't one to take her shoes off in a place such as
the library, being self-conscious about the smell (more on that later) or for fear of being called out by
library staff or worse --- another patron. I guess she wasn't too worried about either of those things today, and honestly I'm not
This video about 4 minutes and 45 seconds long.
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