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studentdontstop added: 2011/11/19


STUDENT bases on true story: Student from USA came to Finland and she fall in love for riding on small pony. We did movie from her first pony riding experience. Unfortunately language problems, big woman/small pony and student's passion for riding was bad combination: she didn't understand how hard pony had to work, she just thought only for own pleasure. She enjoyed hard riding and pony did his best but that wasn't enough for her. There was also another woman, owner of pony, who wanted also to ride, so pony did full job to give both women what they wanted. Women didn't get enough of riding - unfortunately this finalle even caused fight between women.

Very sexy and also funny movie from smallponygirls. We believe you will love that hot sexy video. Pony wasn't get hurt while doing that video, girls love ponies and never even think about that!
Playtime: 17:43 Min  Size: 664.6 MB  Frame: 720 x 576  Filetype: wmv

2bitches added: 2011/10/07


2 Girls
Girls argue who can ride on pony because both women wants ride and ride. ....
They wear miniskirt and minidress while riding and take all off from pony.

This movie is like "suger on bottom" in smallponygirls videos because both women hadn't got ponyride for 8 months because of wintertime and they had waited to have ponyride more than anything else! Now they got at last occasion to ride on pony and videocamera got it! Girls said that they love sooooo much to ride on pony and it feels very good to have at last pony.
Playtime: 18:55 Min  Size: 280.8 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv

Girlsgoesriding50 added: 2011/09/17


GIRLS GO RIDING based on true story: It happened in the late 50ies.

Girls were on the way to dancing by bicycles and another girl got idea: she borrowed ex-boyfriends horse and they started riding and having fun.
They were sure not to be seen by someone because it was evening and they were in forest alone with horse. Girls were little bit afraid they could loose their reputation if somebody could see them because both women had skirts and they rode astride bareback. That was unsuitable in those days but they didn't care. Most of all they enjoyed and wanted have fun.

Playtime: 18:52 Min  Size: 236.3 MB  Frame: 720 x 576  Filetype: wmv

Cowgirls added: 2011/09/04


City cowgirl vs farm cowgirl
Sexy horsebackriding video from smallponygirls

Playtime: 22:13 Min  Size: 329.8 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv

FrenchMaidseroticRide added: 2011/06/08



She loves to wear sexy clothes, sexy underwear under sexy dress. She knows she is sexy and riding on small ponies, having sexy feelings - what can be better? She really enjoys sitting on pony, let pony little bit gallop for a while and just sit on pony and enjoy. She touch by her feet pony's flanks, back, head only long stockings on, having some foot fetish which feels good to her.

Erotic riding from smallponygirls - she wanted wear french maid's costum because it is so HOT in her mind and maybe yours too!
Playtime: 18:59 Min  Size: 278.8 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv

bitchriding added: 2011/04/27


She is nasty bitch, gangster, she has high heels boot fetish and she gives discipline to poor pony - JUST DO WHAT SHE WANTS TO DO FOR HER OWN PLEASURE. She spank stupid pony, bad boy feels power of nasty bitch who ride bareback and she force pony gallop because that is fun and feels good!

She really makes pony obey her every commands!
Playtime: 18:14 Min  Size: 269.7 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv

RocknrollLady added: 2011/04/10


ROCK'N'ROLL LADY gives us some rock'n'roll by dancing and have fun on horseback, gallop and just enjoy riding both bareback and on saddle
Playtime: 14:15 Min  Size: 447.6 MB  Frame: 720 x 576  Filetype: wmv

BirthdayPony added: 2011/03/28



Mother buys a small pony for her daughter as birthday present which has been her dream since she was a small girl. She takes full pleasure from her pony and she rides and rides......and just sit on pony and again ride. She makes pony gallop a little and that makes her giggle, that is so fun!

Unfortunately she is already adult woman, not anymore small girl so pony have to do full work to give satisfaction to young lady.
Playtime: 12:08 Min  Size: 174.4 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv

warriors added: 2011/03/15


Sexy riding movie from smallponygirls: Two female warrors riding double on horse and they are going to have mission. Warriors are happy, they find small pony so now both riders have their own mounts. Unfortunately pony has problems to carry warriors. Who win the stuggle, big strong sexy female warrior or stubborn pony?
Playtime: 15:24 Min  Size: 227.7 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv

LearningtoRide added: 2011/03/01


Riding instructor teaches how to ride on pony and student loves riding so much. Soon teacher doesn't stand anymore, just watching how student enjoys riding, because she wants by herself have FUN too. So teacher rides also during riding lesson for a while herself. Finally she orders student to come down, riding lesson is over and she takes all off from pony in the end of movie.

Poor pony is used by two ladies and teacher loves the most as pony struggle under her weight. She wants have challanges from her mount and she enjoy feelings how she control and dominate her slave, she knows she is excelent rider.
Pony wasn't hurt i this movie, both women are professional horse specialists and knows animals well.

Video is 30 minutes long and full of sexy riding so pony did full job to please these happy long legged ladies who ride in minidresses bareback.
Playtime: 29:40 Min  Size: 438.2 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv

Ponywantsgohome added: 2011/02/04


Sheena does NOT, because she wants ride on pony - whole day

Sheena calls she wanted ride on pony. Riding is very important hobby what she needs, who can deny that? Sure she rode, does she get permission or not - nobody can prevent her. She rides as secret if that is necessary. Just need to find pony alone in forest, so nobody is watching her riding.
Pony wasn't willing to be her mount and wanted go home but Sheena disagrees. "I am the boss and I give you orders, you are my slave and you obey me".

Beautiful Sheena has short blue sexy minidress and it feels sexy to ride bareback - ENJOY!
Playtime: 20:27 Min  Size: 301.3 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv

EmbarrasedRide added: 2011/01/31



Two ladies celebrate in relation's party in farm and they decide to go out for a walk in landscape. They found some small ponies on filed alone. Ladies can't help, they decide to ride on ponies when nobody is seeing. It is embarassing to mount on small ponies, adult women in long gown but own pleasure comes at first and women have fun! Unlucky owner of ponies comes and ladies try to explain, lie they didn't ride on others ponies....

Based on true story what happened about 35 years ago
Playtime: 16:03 Min  Size: 235.9 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv

DreamRide added: 2011/01/29


DREAM RIDE is beautiful video about lady, who loves riding in forest alone with her horse, riding bareback in short dress and feel the warm of horse. She used to ride often in summer.

She don't have anymore her horse called Sampo, this video is devoted for Sampo's memory. Now it is lady's dream and fantasy what she miss everyday...
Playtime: 12:35 Min  Size: 181.1 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv

tamebadboy added: 2010/12/31


Two ladies went out for riding on small pony and small horse on meadow. Pony didn't want to carry lighter lady, he bucked and jumped. So bigger woman decide to help and she really tamed bad boy. She is excelent rider so bad boy can nothing but obey. Both ladies LOVE riding, we can say too much.
Giant lady's horse was tired so she let him rest and she rode on small pony too. No nickers, wearing very short skirt is sexy and best for riding, this lady is really HOT and video is maybe the hottest ever done by SMALLPONYGIRLS.

Women didn't hurt ponies, that is NOT what they want to do, just riding and stubborn bad boy only needed discipline. Sometimes ponies can be difficult and ladies work is make clear who is boss.
Playtime: 25:36 Min  Size: 381.4 MB  Frame: 720 x 576  Filetype: divx

BlueberryPony added: 2010/12/23


Idea for that video came from real life: woman use to ride in forest, watching berries and pick up these. Actually most important is not find berries but have long nice ride in forest, that's most important, woman's own pleasure and enjoyment. She don't have to walk, just use pony or horse.

Poor pony had to carry woman long way, there was so few berries so she wanted to go more and more far in forest. Woman wanted also have fun and ordered pony gallop so much as pony could. It was hard day for pony and the best day for woman but that is ponys job - serve his mistress.
Playtime: 10:27 Min  Size: 389.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

ponypolice added: 2010/12/10


Strict pony training, discipline, control ponies - these are elements which ponypolices train and sure they LOVE their job. Sometimes pony don't want obey his mistress and then dominant, sexy beautiful police let pony see and feel who is in command, who is the boss. Pony has no other possibilities than obey hard and demanding police.

These ladies has rode since chilhood and they are excelent riders, riding is their passion, has always been and will be maybe forever.
Playtime: 27:55 Min  Size: 411.4 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv

Letmerideonpony added: 2010/11/07


Sheena wanted to ride on pony very much, she knew pony wasn't willing to carry her on his back but she decided to ride, she loves riding too much.

At first she tries by good, but that doesn't help so soon she have to be harder. After couple of struggles between ride and her mount, pony must give up so Sheena wins and she gets her fun. She rides and enjoys, gets her pleasure - and rides long time. She doesn't even think about get off from pony.

Beautiful and sexy movie from smallponygirls - you can see woman enjoy riding and having FUN!
Playtime: 20:28 Min  Size: 303 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv

policeandthief added: 2010/10/06



Sexy beautiful but aggressive dominant policelady catches prisoner, who stole a pony. Riding policewoman doesn't walk, she takes pony and rides on him and forces prisoner to walk for punishment. No way, prisoner doesn't walk neither if she ever can ride
Very sexy movie from smallponygirls, whose passion is riding and now you can see how girls enjoy about riding VERY MUCH
Playtime: 14:02 Min  Size: 206.7 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv

Divagoesriding added: 2010/09/11


Diva is nasty snooty rich high educated lady, boss in big international company and lady\'s "weakness" is riding HARD on ponies. That's what lady enjoy very much. She payed much money to have ride on small pony and owner promised make her dream come true. Diva kicks the pony, tries to make him gallop and run fast but ponies are not able to carry his mistress so hard as diva wants so she is not satisfied. Maybe ponies are too small for diva who wants gallop on meadow, feel the speed, feel ponies power under her and how ponies can carry her weight, feels how to make pony to do whatever she wants.
Look how small pony tries to buck diva down because he doesn't want to carry this nasty tall diva but doesn't manage., Diva is excelent rider who can control her mounts.
In real life she is rich high educated big boss and she LOVES riding on ponies and horses - and never hurt animals, just ride and have FUN

Playtime: 14:52 Min  Size: 219.9 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv

Girlsfun added: 2010/08/27


Ladies wanted to have fun, ride on pony and horse bareback, wanted to have PERFECT DAY. Small pony didn't want to carry adult beautiful ladies. Ladies thought pony is just stubborn lazy bad boy and they did everything to get pony moving, kick him, squeeze him and even slam on his back but nothing helped. Boy could carry smaller woman little bit better because she is little bit more light but soon he get tired under her too and pony didn't move anymore. Pony refused to carry bigger woman at all. That made her frustrated, she had to come down from pony's back but happy bigger woman just sit and rode on horse. Lighter woman was envious to her, she wanted ride too.
Nothing makes these ladies so happy than riding. Both beautiful women wear sexy short dresses. They didn't wanted have saddle, they wanted ride bareback.
Playtime: 18:39 Min  Size: 276.1 MB  Frame: 768 x 576  Filetype: wmv