underwater spear

underwater spear


LeahFisherVenice13part4 aggiunto: 25/11/2013


Leah Fisher Venice 2013 Spearfishing Part 4
Some viewers ask me to show more of our starlet in her bikini or talking about her adventures with excitement and big smiles. So we have assembled a clip consisting of behind -the-scenes film, deleted scenes, out-takes,and bloopers from both of Leah's series Freeport Texas 2012 and Venice, Louisiana 2013. This is all previously unreleased content.

It emphasizes above - water action although there are a couple of dives included .

It starts with footage of Leah fighting her third cobia of the day back to the boat as filmed from the boat when the cameraman was changing batteries on the main underwater camera system. It was shot with the back up system from the surface. She boats it with a gaff and then violently finishes it off using both a billy club and a dagger. This was in Louisiana.

Next we show the events of the fateful second day of filming which was cancelled immediately upon arrival at the first dive spot by an oncoming storm which was the start of a strong cold front. There is some blurred footage shot with the camera in the housing with sheets of rain and salt spray slashing the small boat.

Then we have a montage of more unreleased snippets of video from both Texas and Louisiana showing dive footage interspersed with short clips of above water footage of Leah with a an upbeat musical score.

The video is 10 minutes long and we offer it for only $10. That is a 50% discount. Don't let the cheap price fool you, many fans of Leah will find this clip as interesting as the regular spearfishing clips!
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LeahFisherVenice131.3 aggiunto: 21/11/2013


Leah Fisher Venice 13 Spear Part 3

See Leah Fisher Venice 13 Spear part (1.1) for more general information about this clip.

We moved inshore a little bit to hunt the locations shown in this clip. The water visibility was less than the previous rigs, Still it is green water diving with about 25 feet of visibility. The sheer numbers of fish on the rigs were amazing. Solid walls of baitfish swirl around Leah as she hunts primarily for cobia. There are lots of red snapper, sheepshead, spadefish, blue runners, mangrove snapper too.

The first kill is a bluefish of about 3 pounds. After a few more dives, a cobia comes by and she makes the perfect shot, immobilizing it instantly. This is called "stoning" a fish. This cobia is not as large as the one she shot in Part Two but still a respectable 20 pounds.

There is one more dive before the clip ends.

As with all of these clips in the Venice series, this is all 100% breathhold diving. Quite challenging and more than a little dangerous.
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LeahFVenice13Spear1.1 aggiunto: 13/11/2013


Leah Fisher Venice 2013 Spearfishing 1.1

General - This video is the second in the series featuring our bright young spearfishergirl Leah Fisher. This time we get to see her in her own home waters - the oil rigs off the Mississippi Delta from the homeport of Venice, Louisiana. Born and raised in southern Louisiana she grew up diving the rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Her daddy belonged to that institution of extreme machismo
- the Hell Divers Spearfishing Club that calls New Orleans home. She carries on the family tradition and is a member of the club also. She is very competitive and attends most of the spearfishing rodeos. With this kind of experience, you can bet she has shot some big fish. We have the pleasure to bring you the lovely Leah Fisher showing y'all how it's done!

This Clip -In the first clip, we spend a quick minute showing you some highlights of the Texas trip of 2012. Then Leah kicks of this spear-fari with a little introduction, followed by a little travel scenery and a voice-over telling what's new in her life. We arrive at the first rig with a storm approaching in the the distance and Leah demonstrates her prowess in "roping the rig". Then it's into water with the videographer close behind.

After a couple of dives, she shoots a sheepshead, followed a few dives later by a mangrove snapper. Both these are good edible fish. After that some cobia come in and she shoots one but does not hit it well and it gets off the spear.

There views of a lot of other species of fish besides the ones she shoots. There are red snapper, big jack crevalle, triggerfish, bluefish, spadefish and many different kinds of baitfish in great abundance. The sheer quantity of fish life on these rigs in the green water is amazing.
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LeahFisherVenice2013Spearfishing1.2 aggiunto: 13/11/2013


Leah Fish Venice 13 Spearfish 1.2


This Clip - Clip #2 is all about cobia - the targeted trophy fish on this day. On the second or third dive, a cobia swims right behind Leah as she is looking the other way. She never sees him. On the next dive, she surfaces and just minutes later a group of six cobia - including a big one - swim right up to the camera laughing at the videographer who has no speargun ! Then after a dive or two more, Leah is looking the other way when the camera guy, motions to her , "Incoming !!!" She turns and has a great set up as a large fish heads right towards her. She aims carefully and makes a good shot from a distance of 2 or 3 meters. The camera captures all the action. We give you a slow-motion reply of the shot. The cobia appears to be "stoned" (meaning paralyzed
by the shot) but after a few seconds comes to life. An epic battle ensues and Leah has to finish it off with her knife in "cavewoman" style ! The clip finishes up in the boat with the huntress admiring her trophy and showing how a brand -new pair of gloves has been shredded in the battle..
durata: 14:51 Min  grandezza: 540.6 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

LeahFisherRigSpear5WM aggiunto: 01/10/2012


Leah Fisher Oil Rig Spear Clip 5

In this clip Leah kills two fish. First is another big trophy red snapper which she drills with a "stone shot" - killing it instantly. Next is a sheepshead which she also shoots well.. In this clip you get to see the incredible numbers of fish - especially red snapper that inhabit the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Remember the red snapper will appear silver until she carries them up near the surface. The water filters the color red out down deep and we do not shoot with lights because they will spook the fish.

We also get to enjoy Leah out of the water and celebrating her great catches. This is definitely a treat!

Big HD 1280x720 clip here.

This is the final clip of this series, but we hope there will be more to come!
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LeahFRigSpear4WM aggiunto: 03/09/2012


Leah Fisher Rig Spear 4

In the last clip, Leah shot a big snapper which is a trophy from the viewpoint
of beauty and the fact it is great eating. In this clip, her adversary is neither beautiful nor good to eat, it is just BIG and BAD ! It is called a jack crevalle and it is from carangid family which includes the hardest fighting of all the fish in the ocean. This specimen is over 25 pounds. After searching a shallower rig for fish, this big jack cruises in right past her and she makes a very good shot on it. Nevertheless it proceeds to give her a spectacular fight while maintaining a position of only a couple of meters from Leah. Watch as it jerks her body around which is no easy feat considering Leah is 6 feet tall and weighs about 170 pounds ! Finally she manages to shove her hand into its gills and get it under control, but still has to finish it off with her dagger. All of this makes for some very dramatic footage -especially when you consider that with all of the struggling of the fish and blood in the water you could at any moment expect a shark to rush in from out of the green void and attack the fish !

This is a 1280x720 HD clip with a hot soundtrack to match a hot girl.
durata: 11:10 Min  grandezza: 407.7 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

LeahFisherrigspearclip3hires aggiunto: 31/07/2012


Leah  Fisher Rig Spear  3

After a half  day of  getting used to spearing  fish while being  filmed, Leah relaxed and  that  was  what  it took for her to score! At a depth of  over 100 feet, she  found what  she  was  looking for -  a large  school of  Atlantic red  snapper hovering  just  above the murk layer at the  bottom. As the reds drifted in and out of the turbid  water, Leah searched  through the  many  shootable  snapper for a real trophy  fish.  She  spotted a big  one and and  made a  good  shot. The  fish took off into the murk as she  headed up to pull him  up and  away  from the rig  and  other  metal trash lying around on the bottom. The  fish was  too strong  and  made it  over to the rig and, for a  moment,   it seemed it  would  become  tangled. With a lot of  hard  pulling  and  kicking she  managed  to drag the red out  before  he  could  get  wrapped. You will see how its  scales were  scraped off  on the  pilings during the struggle.We  have  included a great slow motion replay of  the  shot  and  shaft  impact!

Finally she  got  the  fish under control, and  started her  ascent. It  was necessary to stop and  decompress for a few  minutes before  surfacing.  While  waiting  at the  10 foot  depth, she kept herself  occupied  admiring the  brilliant  red  color of her  trophy  snapper.  At the  deeper  depths, the  fish  appears silver because  of the  light filtration.

Next on the list was a  barracuda. Leah  went  back down  and  soon  spotted  a  good one. She  lined  up and  took  the  shot  but  the curse of the  barracuda  was  still in  force.  This  one  pulled  off - just like the last  one.  Well, anyway, at least you  get to see  a  good slow motion  sequence  on  this  shot and  escape.

Later, back at the  dock, she  weighed the snapper  and  it  was 18 pounds.
durata: 12:11 Min  grandezza: 442.6 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

LeahFrigspear1.2hiresWM aggiunto: 23/07/2012


Leah Fisher Rig Spear 1.2

This is the second clip in our new series of spearfishing adventures out in the Gulf of Mexico on the oil rigs. In this clip Leah is free diving ( meaning diving while holding her breath - not SCUBA) This is almost a different sport than spearing using tanks. It is more challenging because one must train and condition in order to hold their breath for long periods of time and dive deep.

While it is more difficult, it is also more graceful and visually complimentary to the body of an attractive female diver - like Leah. The bulky tanks and buoyancy compensator cover the curves of the feminine figure whereas only mask snorkel and fins are necessary to do breath-holding dives

The clip starts out with Leah hunting beneath a large patch of floating sargassum weed at a current rip. This is the dividing line between blue water and dirtier green water. There we lots of small fish including a school of very small mahi mahi, but no big fish. Still we got some nice scenic shots of her diving under the weed patch.

Next we went over to a rig where the water clarity was even better and she made repeated dives to 30 feet in search of snapper or other delicious game fish. Unfortunately the snapper were holding much deeper on this rig and and there were no cobia, jacks or barracuda present. So again we got a lot of beautiful footage of her making graceful free dives through huge schools of spadefish. Finally, she shot a spadefish , which we later used as chum for other species.

This clip is more about graceful diving and a hot body in a bikini than it is about lots of kills.
durata: 11:13 Min  grandezza: 408.4 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

LeahFrigspear1.1hiresWM aggiunto: 16/07/2012


Leah Fisher Rig Spear 1.1

We are pleased to present our new spearfishing girl - Leah Fisher. She is truly a very experienced SCUBA spear fishing girl from Gulf Coast. Her specialty is deep SCUBA diving the rigs of Texas and Louisiana. She has the aggressiveness necessary to stalk, shoot and subdue large fish in the very hostile underwater environment of an oil rig. Her toughness is complimented by her size at 6 feet tall and 175 pounds, she is stronger than a lot of men, yet pretty enough to turn heads in any room ! You are going to see her in a series of clips as she takes on some hard fighting game fish found here. Also enjoy the incredibly prolific fish life found on the rig with huge schools of baitfish and medium-sized species that can can totally envelope a diver.

In clip 1.1, Leah is just getting used to the concept of shooting fish while being filmed. She's a little nervous and does not realize she has to work together with the cameraman. First she shoots and hits a cobia just a few feet off the bottom. It wriggles free of the spear and escapes. Then she gets mixed up on hand signals and shoots a stingray while the cameraman is focusing in on a snapper he thinks she is about to shoot. The spear impact is not caught on film but the subsequent fight and capture is. Next she spots a large barracuda near the surface, approaches it and shoots from below. Again, a bad hit and it escapes. We show it to you in slow motion too. Finally she redeems herself by making a shot on a sheepshead that is captured perfectly on film and the fish is killed outright.

This is a big 1280x720 clip
durata: 14:00 Min  grandezza: 508.9 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: wmv

WenonaSuitSpearfish aggiunto: 02/03/2010


Wenona Spearing Fish 1

Wenona is our primary spearfishing model. She can freedive to 22 meters holding her breath. She has killed some large ocean fish on film for us before. Here we see her in the Florida Keys spearing hogfish and mutton snapper in about 12 meters. We also see a Goliath grouper which may seem large but is actually just a baby at 15 kgs. The adults reach 300 kgs ! The camera also locates a poisonous scorpionfish. It is great to watch a pretty girl diving in clear warm water and totally relaxed and confident.
durata: 07:36 Min  grandezza: 82.6 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv