Adventures in Wellies

Hooliganmood added: 2014/03/17


Slightly hooligan mood and Viking wellies
It was a beautiful spring evening. The water in the ponds is not yet warmed up and was cool. But when you're in such mood, there is nothing in whole world that can stop you!
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Huntervelvetdress added: 2014/03/17


In hunters & velvet dress
It was hilarious and pleasant fetish walk on the lake. She wore her hunters and black velvet dress and her cat was with her also :)
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Morigirl added: 2014/03/17


Mori girl in mud & water
While creating this video we were inspired by a funny image of "Mori girl", the Japanese street fashion trend. Mori means "forest" in Japanese, and the style concept is "a girl who looks like she is living in the forest". They wear vintage and handmade clothes, listen to shoegaze music, love to take photos and walk in the woods.
So our mori girl put on her pink rubberboots and grandma's dress, took her camera, turned on her player, and went for a walk for some forest adventures.
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Muddinginredwellies added: 2014/03/17


Mudding in red rainboots
It was great mudding on her favorite stream near the highway. She wore red Nokian wellies, tight jeans and funny T-shirt. All that was pretty well smeared with mud at the end of the walk.
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Muddy_incident added: 2014/03/17


Muddy incident
...Having changed into dry after the "digging the mud", Brook decided to rinse smeared clothes and rubber boots in the river (so that her husband hadn't suspected wrong). She dug from in the trunk white rubber boots and neoprene gloves, put the muddy clothes in the bag and set off. Her reverse path ran through the same muddy clearing...
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Muddyspringpastime added: 2014/03/17


Muddy spring pastimes in waders
At last spring has come, all around is melting , the birds are singing, streams and rivers are roaring. It is great time for walks in the woods, except that you can't pass anywhere, clayey banks are very slippery and boggy, and even waders don't save from getting wet. It's not easy to float a paper wish boat...
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Onthelake.mp4 added: 2014/03/17


On the blue lake (in green waders)
Since her childhood Darina dreamed about big beatiful waders, but they are rarely produced of small sizes. One day, when she was a student of academy, she saw suitable boots in the fishing shop (although they were still a little bigger) and couldn't resist. But how and where to try them? On weekend Darina took a commuter train and ...
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Spring added: 2014/03/17


Recalling the spring. Mud,water & ice
It was a spring day, the air was already quite warm but in the woods snow stubbornly continued to lie. Wearing her waders, Darina went there to destroy the remaining old ice and to look for some mud that must have lurked somewhere under the snow.
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Wadingonthelake added: 2014/03/17


Summer wading on the lake
She put on her favorite waders and went to the shore of scenic lake to fetishize slightly (namely to scoop up water in her boots, maybe, fall completely into the water, having stumbled over a snag, and perhaps to take a swim in the cool lake).
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Wetlookfun added: 2014/03/17


Wetlook fun in Aigle wellies
The task to get a pail of water from the lake turned out not so easy. But Darina made a great wetlook fun of it: full of water rubberboots, fall in the water, wet clothes, sand stuck to the wet dress, boot falling off while swimming...
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mudding_11 added: 2014/03/15


Sunny mudding in green waders
That weekend she decided to put on her good old green waders and visit her favorite creek with fine mud lying along its banks to inflict some mudding there.
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