Designer Legwear

Designer Legwear

We are an exclusive design studio creating innovative legwear for women. We take the beauty of the leg and frame it with our live art work based in orthotics.

Movie0028 added: 2024/02/04


Two ladies wearing one stylish high heel as they enjoy being on camera with their new found fun.
Playtime: 09:37 Min  Size: 684 MB  Frame: 1440 x 1440  Filetype: mp4
$ 9.99

Movie0011 added: 2024/01/12


New to the legbrace world new model Ivy laces up her new callipers, has a practice walk and then relaxes in the sunshine.
Playtime: 09:33 Min  Size: 548.9 MB  Frame: 1440 x 1080  Filetype: mp4
$ 9.99

Movie003 added: 2023/12/07


Join Ivory for a couple of occasions she was filmed wearing one shoe. She wears a sock sometimes, and can be seen in one
high heel and a bare foot

Playtime: 14:31 Min  Size: 801.6 MB  Frame: 1080 x 1920  Filetype: mp4
$ 10.99

StyleinBraces added: 2021/01/27


Style in Braces
Playtime: 19:37 Min  Size: 1287.6 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4
$ 59.99

ClariseinMallala added: 2021/01/08


Once again stunning Clarise journeys to a regional town in South Australia where she visits the cemetery hoping for a
distinctive backdrop for a photshoot. The return trip and she visits a park to relax and take her legbraces off and crutching to
her car.

Playtime: 18:23 Min  Size: 1207.9 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4
$ 59.99

TransitiontoOne added: 2020/12/10


Simone is having some fun modelling shoes before walking to the car in her favourite one shoe.
Playtime: 08:47 Min  Size: 573.9 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4
$ 24.99

SingleBraceCane added: 2020/11/07


Wearing her single brace Clarise is out and about on a cold and windy day with her trusty cane
Playtime: 10:26 Min  Size: 686.9 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4
$ 24.99

Movie4 added: 2020/10/25


Simone and Latoyya enjoying some sunshine and playing enticing shoe games.
Playtime: 13:00 Min  Size: 1117.5 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4
$ 19.99

OneByOne added: 2020/07/27


Simone's boredom between shoots gives her time to practice her one shoe dance steps.
Playtime: 08:37 Min  Size: 1122.4 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4
$ 9.99

ClariseFirstClip2020 added: 2020/07/13


Clarise takes a walk in the park after 3 months lock down thanks to the c19 pandemic. Her new green dress and cute little brown heels look just amazing.

Playtime: 18:33 Min  Size: 1200.1 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4
$ 39.99

BlackandWhite added: 2020/06/25


C19 has made social distancing appropriate. Clarise takes the opportunity to have some fun in a park with some open air gym equipment.

Playtime: 14:23 Min  Size: 921.3 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4
$ 24.99

ShoePlay added: 2020/06/20


Simone relaxes in one cute maryjane heel. She is getting to be happy as a shoe, stocking and foot model particularly in one shoe.

Playtime: 08:54 Min  Size: 760.6 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4
$ 19.99

ClariseGoodCamera added: 2020/03/18


Come and watch stunning Clarise out in the fresh air in her favorite wetlands park. She's lost none of the poise and beauty that has made her a legend as beauty on braces.

Playtime: 19:11 Min  Size: 1113.3 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4
$ 48.99

SimmoneDior added: 2020/03/18


Simone entertains with her one Dior maryjane little heel. She has a liking for wearing just one shoe.
Playtime: 07:26 Min  Size: 430.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4
$ 18.99

Dawn added: 2020/03/07


In the early dawn Clarise visits a war memorial park in a local area. It's 5.30 am and she has a busy day
ahead but makes herself available for a video shoot. She is wearing one of her cute little outfits. Her crutchingis delightful.
Playtime: 13:23 Min  Size: 775.9 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4
$ 48.99

Clarise99_1 added: 2020/02/29


Clarise is back ! The new legwear is ready to go and the lady herself takes them out for a private walk in her favourite wildlife park.

Playtime: 16:54 Min  Size: 1453.4 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4
$ 48.99

video_2019_10_22_16_31_31 added: 2019/10/22


Watch two shoe models relaxing after a legwear photoshoot. Dangling and heel slipping while they chat.
Playtime: 20:01 Min  Size: 845.2 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4
$ 19.99

SewinginHeels added: 2019/08/23


Clarise's other passion is collecting antique sewing machines. Watch her treadling two very old Wertheim machines wearing some of her collection of high heels.

Playtime: 08:00 Min  Size: 331.3 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4
$ 14.99

video_2019_08_07_12_04_03 added: 2019/08/23


A young shoe model is between shoots and sits awaiting the camera man playing with her shoes while texting her friends.
Playtime: 10:04 Min  Size: 274.2 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4
$ 9.99

BracesandTrousers added: 2019/08/06


Winter twilight in her favourite wildlife park we find Clarise in trousers, retro jumper and her famous legbraces enjoying the increased ammount of birdlife in the park since her last visit.

Playtime: 19:31 Min  Size: 1134.4 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4
$ 29.99