Ridevideos started in 1968 as the premier producer of riding cult motion pictures. Four equestrians who yearned to share their passion for pony riding with like-minded people began by filming with their 35mm Arriflex camera and exhibiting movies at their specialized cinema in California.
The original 53-acre estate was later renamed the "Ridevideos Ranch" and the group responded to international demand by making films available to the public in 8mm, video cassette, DVD, and downloads.

The Ranch continues today both as the "backlot of the Riding Cult," and is rented out to a variety of other video producers who seek privacy in an unparalleled natural setting. International fans visit to tour the site and take a "test ride" on our famous ponies. Ridevideos has chosen Clips4All as the first-rate download site to extend our reach to an ever expanding audience.Your support is greatly appreciated in realizing the RC dream.

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Jessica_Jamie_Part_Five_HD added: 2018/07/05


Jamie and Jessica take on a frisky mini pony stallion, first taking turns single riding and building to an eye-popping double ride of unforgettable proportions!
Playtime: 04:20 Min  Size: 136 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Valerie_Part_Six_HD added: 2018/03/13


An absolutely unforgettable belting ride by the stunning indomitable Valerie! She takes it to the next level for a whacking wild ride where the aggressive action never lets up. It's the riding girl of your dreams who delivers another award-winning galloping good time.
Playtime: 13:26 Min  Size: 420.3 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Jessica_Abby_Part_One added: 2018/01/17


Jessica and new rider Abby take their new little black stallion for an all-legs pleasure ride.Abby describes their adventure as "exercising on a pony that has all the right moves."
Playtime: 06:37 Min  Size: 207.4 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Valerie_Part_Five_HD added: 2017/11/20


Valerie chooses her two favorite hot bikinis and takes us on a stinging leather belt ride. She works up a lather of leather as she doubles her belt into a broad loop and presses her pony to new performance levels. She works hot and fast in another video "as only Valerie can entertain you."
Playtime: 14:37 Min  Size: 455.2 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Jessica_Jamie_Part_One_HD added: 2017/10/18


Jessica and Jamie give it their all to entertain you with their jump-on and bounce rodeo skills. You won't be disappointed in this all-time, high demand favorite exciting pony ride. Simply unforgettable!
Playtime: 19:55 Min  Size: 624.3 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Jamie_Heather_Two_HD added: 2017/09/07


Lovely thong-clad Heather and Jamie each try hot riding techniques, and when they've proven their proficiency to each other, they go for the gold -- An exciting double ride on a very strong pony stallion. Who is having more fun; our purring girls or the panting stallion? It's hard to decide, so you have to see for yourself!
Playtime: 07:59 Min  Size: 249.9 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Holly_Part_One_HD added: 2017/08/09


Clad in shorts or miniskirt, Holly is always ready for a challenging ride, and she doesn't let you down with her special attitude of "I'm Bossy!" "I'm the first girl to scream on the pony. I switched up the beat of its butt. That's right, I brought the pony to the yard, and that's right, I'm the one that's taught it some lessons it will never forget!" A fun video with a gorgeous girl for you.
Playtime: 06:13 Min  Size: 191.6 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Jessica_Abby_Part_Two added: 2017/04/17


Jessica and Abby have a "ride-to-remember" for you, as they show off in their latest thong bikinis and take you on an equestrian adventure that you can watch again and again, each time discovering new, ultimately satisfying pony riding variations and tricks. Two gorgeous girls have a day of fun on an amazing stallion.
Playtime: 10:15 Min  Size: 321.3 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Jessica_Jamie_Part_Seven_HD added: 2017/03/09


Your favorite always-amazing riding girls, Jessica and Jamie, return for a thrilling ride on their shiny black compact stallion. For a very special treat these daring girls wear their skimpy nighttime lingerie on this unforgettable double ride.
Playtime: 14:25 Min  Size: 451.5 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Valerie_Part_Four_HD added: 2017/02/01


Stunning bikini-clad Valerie cracks the whip for a fast-paced authentic over-the-top riding exhibition that you surely won't forget.
Playtime: 15:47 Min  Size: 492.3 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Jessica_Jamie_Part_Six_HD added: 2016/11/12


You will be in awe watching Jessica and Jamie, looking hotter than ever, perform another double riding thrill ride. You can depend on our two beautiful wild girls to deliver a must-watch entertainment every time!
Playtime: 08:10 Min  Size: 256.4 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Lisa_Alrie_Part_Two_HD added: 2016/09/30


Lisa and Alrie return in the long-awaited Part Two that documents their strange form of Mother-Daughter bonding as they ride a pony through the flower garden in the privacy of their own backyard. Listen to them pant as they share their bizarre equestrienne passion for this unusual family sport. (A Ridevideos Classic transferred from motion picture film)
Playtime: 05:45 Min  Size: 175.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Keiko_Part_Four_HD added: 2016/09/02


Super-fit athletic Keiko enjoys a stern horse ride while she works on a summer sun tan for her buff body. An equally energetic horse takes her on a vigorously bouncy ride that all of us can appreciate!
Playtime: 07:44 Min  Size: 242 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Jessica_Jamie_Part_Three_HD added: 2016/08/04


Jessica dresses in a fetish black leather miniskirt in her attempt to ride this fine, feisty pony. When she mounts the small horse, her skirt rides up real short to reveal her venerated shapely legs in their entirety. Jamie, not wanting Jessica to steal the show, mounts in her favorite miniskirt, and the two well-shaped riders give us another unrestrained show.
Playtime: 08:03 Min  Size: 249.8 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Jessica_Jamie_Part_Four_HD added: 2016/07/06


It's stallion riding time! Jessica and Jamie perform the most mind-bending, spectacular twosome on ponyback, and they leave nothing to the imagination as you get an eyeful of these two most provocative riding girls on the planet, riding as only they know how. Their fans know that Jessica and Jamie NEVER disappoint!
Playtime: 05:55 Min  Size: 185.6 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Valerie_Part_Three_HD added: 2016/06/03


Valerie shifts the pony into overdrive and doubles down on her tyrannizing reign so both attain a successful and satisfying ride. Valerie works up a sweat that requires her to strip down to her bra and tight, cut-off denim shorts.

Playtime: 12:13 Min  Size: 380.5 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Thunder_Buns_Part_Two_HD added: 2016/05/13


Another delightful, devious, daring romp with the two Most Delicious Girls to set seat on a pony. It's a cool morning when the mounted divas set out for an high-powered back country ride, and the day gets hotter the longer our vixens keep on riding for a monumental fun time for you!
Playtime: 16:19 Min  Size: 512.4 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Holly_Part_Two_HD added: 2016/04/12


Holly takes us on a whacking wicked ride, dressed in athletic thongs that show her gym-formed shapely body as she tightly grips her mount for this monumental ride.You'll tremble at the loud crack of the crop as it urges the pony forward in this rip-roaring video.
Playtime: 11:38 Min  Size: 363.8 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Valerie_Part_Two_HD added: 2016/02/24


Valerie wears a tight shirt and short shorts to accentuate her muscular, curvy body while she administers a well-planned training to a new pinto pony. You'll appreciate her no nonsense attitude in applying strict techniques to get the results she wants. She's a fireball on horseback.

Playtime: 13:12 Min  Size: 411.3 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

Arielle_Part_Two_HD added: 2016/01/22


The sweetest girl-next-door is back and seducing you from the back of a small pony. Arielle lifts her dress and pulls down her black tights in a thumping tease as she wets your appetite for this delectable woman.
Playtime: 09:16 Min  Size: 291.1 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv