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annabellawetboots086 aggiunto: 27/02/2021


Today I wanted to have some fun with my sexy tall designer leather riding boots. First I play with them in lots of mud and muddy water, then I decided to give them a waterproof test, testing them in a very deep water, often right at the limits of my boots, for over 7 minutes! Afterwards I take them off and show my socks, and the insides of the boots. Are the boots waterproof enough to keep my feet dry after this? The full video is just under 20 minutes long!

durata: 19:57 Min  grandezza: 1194.4 MB  frame: 1920 x 1080  filetype: mp4

Hunter_waders_fishing aggiunto: 26/02/2021


Hunter waders fishing
White breeches, black nylon tights, a blouse, a lot of nice belts - the perfect look to add a shiny waders and go to the river. Enjoy this beautiful wet fishing trip with Darina!
durata: 14:17 Min  grandezza: 631.1 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

annabellawetboots084 aggiunto: 24/02/2021


I've got some sexy new leather high heel shoe boots. They've got a leather panel behind the elastic so they should be water (mud) proof almost to the tops. First I test them in the mud and muddy water and then show my socks. Afterwards I go back into the mud and this time it was too deep for my boots and they got flooded with mud and muddy water! I take them off at the end to empty them out and show my (not so white) socks! The video is nearly 20 minutes long!
durata: 19:54 Min  grandezza: 1194 MB  frame: 1920 x 1080  filetype: mp4

annabellawetboots085 aggiunto: 24/02/2021


By request I take my super sexy designer Italian leather high heel knee length boots for some water (muddy water) proof testing. These boots only have one seam, which is up the back of the boots, as they are made of one piece of leather, so they should be very waterproof! First I test them in a muddy stream, and take them off afterwards to show my socks. Then I go and test them in the brook, with deeper running water, afterwards showing my socks. could they still keep my feet dry after this treatment? The full video is over 17 minutes long!
durata: 17:05 Min  grandezza: 1017.5 MB  frame: 1920 x 1080  filetype: mp4

HAGPROD481 aggiunto: 21/02/2021


Yvette Litters Forest... Yvette poses on the edge of a forest and cleans her bag with trash. She throws all the garbage into the woods. She is wearing a fishnet dress with black lingerie underneath...
durata: 05:54 Min  grandezza: 174.2 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Kristinainhighheelsoverkneebootsandfullleatheroutfitwalksthroughaswampkneedeepinmud220620 aggiunto: 19/02/2021


Gypsy model Kristina in over the knee boots and a full leather outfit walks through the swamp. She walks in high heels boots through
dirty water. The girl in pointed toe boots finds deep mud. The model in otk boots is constantly falling into mud and bog.

Das Zigeunermodell Kristina in Overknee-Stiefeln und einem Vollleder-Outfit geht durch den Sumpf. Sie geht in High Heels Stiefeln
durch schmutziges Wasser. Das Mädchen in spitzen Zehenstiefeln findet tiefen Schlamm. Das Modell in otk Stiefeln fällt ständig in
Schlamm und Moor.
durata: 10:20 Min  grandezza: 935.7 MB  frame: 1920 x 1080  filetype: mp4

Playing_with_hunters_snow_water_and_mud aggiunto: 29/01/2021


Playing with hunters, snow, water and mud
Darina missed her pair of very, very old hunters and one day in the winter thaw, she went for a walk in the woods wearing them.
durata: 21:30 Min  grandezza: 953.3 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

annabellawetboots083 aggiunto: 29/01/2021


Playing with my super sexy waterproof Timberland knee length lace up boots in mud and water. I found plenty of mud, and deep muddy puddles, testing their water (mud) proof limits. Finally I wash them in the stream, which was deeper than the other day, as there's been a lot of rain. Afterwards I take off the boots and show my white socks (that may not be so white any more! ;o)), and the insides of the boots. The video is nearly 23 minutes long!
durata: 22:42 Min  grandezza: 1361 MB  frame: 1920 x 1080  filetype: mp4

annabellawetboots082 aggiunto: 24/01/2021


As requested I take my sexy new Dr. Martens Darcie black patent leather high heel boots outside for a play. I find lots mud, lots of muddy water and play will them in a shallow stream, giving the boots a good test of their water (mud) proof limits! At the end I take them off and show my socks and the insides of the boots. The video is nearly 19 minutes long!
durata: 18:48 Min  grandezza: 1126.2 MB  frame: 1920 x 1080  filetype: mp4

Duo_Belys_Chanel aggiunto: 22/01/2021


Hello my Riding lovers!
Today the beautiful Belkys comes with a video accompanied by our new rider Chanel. You will listen to the instructions that she gives
him so that he can master the horse well as much as she does it and it goes well that every day she does it better, it is seen that she
has a great time.
our beautiful models and the beautiful landscape at more than 1300 m s. n. m. They will make you feel in heaven Enjoy it!

Hallo meine Reitliebhaber!
Heute kommt der schöne Belkys mit einem Video, das von unserem neuen Fahrer Chanel begleitet wird. Sie werden auf die
Anweisungen hören, die sie ihm gibt, damit er das Pferd so gut beherrschen kann, wie sie es tut, und es geht gut, dass sie es jeden
Tag besser macht, es wird gesehen, dass sie eine großartige Zeit hat.
unsere schönen Modelle und die schöne Landschaft auf mehr als 1300 m s. n. m. Sie werden Sie im Himmel fühlen lassen.
Genießen Sie es!

durata: 11:27 Min  grandezza: 542.6 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

Wetlook_in_fantasy_cosplay_image aggiunto: 21/01/2021


Wetlook in a fantasy cosplay image
For this wetlook, she chose high suede boots with fur, nylon tights, a velvet vintage coat, and a green dress. And with two katanas and leather belts it turned out to be a some kind of fantasy image.
durata: 10:19 Min  grandezza: 457.2 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

20210115_185454 aggiunto: 16/01/2021


Sexy Dance
durata: 04:00 Min  grandezza: 411.2 MB  frame: 1920 x 1080  filetype: mp4

sneakersinmud aggiunto: 15/01/2021


Muddy sneakers
This time, she decided to arrange some mud action for her favorite balenciaga sneakers and went to the park, where in the lowlands under the snow lies a wonderful mud.
durata: 04:53 Min  grandezza: 216.7 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Acquo_black_waders aggiunto: 08/01/2021


Acquo black waders
New Acquo boots, a shiny black raincoat, puddles and mud - what else do you need to be happy? Darina came to the autumn forest to walk in the rain and play with her boots.
durata: 17:46 Min  grandezza: 788 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Browncowgirlbootsrainpondbath aggiunto: 05/01/2021


I am wearing my brown leather cowgirl boots in the rain and puddles. In the second adventure I test them in a pond
and finally I wear them in the bathtub. In between and at the end I show my socks - did they get wet or could those
boots keep my feet dry?

durata: 11:28 Min  grandezza: 1466.9 MB  frame: 1920 x 1080  filetype: mp4

Snow_mud_and_heels_2 aggiunto: 01/01/2021


Snow, mud and heels. Part 2 (Happy End)
...Darina still had to climb out of the hollow up through the slippery snow. She decided to go back down to look for other ways and I was in the mud pit again. The mud was beautiful, just right for playing in it with her heels!
durata: 17:44 Min  grandezza: 786.3 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

annabellawetboots081 aggiunto: 01/01/2021


Testing my designer vintage Italian leather boots in the bath. These boots have no seams, apart for one down the back, and they're fantastic quality, they're fully leather lined and really well made. So of course I wanted to see how waterproof they were. I start by testing them for 3 minutes in the bath, I remove them to show my socks and they kept my feet completely dry, and I loved how the water just ran off the leather! So then I filled the bath up as deep as I could and tested them for another 7 minutes, so they got their full 10 minutes! Then I remove them to show my socks. Could they still keep my feet dry after all this time in deep water?
durata: 13:00 Min  grandezza: 781.7 MB  frame: 1920 x 1080  filetype: mp4

DGbootsbathfull aggiunto: 30/12/2020


Testing my expensive high heeled leather DG boots in the bathtub. Could they keep my feet dry? In the end I remove the
boots to show my socks.
durata: 09:10 Min  grandezza: 764.7 MB  frame: 1920 x 1080  filetype: mp4

Offwhiteoverkneebathfull aggiunto: 30/12/2020


Testing my sexy expensive OffWhite overknee leather boots in the bathtub. First I step in the water, then I clean them off
with a shower keeping my hands dry with my long leather gloves. In the end I remove my boots to show my socks.
durata: 07:50 Min  grandezza: 754 MB  frame: 1920 x 1080  filetype: mp4

wadersleg2209 aggiunto: 28/12/2020


Alina is wearing Slinkystylez Camel Toe Leggins and a Slinkystylez Thong Leotard.

With her high green Waders she steps into and outddor pool, walks around, poses and cleaning the water. Enjoy this Clip.
durata: 05:05 Min  grandezza: 304.3 MB  frame: 1920 x 1080  filetype: MP4