Paula Von Heels

HighHeelsTraininginmyCorridor added: 2019/04/17


Finally I can upload another video !! This time, dear friends, I show you the full version of my training video on very high heels.... in the video there are some of my highest heels worn with various short dresses or leggings or even corsets .... there are also my beloved nylon stockings .... I hope you enjoy, after so long, reviewing a video of mine ..... see you soon !!

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ILoveMyLeatherPumps added: 2019/02/05


A beautiful morning spent wearing my Sexy20 leather pumps, 13cm high heels...
Do you like it with jeans?
I hope you like this little video ...
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LeatherShoesNylonStockings added: 2018/12/04


One morning spent walking with two pairs of leather shoes and my new nylon stockings ......
A pleasant sensation to pass from 13cm of leather pumps to 15cm of mules .........
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ExtremeKillerPumps added: 2018/11/30


17cm stiletto heel, patent black, impossible to walk, but try it was beautiful ....
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DrivingExperiencewearingDominasandalsSeamedNylonStockings added: 2018/10/14


This little video testifies to my first driving experience with 15cm high heels. On that occasion I wore a beautiful pair of nude color nylon stockings, fully fashioned, Cuban heel ....... a few minutes in traffic, before my ankles got tired .... Hope you like it.... Bye!

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DrivinginleatherDominamulesandseamednylonstockings added: 2018/10/14


My second driving experience wearing high heels. In this long video, I drive the car in city traffic with a beautiful pair of leather mules with 15cm high heels on my feet. In addition, I wanted to accompany the shoes with a refined pair of fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, nude, cuban heels..... The video lasts about 14 min ...... real experience .... Hope you like it.... Bye ....

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MorningInRed added: 2018/10/14


A beautiful morning, my pantyhose Wolford and two pairs of fantastic shoes.
A fence as a background, my red miniskirt and 15cm high heels at my feet.
The pumps are Italian, 14.5cm heels with 3cm platform, in red leather.
The wonderful sandals are a Domina model and are vertiginous, 15cm real, single sole .......
See how I change my shoes, raising my heels .......
I hope you like it,
Bye !!
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DrivingInHotPinkDominaSandals added: 2018/10/11


Yet another driving experience wearing 15cm high heels. A long ride in the city traffic, with many actions on the
pedals, with these beautiful Devious sandals, Domina model, Hot Pink color ...... I hope you enjoy... bye ....
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DrivingInRedDominaHeels added: 2018/10/11


Watch this video where you will find my feet busy driving my car, wearing patent red sandals with 15cm high
heels .....
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MoreOfMeInWetlookStyle added: 2018/10/11


Watch Paula while wearing leggings, corset and wetlook jacket walking with 15cm high heels leather mules and black Wolford pantyhose
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ReadingABook added: 2018/10/11


There is nothing better than reading a good book wearing my favorite shoes.
In this video I wear marvelous black patent shoes with 16 cm heels.
The 100% nylon stockings worn with a wonderful wetlook corset are the frame.
I hope you enjoy my video.
Playtime: 08:48 Min  Size: 515.9 MB  Frame: 1920 x 1080  Filetype: mp4