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Electra is looking for her first win against Monroe. Only the reverse schoolgirl pin and breast smother can be used to win. Is Monroe out of her element since she can't use the leg scissors? Real Wrestling! Released October 30th 2012.

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In our last FWC Extra – Training with Vayne – Part 1, Bruce Vayne showed Monroe Jamison some collegiate style wrestling moves that could be incorporated into our FWC movesets. Now, Bruce and Monroe will go at it on the mats one on one in a best of 5 falls real competitive mixed wrestling matchup. Will Monroe surprise the big man with her skill and strength or will he show her that she is not quite ready just yet?

This is a best of 5 fall real female vs male mixed wrestling matchup!

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** Real female wrestling practice **

FWC Competitive Female Wrestling Training mixed with collegiate wrestling moves!

We got to do something we have been wanting to do for over a good year now. Johnny Ringo was thrilled when he found out that new Legacy sponsor Bruce Vayne was a former collegiate wrestler and coach.

We got Bruce to come to FWC headquarters and help Monroe Jamison with her moves. We also took this video and sent it to all of the current and former FWC female roster performers as a download.

From a storyline and logistical standpoint this brings up questions. Will adding collegiate style moves and holds make what we do too technical? Will it further the gap between rookies and veterans, of which, is generally always a big gap here already?

Or, will it make our girls the best in the world and make them tougher and more fierce than ever before?
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What was the Black Swan in this episode?

Time will tell us. What we do know, is that Monroe has a chance to own 19 percent of the company. She now must start working with the ladies instead of trying to eliminate them from the roster completely in her normal dastardly ways.

We know that Scarlett has returned. We know that Foxy has returned with a vengeance. What in the world is going to happen here?

This is best of 5 falls REAL female vs female wrestling matchup.
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