LEATHER Pic sets

nyuzsipics01 added: 2015/12/06


Mistress Nyulzsiraf posing, dangling in fetish clothes 64pics
I show you few fetish clothes and shoes, meanwhile i posing, smoking and play with high heels.... I wear to corset, leather gloves, micro skirt, stockings, and garter belt, and in few pictures fur coat...
I hope you like it! Kiss!
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C4AChantelle2 added: 2015/11/22


The second set with the gorgeous Chantelle sees her in more leather, carrying on the tough female lead character, clad in the sexy leather catsuit and wielding a fearsome Japanese Katana in her take on the Kill Bill,herione.

She then changes into a couple of pairs of leather gloves and a figure hugging leather top to show off her stunning figure, featuring some close up head and shoulders shots of this lovely BritIsh Leather Girl!

61 HQ images, av.size 1536 x 2048 px. Zip file, no video.
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C4AChantelle1 added: 2015/11/15


Our first shoot with the gorgeous Chantelle sees her as a ruthless double agent...dressed in a sexy black leather catsuit which shows her figure off to the full, she runs through some great action moves in our hotel room, using her variety of weapons including a 9mm Browning pistol and a 10 foot bullwhip.

This set is very sexy and as a professional model, Chantelle makes it one of the most exciting shoots we've done to date.

The last two images are a teaser for the next set featuring this lovely Girl, to be uploaded very soon!

60 HQ images, av. size 2040 x 1536 px ZIP file only, no video
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feetgymsh2010 added: 2015/10/26


Showing Feet and Gymnastic Shoes
99 Photos - 4592 x 2576 px
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C4AKelly2 added: 2015/09/22


Our second shoot with the lovely Kelly features her in three very sexy outfits, first is a white cotton shirt teamed with a leather bustier and leather studded gloves, sexy lycra pants and our black leather platform thigh boots with Kelly wielding a fearsome Katana...
After warming up she changes into some black leather chaps and cropped biker jacket, the weapon theme is continued with her 9mm Smith & Wesson.
To conclude, she pulls on our favourite black leather catsuit, and then the thigh length boots to stun us with her version of 'Kill Bill', wielding that beautiful but deadly Japanese Katana!!
Kelly is a beautiful woman and this shines through in our latest set featuring her, hopefully there will be more to come.

Zip file-no video. 70 HQ images av. size 1536 x 2048 px
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c4aleaterdressoutd added: 2015/09/20


Fetisch Leather dress outdoor posing
46 Photos - 4592 x 2576 px
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c4aslinkyleg0809 added: 2015/09/10


Slinkystylez Camel toe Leggins outdoors
49 Photos 4592 x 2576 px
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C4ASuzi2 added: 2015/09/01


Suzi returns for another shoot and melts our hearts with her angelic looks and huge brown eyes. One look from her and she owns you. She drove to our cottage in her BMW convertible and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon shooting with her indoors and out.
In this set she dresses first in sexy black leather jacket and tight jeans, posing on and in her BMW and smoking seductively.
She changes into a sexy Levi's denim jacket, then into a long leather coat for the final outdoor images.
Indoors, she puts on a sexy skin tight pair of faded blue Levis, teamed with a crisp white shirt and a sexy brown leather jacket for some 'Office Girl ' images.
Finally she dons our favourite skin tight jodhpurs and stiletto heeled thigh length boots to make us very excited!

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c4aredleather2608 added: 2015/08/27


Outdoors in red leather and black boots
30 Photos - 4592 x 2576
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C4ACaroline1 added: 2015/08/19


Caroline loves her horses and the equestrian lifestyle, even indoors she loves to wear jodhpurs!
It was a cold wet day when we asked to shoot with her, so we picture her here in the warm house and ask her to pose in her alternative
riding outfits.

She teams a crisp white shirt with tight jodhpurs and knee boots, and then changes into a black leather top, spiked choker collar and thigh
length boots for the rest of the shoot, not forgetting her favourite whips of course!

Zip file-no video. 80 HQ images 1536 x 2048 px
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C4AKelly1 added: 2015/08/07


A 'cloak and dagger' secret shoot with Kelly in a Hotel bedroom......She dresses in a very sexy Riding Mistress outfit with jodhpurs and thigh boots, then changes into a great leather themed outfit with long black leather coat and poses with our very own David Morgan bullwhip.

She looks fantastic in both her outfits and to finish, takes off the coat to reveal a pair of skin tight jeans teamed with some rather nice lingerie....

Zip file-no video. 57 HQ images average size 1300 x 2000 px
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C4Asuzi1 added: 2015/08/04


Suzi gets into action mode in this set, street clothes look good on the sexy slim girl who loves the 'girls with guns' theme...

Dressed in her battered leather jacket, tight jeans and then some sexy thigh length boots, she turns her house into a playground.

For the last few images she changes into very sexy black leather chaps and some lingerie, still keeping us firmly in her sights!

Zip file-no video. 57 HQ images average size 1136 x 1704 px
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C4ATiabootswhips added: 2015/07/21


The third set featuring Tia has her showing off outfits including gorgeous black leather figure hugging chaps, black leather catsuit, leather mini skirt and sexy suede and leather tops.

She teams these with her favourite boots, including thigh high platforms with seven inch heels, and her favourite whips to keep us all on our toes, we are particularly nervous of that 12 foot bull whip!

Zip file-no video. 70 HQ images 1136 x 1704 px
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C4AAvabikergirl added: 2015/07/20


If you like tough Girls then you will like our new model Ava.... She's a no nonsense down to earth biker girl who also happens to love leather and high heels, so it came as no surprise to us when she turned up for the shoot in a beautiful pair of thigh length boots with 7 inch heels and a sexy leather biker jacket.The neighbours were awestruck!

Sadly her bike was out of commission that day, but we had a productive session indoors...she actually brought along a fearsome 12 foot bullwhip as a shoot accessory and showed she's not to be messed with by putting it through some amazing moves!

We hope you agree that she looks stunning, w ere quite in awe and will be meeting her again...

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C4ATiaHitGirl added: 2015/07/20


Our second shoot with Tia sees her return as an awesome Hit Girl, packing weapons including a fearsome Japanese Katana.

Dressed in various sexy outfits including a black leather catsuit, leather jacket, jeans and even a pair of black leather chaps, this girl is certainly 'dressed to kill'!

Zip file-no video. 39 HQ images, 1136 x 1704 px
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C4ATiajodhpurs added: 2015/07/20


Temporarily without her mount, Tia takes some time out to pose for us and sexily smoke a cigarette.

Dressed in figure hugging Gorringe jodhpurs and leather bolero vest top, she braves the early Spring weather to make our pulses quicken a little!

A small set of images and a first shoot for us with this lovely model-we will be shooting with her again!

Zip file only-no video. Images 1136 x 1704 px
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LeatherPantsModelsAmandaCPicSet2 added: 2015/02/03


Pic Set: 91 HQ Pics 1296 x 1936

Satin and leather - there really is no better combination... especially when it is wrapped around the tight, sexy body of the stunning Amanda!!

In this pic set you can witness this leather Goddess tease you knowing you are watching every inch of that leather clad body.... Enjoy!
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LeatherPantsModelsCharliePicSet1 added: 2014/12/03


Pic Set: 84 HQ Pics 1296 x 1936

We welcome the incredibly sexy Charlie to Leather Pants Models...

This girl was Miss Erotica Australia 2013 and knows how to please!! Wearing nothing but leather, Charlie shows you every inch of her leather clad body.

With a tiny tight little ass and perfect tits, in this pic set she poses only to tease...
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LeatherPantsModelsRobbiePicSet3 added: 2014/11/11


Pic Set: 37 HQ Pics 1296 x 1936

We welcome back the very sexy Robbie for her 3rd shoot - and this time it's as sexy as ever...

Robbie jumps in to her spa bath having already removed her Miss Sixty Tommy pants to reveal her black, shiny one piece bodysuit, splashing water on it to make it even shinier...

This HQ pic set is a must have for all Robbie / leather fans!!!
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chriboundedlegs2810 added: 2014/10/31


Christinas bounded legs
46 Photos - 4592 x 3056 px
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