Female vs Female

Female vs Female

Episode20FullHD toegevoegd: 07/05/2019


Electra is looking for her first win against Monroe. Only the reverse schoolgirl pin and breast smother can be used to win. Is Monroe out of her element since she can't use the leg scissors? Real Wrestling! Released October 30th 2012.

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AllieVsSybilPro1080HTM toegevoegd: 15/03/2019


Allie Parker vs Sybil Starr - Pro Style Female Wrestling!
Allie Parker and Sybil Starr clash for the first time, anywhere! Ring veterans Allie and Sybil bring action packed pro-style female wrestling to the Hit the Mat ring.

Keywords - Female Wrestling, Wrestling , Allie Parker, Sybil Starr, Pro Wrestling

Frauen ringen
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HTMV11Jewellvs.GoldieDL toegevoegd: 19/10/2016


Female mat wrestling in the ring, Jewell vs Goldie and HTM wrestling classic from 2008.
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HTMV21_Bille_vs_Raquel toegevoegd: 19/10/2016


Bronco Billie AKA ONYX takes on longtime rival and former partner Raquel in a female wrestling match, pro-style mixed with grappling on the mats.
Speeltijd: 37:30 Min  Grootte: 548.4 MB  Frame: 720 x 480  Filetype: wmv

swf_complete toegevoegd: 17/06/2016


Single White Fetish Model:

Pandora is the roommate from hell. She copies the way Sjoya looks and ruins all of Sjoya's potential modeling gigs.

Syoja walks in on Pandora hacking her laptop. She is so mad, she's had enough. She attacks Pandora, and the 2 women wrestle. Syoja
is much stronger than Pandora, though, and knocks her out!
Speeltijd: 09:13 Min  Grootte: 107.4 MB  Frame: 640 x 480  Filetype: avi

Episode55TheBlackSwanScarlettSqueezevsFoxyRainHDFull toegevoegd: 29/03/2015



What was the Black Swan in this episode?

Time will tell us. What we do know, is that Monroe has a chance to own 19 percent of the company. She now must start working with the ladies instead of trying to eliminate them from the roster completely in her normal dastardly ways.

We know that Scarlett has returned. We know that Foxy has returned with a vengeance. What in the world is going to happen here?

This is best of 5 falls REAL female vs female wrestling matchup.
Speeltijd: 32:35 Min  Grootte: 460.9 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: mp4

2013021311.26.53 toegevoegd: 15/09/2014


Layla Parker Defends Her Southern Wrestling Belles Championship against the beautiful Sabrina. Sabrina is new to SWB but she battles the champion with a vengeance. This is a hot back and forth apartment house cat fight between two sexy young ladies. Check it out today!
Speeltijd: 11:04 Min  Grootte: 174.1 MB  Frame: 720 x 480  Filetype: mp4

20130918132011 toegevoegd: 15/09/2014


The cat fighting legend Sumiko comes to Southern Wrestling Belles to take on Bleu in a series of battles. The first one is a back and forth erotic battle between two women who know how to hurt their opponent. Has Sumiko met her match or does she claim another cat fight victim?

Check it out!
Speeltijd: 09:54 Min  Grootte: 212.6 MB  Frame: 640 x 360  Filetype: wmv

20130918134850 toegevoegd: 15/09/2014


The Destruction of Sumiko. Bleu is determined to destroy Sumiko in this brutal apartment house cat fight. The legend Sumiko is confident of beating Bleu again, but soon learns Bleu knows how to torture an opponent. No part of Sumiko's hot body goes unpunished in this rare Sumiko beat down. Buy it today!
Speeltijd: 09:31 Min  Grootte: 203.2 MB  Frame: 640 x 360  Filetype: wmv

2013020822.31.57 toegevoegd: 12/09/2014


Hollywood takes on two rookies, Roxie and Sabrina in a hot two on one apartment house cat fight. Does the legend beat the two upstarts, or does Hollywood suffer a brutal Southern Wrestling Belles beat down?

Check it out today!

Speeltijd: 10:05 Min  Grootte: 158.6 MB  Frame: 720 x 480  Filetype: mp4

2013021209.59.26 toegevoegd: 12/09/2014


Hollywood & Sabrina team up to take on Roxie in a two on one apartment battle. Hollywood is out to teach Roxie a lesson, does Sabrina stay on her side through out the match?
Speeltijd: 11:17 Min  Grootte: 177.5 MB  Frame: 720 x 480  Filetype: mp4

FG2K_0200_EASYMONEY_II toegevoegd: 25/08/2014



In this awesome clip, Aria Martinez offer $100 to anyone who can get her to tap out, or knock her out entirely.  To her surprise, Carmen Porta arrives and confidently accepts the challenge, announcing it will be "easy money". Big mistake.

Aria proceeds to completely overwhelm Carmen, using more wrestling moves than her fists, and most of the wrestling between the two Girlz is actually real.

Wrestling moves include camel clutch, full nelsons, backbreaker, bow & arrow, awesome scissorholds, bearhug, arm bar and more.

Starring Carmen Porta and Aria Martinez.

DETAILS: Head punches • Real Competitive Wrestling, inluding camel clutch, full nelsons, backbreaker, bow & arrow, awesome scissorholds, bearhug, arm bar • Barefoot
Speeltijd: 16:10 Min  Grootte: 705.5 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

bootysmackdown toegevoegd: 02/03/2014


Audrey battles Pandora in three intense grappling competitions--the first one, they booty wrestle on their feet. The first one to step OFF their wrestling matt, loses! In the second competition, the two ladies are on hands and knees, bumping their bulbous booties together until one of them falls off the matt! In the last competition, they wrestle until one of them conquers the other!

Speeltijd: 08:16 Min  Grootte: 96.4 MB  Frame: 720 x 480  Filetype: avi

KT.4_The_meeting toegevoegd: 04/10/2013


KT.4 The meeting

Kathrin has a meeting with Tina and is waiting, while she remembers the conflicts with her enemy. They get in a hard fight. Tina's down coat get ripped - and she loses her coat. Here the down feathers fly!
Kathrin is smashing, tramping and ripping the "trophy"

Struggling with Down coat and quilted jcket, lost scarfs and hats.

Kathrin wartet auf Tina. Die beiden haben sich zu einem Ringkampf verabredet. Während des Wartens erinnert sich Kathrin an frühere Konflikte mit ihrer Feindin. Während des Kampfes wird Tinas langer Daunenmantel zerrissen und am Ende verliert sie ihn an Kathrin, die den Mantel gegen die Wand schmeißt, ihn zertrampelt und weiter zerreißt. Hier fliegen die Daunenfedern!
Speeltijd: 05:22 Min  Grootte: 91.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: divx

Y_O_U_ toegevoegd: 27/09/2013


KT.3 - YOU!

Kathrin discovered Tina during a walk. She watches her former friend. Meanwhile Tina recalls an erotic episode with a girl friend.
As Kathrin comes, Tina gets up and the two women tearing each other clothes, eyeglasses and other down.

Clothes ripping with quilted waist, coat, eyeglasses, hats and skirt.

Kathrin entdeckt Tina während eines Spaziergangs. Sie beobachtet ihreehemalige Freundin. Tina währenddessen erinnert sich an eine erotische Episode mit einer Freundin.
Als Kathrin kommt, steht Tina auf und die beiden Frauen reißen sich gegenseitig Kleidung, Brillen und anderes herunter.
Speeltijd: 07:12 Min  Grootte: 123.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: divx

KT.1Friendsatfirstenemiesattheend toegevoegd: 17/09/2013


KT.1 Friends at first - enemies at the end

KT.1 Friends at first - enemies at the end

Two girlfriends talk a walk and make a fun wrestling.
The loser is angy. She believes that her friend has been fighting unfair.With the torn down of the white scarf begins a ripping fight.

Zwei Freundinnen gehen spazieren und machen zum Spaß einen Ringkampf.
Die Verliererin ist sauer. Sie glaubt, daß ihre Freundin unfair gekämpft hat. Sie reißt ihr das Halstuch herunter und damit beginnt ein gegenseitiges Zerreißen der Jacken.

Clothes ripping with two fur hooded winter jackets of older style, hats and leather gloves.
Speeltijd: 07:01 Min  Grootte: 117.6 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: divx

GirlonGirlAthenavsBeretta toegevoegd: 31/01/2013


Dressed in minimal sports attire and finger nails polished preceding commence with arm wrestling, press ups using
the others body weight, finishing with lift & carry combined with squats.

A true test of strength and fitness between these two ladies, this is competitive female wrestling at its best as they
display their submission holds and scissor power.
Speeltijd: 34:33 Min  Grootte: 209.1 MB  Frame: 640 x 480  Filetype: mp4

KryptonitevsTiger toegevoegd: 24/01/2013


A catfight match shot at our studio in Camden, the 2 girls are going at each other full throttle in a cat fight match up
wearing crop tops and hot pants, they may be small but these 2 vixens are extremely feisty by nature. The action
is fast and furious so hold onto your seats!
Speeltijd: 15:50 Min  Grootte: 125.9 MB  Frame: 640 x 480  Filetype: mp4

IsabellavsAthena toegevoegd: 21/01/2013


This match up is between 2 skilled, experienced and good looking opponents that both know how to wear their
opponent down with a range of holds and moves. The action ebbs and flows as the girls consider their next moves
performed with precision. 'Athena' in a bikini is as hot as ever!     
Speeltijd: 14:31 Min  Grootte: 115.3 MB  Frame: 640 x 480  Filetype: mp4

100_1984 toegevoegd: 16/12/2012


bad girls gone worst smashbampow way 2 female wrestlers
Speeltijd: 07:35 Min  Grootte: 332 MB  Frame: 640 x 480  Filetype: MOV