LEATHER Pic sets

C4AJenBaileybikerandblackPleasers ajouté: 14/07/2022


A small set of high quality images featuring Jen in Pleaser Beyond 3028 style with ten inch heels, just relaxing at Michelle's house in
ripped jeans and a black leather biker jacket.

19 High Quality printable images, av. size 1920 x 2880 px @350 dpi, zip file only, no video.
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C4AJenMichellePleasers ajouté: 12/07/2022


Here we invite you to Michelle's country cottage where her and Jen Bailey are trying on some new pairs of boots!
I took along five pairs of boots for them to wear, so if you are a fan of extreme height platform boots this is for you!
The girls have lots of fun unboxing and zipping on the boots, first Jen tries on a pair of overknee style white boots by Tajna Shoes,
while Michelle goes for the Pleaser 3028 style in matte vegan leather, while also checking out a pair of ankle boots, also by Pleaser.
Jen likes the Pleaser 3028 in patent, and they also try on two pairs of Arollo Anna 2 style.
This was a very fun shoot, and another set will be uploaded shortly.

37 HQ printable images, av. size 1920 x 2680 px @350 dpi, zip file only no video

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C4AMichelleveganleatherPleasers ajouté: 12/07/2022


More from the shoot featuring ultra high platform boots, this set with Michelle wearing Pleaser Beyond 3028 style in black vegan leather,
these boots are quite difficult to walk in, but Michelle did really well on her first attempt wearing them.
We think they look really good!

29 HQ printable images, av. size 1920 x 2680 px @350 dpi , zip file only, no video
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C4AMistressVixenMV10 ajouté: 14/10/2021


Continuing the Equestrian Mistress theme throughout this set until the last dozen or so images, Mistress Vixen and Her favourite saddle,
boots, jodhpurs and whip combine to make this a breathtaking set of Images and well worth the wait.
These were shot in September this year in Her playspace in Derby, UK.

For the last dozen or so images, She changed Her outfit to a breathtaking pair of ten inch heeled black platform thigh boots, a spiked
leather body harness with matching spiked collar and lace-up leather gauntlets.

Prepare to have your breath taken away!

71 HQ printable images, average size 1920 x 2600 px @ 350 dpi, Zip file only, no video.
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C4AJenBaileypinkPleasers ajouté: 26/03/2021


We bought an amazing pair of extreme heel pink thigh boots by Pleaser Shoes recently and this is the first shoot with them.
Jen looks pretty amazing in vintage leather top, skin tight black jeans and then she wears the new boots which contrast so well with the
dark colours, Once she got used to walking in them she was fine, though a little wobbly. so we decided to shoot most of the content with
her seated!
We also recently bought some cool studded collars and they also feature here.

50 HQ printable images av.size 1463 x 2069 px, zip file only, no video.
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C4AJenBaileyinBlack ajouté: 20/03/2021


After a long break from shooting due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, we were finally able to set up a remote shoot with the lovely
leather clad Jen, this is a hot set with Jen in skin tight black jeans, vintage leather figure hugging top and features two of our favourite
pairs of boots, the Arollo Anna 2 style and also our vintage Ritual stilleto heeled thigh boots.
Jen's outfit also features some cute fingerless gloves, some new studded chokers giving a very sexy alternative fashion style, and some
bondage cuffs which add to the soft BDSM theme.
We both hope you enjoy this set, and as we slowly emerge from lockdown we will be shooting more.

83 HQ printable images av. size 1136 x 1704 px. @350dpi, zip file only no video
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C4AJendenimranchgirl ajouté: 17/10/2020


This is a large set shot with Jen in November 2016 on a freezing cold day, the theme was the role of strong women in the old West, with
a twist showing the dominant and sexy side! Jen shows off that beautiful blonde mane and is dressed in jeans ( Levi's of course ) a
Levi's denim jacket and black leather fringed chaps for that cowgirl look. She teams it with that trusty bullwhip, and also part way through
the shoot we showed her a new custom made western gun rig we recently commissioned. Remember the western film 'The quick and
the dead' with Sharon Stone? Jen will help you stir up a few memories!

113 HQ printable images av. size 2272 x 1515 px, zip file only no video.

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C4AJenBaileyLeatherMistress ajouté: 04/07/2020


A very sexy and seductive set shot with Jen in her bedroom, black leather zip top and stiletto heeled thigh boots make for an irresistible combination on such a gorgeous young lady.
Prepare to be seduced!!

29 HQ images, av. size 1824 x 2280 px, zip file only, no video

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C4AJenBikerandBullwhip ajouté: 04/07/2020


Dressed in her favourite beaten up old brown leather biker jacket, Levi's jeans and platform shoes, Jen looks pretty menacing handling
and getting the feel of that 12 ft bullwhip.
She looks very sexy and powerful, this is one young Lady it's wise not to mess with!

39 HQ images, av. size 1824 x 2736 px, zip file only, no video
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C4ADarkStarGS2 ajouté: 11/06/2020


Final small set of Goddess Dark Star in our studio. finishing off our shoot with some portrait shots that show off her beauty, coupled with
a pair of leather elbow length gloves and a favourite riding crop. She has beautiful features and large brown eyes which make her stand
out from the crowd, and add to her overall fantastic smouldering look.

13 HQ images, av. size 1900 x 2800 px, zip file only, no video
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DSC04325 ajouté: 20/04/2020


Posing in Leggins and vinyl corsage
31 Photos - 3000 x 1688px
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C4AJenblackbikerandboots ajouté: 12/01/2020


Following on from the previous set with Jen in a black leather biker jacket and Levi jeans, here She zips on Her fabulous vintage thigh length boots with that awesome sharp stiletto heel and teases you with the many images we took of Her slowly zipping them on...you can almost hear that zip as it climbs up!
She's ready to collar you to be one of Her many bootslaves....

74 HQ printable images, av.size 1824 x 2736 px, Zip file only no video

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C4AJenNewBootsandBMW ajouté: 26/12/2019


Our gorgeous leather Girl Jen Bailey showing off her new Arollo boots sent to her by a very generous fan in the USA!
Jen looks great and we photographed her in a long leather coat, jeans and a new biker jacket as part of a few costume changes.
Then we headed outside in the freezing November weather in our 3 series BMW with Jen in white shirt, tight jodhpurs and those now famous Ritual boots and spurs to get them good and muddy for her boot slave to clean.......

43 HQ printable images, av. size 2300 x 1800 px @350 dpi, zip file only, no video

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C4AJenblackbiker ajouté: 24/03/2019


Our gorgeous model Jen Bailey showing off her new black leather biker jacket and a figure hugging pair of Levi's. She looks great in this black jacket, it complements the new collar and leash she also intends to use in the next shoot!
We shot this set at Jen's cottage, which is an ideal spot and has a large garden we also use for shoots. Enjoy this set, the next one features a really sexy scuffed and worn biker jacket which looks so hot on Jen!

42 HQ images, av. size 1700 x 1400 px, zip file only, no video.
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C4AJenleathermini ajouté: 24/03/2019


Taken between sets, some fun images of Jen in a very short pink mini skirt, figure hugging leather top and those blue platform boots ( if you look carefully!)
Shot in her cottage bedroom, this small set is very sexy and seductive.....

15 HQ images, av.size. 2200 x 1900 px, zip file only, no video
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CameltoeLegginsmitNylonTop ajouté: 05/03/2019


Camel toe Leggins with Nylon Top
28 Photos - 3000 x 1688 px
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C4AVictoriacatsuitboots ajouté: 11/11/2018


A real must see for lovers of catsuits and boots... Victoria, clad in her figure hugging leather catsuit, shows off her favourite pairs of thigh length boots in this set.
First she wears her Giaro 'slick' pair with a slight platform and very high heel, and having ground out a cigarette off camera, she shows what she expects me to do...which is to lick the ash off her boot sole!
Next she dons her Arollo 'Anna 2' pair of leather thigh boots-these are amazing and reach to the very top of her long legs, showing off the 5.5 cm platform and 16 cm heels to full advantage!

60 HQ images, av.size 2100 x 1900 px, zip file only, no video
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C4AJenBaileyIH4 ajouté: 09/11/2018


No mistaking who is in charge here! Jen completes the fourth set taken at our cottage in April 2018, wearing a lace up leather top, thong, and amazing Arollo leather thigh length boots with awesomely high heels! Taken from a low POV these boots seem to go on up Jen's legs forever!
Using an antique wooden settle, Jen shows of her figure and her boots to full advantage, we think you will enjoy looking at the images as much as we did creating them for you.

40 HQ images av. size 2100 x 1900 px, zip file only no video
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ThomasSplint ajouté: 03/07/2018


A photoset account of Clarise modelling the new improved Thomas Splint.
32 HQ images av. size 2100 x 1800 px ZIP FILE ONLY NO video.
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C4AVictoriacatsuit2 ajouté: 27/05/2018


Following the first set with Victoria in her leather catsuit, here we see her posing in the Kitchen again, wearing Ritual thigh length boots and this time with her trusty bullwhip to hand.
You can almost smell the sexy aroma of warm leather and hear it creak as she moves.
A must for lovers of leather girls and boot fetish afficionados!

54 HQ images, av. size 2100 x 1900 px, zip file only, no video
Playtime: 00:00 Min  Size: 85.7 MB  Frame: x   Filetype: zip