Pandoras Playroom

swf_complete added: 2016/06/17


Single White Fetish Model:

Pandora is the roommate from hell. She copies the way Sjoya looks and ruins all of Sjoya's potential modeling gigs.

Syoja walks in on Pandora hacking her laptop. She is so mad, she's had enough. She attacks Pandora, and the 2 women wrestle. Syoja
is much stronger than Pandora, though, and knocks her out!
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bootysmackdown added: 2014/03/02


Audrey battles Pandora in three intense grappling competitions--the first one, they booty wrestle on their feet. The first one to step OFF their wrestling matt, loses! In the second competition, the two ladies are on hands and knees, bumping their bulbous booties together until one of them falls off the matt! In the last competition, they wrestle until one of them conquers the other!

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