MODEL Pic sets

MODEL Pic Sets


C4AJenBaileyNewSpurs added: 2023/10/15


Back shooting with Jen Bailey after a break, this set with Jen in classic fetish riding gear and showing off her new spurs on beautiful
vintage thigh length boots!

Skin tight jodhpurs and crisp white shirt complete her outfit, with a new bridle for today's mount and of course her trusty bullwhip.

We had great fun shooting this and hope you enjoy it!

91 HQ images, av. size 2880 x 1920 px @350 dpi, zip file only no video
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C4AJenBaileyRedandBlack added: 2023/03/12


After a long break in shooting, we are back again with Jen Bailey modelling not one but four pairs of amazing boots!
First we showed Jen our new military style overknee platform boots in red, by Tajna Shoes, she loved these and they look great with

We did our first shoot for Arollo Fashion Boots at the end of January, they sent us a beautiful pair of red stretch thigh boots to
promote and we created some beautiful images outdoors in Jen's garden on a lovely sunny day.

Next we moved inside to photograph Jen in a combo of extreme platform thigh boots by Pleaser, with 25cm heels! We have many
pairs of extreme heels boots and the combination here of black and red match Jen's black leather jacket and black skinny jeans.

We hope you enjoy these images....

106 HQ downloadable images, av. size 2880 x 1920 px, zip file only no video
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C4AJenMichelleBootedNurses added: 2022/07/14


Do you ever have fantasies about your Doctor or other healthcare professional ?
If so, Jen and Michelle will fulfill your fantasies in this shoot from September last year, we filmed them individually first, Jen in s spotless
while NHS uniform and wearing Arollo Anna 2 style thigh length boots, as a bonus she is also smoking in some images!

Next we shot Michelle, again in a genuine NHS uniform, this one in blue, and also wearing super sexy Arollo Anna 2 style thigh boots.

For the final images we shot them together in the surgery waiting room, so get ready for your examination by two of the hottest booted
Nurses we know!

44 HQ printable images, av.size 1920 x 2880 px @350 dpi, zip file only, no video.
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C4AJenBaileyblackPleaserboots added: 2021/12/18


Shooting at the recent location of the abandoned Church, Jen looks fantastic in extreme heel platform boots by Pleaser, ripped jeans
and a white top.
The location suited the theme really well and Jen shows the boots off to full advantage
Extreme heels are never easy to walk in but she carefully edged her way around the shoot site without any mishaps, enjoying herself
and looking great!

50 HQ printable images av.size 1920 x 2880 px @350dpi, zip file only, no video.
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C4AJenWhiteotkboots added: 2021/10/31


I August this year Jen and I travelled to a local village which has an abandoned Church, open to all who wish to visit, and a perfect
location for this shoot.
Luckily there were no other visitors so we had full use of the location and we created to good images together.
We were respectful of the building and of all the grave markers.
Jen looks great in skin tight black leggings and some very sexy new overknee boots which we used for the first time on this shoot.
The ever changing light on this sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny day made post processing a lengthy process, but I hope you agree
we captured some great images.

74 HQ printable images, av. size 1920 x 2680 px @350 dpi, Zip file only, no video
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C4AMistressVixenMV9 added: 2021/10/13


The first shoot since 2019 with Mistress Vixen!
It was so good to work with this wonderful Lady once more after the Covid-19 Pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.
We travelled to Her new premises in Derby to shoot in Her playspace, taking a variety of outfits and boots for Her to model.
In this set She chose to model Her favourite boots, teamed with skin tight jodhpurs, the well known leather top, black and red leather
gloves, and the trusty bullwhip.
Her boots have a pair a very sharp pair of western style spurs as accessories, and our English saddle provides a fitting prop for Her in
this Equestrian themed set.
The next set will lead on from this, with a bonus of an extremely sexy outfit and extreme heel platform boots!

50 HQ printable images average size 1920 x 2240 px @350 dpi, Zip file only, no video
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DSC00110 added: 2021/04/20


With Christina in Waders and Swimsuits in a pool
28 Photos - 4592 x 2576 px
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C4AJenBailey10inchpleasers2 added: 2020/10/18


The second set shot with Jen, showing off the new Pleaser Beyond 3028 thigh boots with an extreme 10 inch heel! Jen makes it look
easy to walk in these amazing boots, and we shot a further 75 images of her shown here in black lingerie and leather elbow length
gloves. Shot in August this year in an industrial store area, the location complements the subject quite well and the use of natural
available light and carefully placed artificial lighting suits the theme and mood.

75 HQ printable images, av. size 2272 x 1704 px, zip file only no video

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C4AJendenimranchgirl added: 2020/10/17


This is a large set shot with Jen in November 2016 on a freezing cold day, the theme was the role of strong women in the old West, with
a twist showing the dominant and sexy side! Jen shows off that beautiful blonde mane and is dressed in jeans ( Levi's of course ) a
Levi's denim jacket and black leather fringed chaps for that cowgirl look. She teams it with that trusty bullwhip, and also part way through
the shoot we showed her a new custom made western gun rig we recently commissioned. Remember the western film 'The quick and
the dead' with Sharon Stone? Jen will help you stir up a few memories!

113 HQ printable images av. size 2272 x 1515 px, zip file only no video.

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C4AJenBailey10inchPleasers1 added: 2020/09/19


This set is a must for fans of Jen and her boots, we recently purchased a further pair of Pleaser thigh length boots, this time with
amazing 10 inch heels and 6 inch platforms, these look totally amazing and she can actually walk quite easily in them!
These are made of vegan leather as opposed to our other thigh length pair with 9 inch heels which are made from patent leather. These
will become a favourite I think.
This set was set in our cottage and features Jen initially zipping them on and showing some good poses and angles in them, and some
great POV shots from carpet level.

89 HQ images av. size 2272 x 1515 px, zip file only, no video

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DSC06970 added: 2020/07/27


Outdoor in Mini Dress , Sneakers and Wolford pantyhose
37 Photos - 3000 x 1688 px
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chrdownpool080750 added: 2020/07/09


Christina swimming in down jacket
50 Screenshots - 1920 x 1080 px
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C4AJenBaileyLeatherMistress added: 2020/07/04


A very sexy and seductive set shot with Jen in her bedroom, black leather zip top and stiletto heeled thigh boots make for an irresistible combination on such a gorgeous young lady.
Prepare to be seduced!!

29 HQ images, av. size 1824 x 2280 px, zip file only, no video

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C4AJenBaileyRedBoots added: 2020/07/04


A very sexy set of Jen in red thigh length boots and short skirt taken back in November 2018 in Jen's rural Cottage, freezing temperature outside made us switch on the heating so we could shoot in comfort.
Red boots are a first for Jen, she usually prefers the black pairs but these are new and co-ordinate well with her short pink and black skirt.
A little nod to a bondage theme here with handcuffs and a collar and leash, Suits her very well!

65 HQ images, av. size 1136 x 1704 px, Zip file only, no video

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C4AJenBikerandBullwhip added: 2020/07/04


Dressed in her favourite beaten up old brown leather biker jacket, Levi's jeans and platform shoes, Jen looks pretty menacing handling
and getting the feel of that 12 ft bullwhip.
She looks very sexy and powerful, this is one young Lady it's wise not to mess with!

39 HQ images, av. size 1824 x 2736 px, zip file only, no video
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C4ADarkStarGS2 added: 2020/06/11


Final small set of Goddess Dark Star in our studio. finishing off our shoot with some portrait shots that show off her beauty, coupled with
a pair of leather elbow length gloves and a favourite riding crop. She has beautiful features and large brown eyes which make her stand
out from the crowd, and add to her overall fantastic smouldering look.

13 HQ images, av. size 1900 x 2800 px, zip file only, no video
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C4ADarkStarGS1 added: 2020/06/06


The second set of the shoot with Goddess Dark Star, showcasing her Arollo Anna 2 thigh boots, with and without spurs! This was shot against a studio green screen background to allow for further post-shoot processing.
In a very sexy white shirt, tight riding jodhpurs and elbow length leather gloves, she looks fabulous holding her bullwhip and the outfit is complemented by those gorgeous boots.

37 HQ images, av.size 1900 x 2600 px. zip file only, no video

Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 135.8 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip

C4ADarkStar1 added: 2020/06/03


The first set with our model Dark Star, shot outdoors on a freezing November day in 2019. We both braved to weather to shoot, featuring her with our favourite bullwhip and spurred Arollo boots, she looks magnificent and awesome!
We moved indoors to shoot some green screen background work, and some teaser shots of this beautiful Lady getting her teeth into our bullwhip feature here, ready for the next set uploading here soon.We also shot video that day, some outtakes from that included here, with jodhpurs and beautiful thigh boots, plus some clip stills from a video of Dark Star driving in thigh boots from the car footwell POV.

38 HQ images, av. size 1900 x 2800 px zip file only, no video

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DSC00184 added: 2020/05/20


Posing outdoors with Hand Cuffs in Slinkystylez Leggins
54 Photos , 3000 x 1688 px
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JugendfreiinLatexOutdoors added: 2019/09/04


Non Nude outdoors in Latex
31 Photos 3000 x 1668 px
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