Working girls

Working Girls

sophiacrushingwithfriends added: 2014/07/27


I received a beautiful pair of purple 8" platforms from a special fan and just had to try them out around town. I dressed in a matching purple micro mini skirt and stopped at a bar to crushed a few cigs and throw some darts, then did some shopping and crushed a few more. Lots of sexy shots of my legs and up skirt views while teasing the men around me. It's fun to catch their eye when they think I'm not looking, lol! I think you'll enjoy this one as much as I did doing it!

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crushschoolskirt01 added: 2014/07/26


I've been dying to wear my hot little school girl skirt with a new pair of sexy 7" white today was the day! I got my cameraman for a little while before the weather turned nasty so I was able to crush a few cigarettes for you. I can't believe it rained so hard! The tight white top I wore shows off my 36d boobs with no bra! There's some nice close ups and a few upskirt shots along with sexy walking and leg shots for your enjoyment.
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shoppingandcrushinginkneeboots added: 2014/07/26


I'm out shopping today and wearing my sexy tan knee high boots and crushing cigarettes everywhere I go. I put on a really short pair of black shorts to show off my legs as I walk around. The heels are so tall and sexy, crushing my cigarettes for you was a real pleasure. This is a requested clip. ENJOY!
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teasingandcrushing01 added: 2014/07/26


It was a beautiful day today so I decided to wear my short jean jumper and my hot red 7" stilettos and take in the sunshine by a nice lake while I do some shopping. There's a lot of cigarette crushing, sexy walking, hot legs and upskirt shots in this video I know you'll enjoy. And of course I had a lot of fun doing it all.
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workingredstilettos added: 2014/07/26


I finally got my super sexy 8" red stilettos and decided to show them off as I worked visiting my magazine clients today. I wore my short jean mini skirt because I know they like to see my legs when I'm wearing high heels and I certainly wasn't going to disappoint them, LOL! I did a lot of cigarette crushing, even as I stopped by the train station to see a friend. We had lunch at this nice outside Italian bistro and showed off my crossed legs and sexy heels as I enjoyed an order of calamari and bruschetta. MMmmmmm! And as requested a few playful upskirt shots. I think you'll enjoy this clip as much as I did make it.
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