Riding Ladies

Pony and Horseback Riding

Riding Ladies

Beautiful Girls riding ponies and horses - a class of its own. Download the movie clips here.
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System_Recovery_2 aggiunto: 16/11/2023


System Recovery Part 2 (of 2)
Sonja still on lesson in behavior to pony that Jessica dropped some hours before.
It's not an easy work, but Sonja has always longer endurance and is leading pony back to right behavior against rider. Pony rebooted - system recovered - mission accomplished...
durata: 10:40 Min  grandezza: 497.4 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

System_Recovery_1 aggiunto: 09/11/2023


System Recovery Part 1 (of 2)
Later that day, after Jessica's "flirt with disaster", Sonja decides to have another, more extended, session with the renitent pony, to figure out what's wrong with the little darling. And indeed, there is still "full steam in the boiler"...
durata: 10:40 Min  grandezza: 497.8 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Flirting_with_Disaster_2 aggiunto: 02/11/2023


Flirting with Disaster Part 2 (of 2)
Mood is growing higher and wilder, and when Sonja hits Jessica's pony on the bottom with the crop, the pony is frightened, rears high up... and Jessica kisses the ground. Fortunately she was not seriously get hurt, so after a little breather she follows the recommendation that you should get back in the saddle immediately after a fall. But pony is still bitchy, so Sonja decides that here may be need for a lesson in behavior. And an angry Sonja is not a gentle teacher...
durata: 12:22 Min  grandezza: 576.8 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Flirting_with_Disaster_1 aggiunto: 27/10/2023


Flirting with Disaster Part 1 (of 2)
Sonja and Jessica enjoy sunny afternoon on her horses. Jessica is noticing that her pony seems to be little more "goaty" this day, but usually she's good enough rider to bear. Is pony perhaps little bit frustrated because Sonja's horse is so much bigger and stronger? Heaven knows - and "What the heck"! The girls are on exuberant mood and won't let anything stop them...
durata: 11:45 Min  grandezza: 548.5 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Down_the_Hedge aggiunto: 25/10/2023


Down the Hedge
Denise enters the meadow just when Delilah is finishing her little ride. So Denise of course grabs the chance to have some ride too. Denise is also skilled rider, but some little support by Delilah is nevertheless welcome...
durata: 15:56 Min  grandezza: 743.2 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Red_Riding_Bear aggiunto: 17/10/2023


Red Riding Bear
It's a fatal error to believe that pony or small horse is easier to ride and handle than a bigger horse. Delilah can tell you a thing or two about... But Delilah bears them all, and time by time its a nice variation to drive such a lowered model...
durata: 10:25 Min  grandezza: 464.1 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Angel_on_Vacation_2 aggiunto: 06/07/2023


Angel on Vacation Part 2 (of 2)
If you meet gorgeous and bewitching woman like Brigitte on her pony, you can "puzzle yourself over" whether you have met now a real angel or the life queen of elves herself..., or maybe a devil in disguise? Forget it! Only pony knows the truth...
durata: 18:31 Min  grandezza: 825 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Daywalker_2 aggiunto: 29/06/2023


Daywalker Part 2 (of 2)
No question: the red color of Delilah's capuchin is gleaming lovely in the sunshine. Little problem is the growing up midday heat, so Delilah more and more is playing with dress-off. And after testing the hood it's enough. Delilah let fly away the coat and finishes the ride in shirt...
(with coat ca. 9 min., without coat ca. 7 min.)
durata: 16:47 Min  grandezza: 712 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Sneaking_Desire_2 aggiunto: 22/06/2023


Sneaking Desire Part 2 (of 2)
Gloria enjoys her riding on "Sea of Green" in "dry version", much more safe and unsinkable than deep blue sea. And contrary to the sea, pony at least sometimes is following her commands.
durata: 10:35 Min  grandezza: 449.2 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Angel_on_Vacation_1 aggiunto: 15/06/2023


Angel on Vacation Part 1 (of 2)
As we learned from Hollywood: Angels are everywhere! So why wonder to meet an angel riding on pony? Brigitte can always and everywhere pass as Elves Queen - or as angel. Only the pony knows the truth. Also angels are only human...
durata: 18:23 Min  grandezza: 780.5 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Natural_Authority aggiunto: 08/06/2023


Natural Authority
Tess is professional rider and if she likes to have a training hour on the sand place, there is no room for discussion about. And on sunny hot day there is also no need for correct dressing with jodhpurs and boots. Tess is conveying a kind of natural authority, making also bikini riding a thing of course.

durata: 19:24 Min  grandezza: 823.1 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Daywalker_1 aggiunto: 01/06/2023


Daywalker Part 1 (of 2)
That fancy red capuchin is practically more a matter of dark and cold night. But Delilah prefers to ride daylight and seeing where the horse is running. Also picture shootings in dark night do not really generate satisfying results. So what the heck! Let's do it daylight and by bright sunshine!
durata: 16:38 Min  grandezza: 705.7 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Sneaking_Desire_1 aggiunto: 25/05/2023


Sneaking Desire Part 1 (of 2)
The wind in our hair and the sun in our eyes... Gloria loves to enjoy this feeling also far away from beach or sea. Riding on pony is a qualified substitution for riding the waves and, contrary to waves, pony allows at least illusion of being in control...
durata: 10:34 Min  grandezza: 448.1 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Beach_me aggiunto: 04/05/2023


Beach me!
You're never alone at Mallorca Beach! When Brooke rides out another day, she meets Hannah on her horse. There is a natural affinity between horse girls, so they immediately start together pushing up the sand and chasing some wave...
durata: 16:14 Min  grandezza: 757.4 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Hauling aggiunto: 27/04/2023


Tha Hauling
Jessica is forging serious plans for trail riding this summer. So it's high time the check the pony how to get along with loading all the needful equipments and on top - of course - Jessica, sitting in the middle. The little waterhole place should be enough for test drive...
durata: 16:29 Min  grandezza: 804 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Dont_be_afraid aggiunto: 20/04/2023


Don't be afraid - Delilah's here to aid!
Damn' shoes! After enough nerving complaints about unsecure feeling of riding barefoot, Delilah gives in and puts the shoes to Anjelica's feet. But the lesson remains to be difficult. Finally it's quite sure that Anjelica better may start a career as shoe model - than as amazone!
durata: 14:18 Min  grandezza: 667.3 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Bumpy_Starts aggiunto: 13/04/2023


Bumpy Starts
Sonja shows, how easy things COULD run with her pony, which is ready to behave the whole range between patient and wild, fitting to rider's talent - and courage. Marjorie is no rookie, she has both, pony is just new and little unfamiliar to her, so the lesson starts some bumpy. But when pony learned that Marjorie is not to blow away by his funny rising up performances, he's accepting the young rider...
durata: 20:55 Min  grandezza: 1019.9 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Teachers_Teen aggiunto: 06/04/2023


Teacher's Teen
Delilah is on the way home to stable, where a special job is waiting. After Anjelica's first horse contact was quite short and more disillusioning than anything else, she wants to try once more - and asked Delilah for a private lesson on sand place at stable. Her shoes may be high fancy, but not really qualified for riding, finally she agrees to Delilah to take off the shoes and continue barefoot...
durata: 14:09 Min  grandezza: 660.3 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Horse_Surfers aggiunto: 30/03/2023


Horse Surfers
Doris likes riding the beach in the morning, when there are not SO much people walking around. But another girl had the same idea, so their paths cross unavoidable. Brooke is not of same experience as Doris, but love loves riding too and knows to bear horse. So they finally "come together". And when sun grows up, Doris changes also to lighter outfit for common surfing their horses through the cooling waves...
durata: 22:19 Min  grandezza: 1087.8 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4

Below_Zero_3 aggiunto: 09/03/2023


Sonja - Below Zero (Part 3 of 3)
All her fans know: It wouldn't be Sonja without a crazy finish: After that good warm-up, it's almost inevitable to perform the last rounds in bikini top..., fuck the cold!
durata: 12:44 Min  grandezza: 513 MB  frame: 1280 x 724  filetype: mp4