driving_me_crazy_at_the_library_1 toegevoegd: 12/11/2019


I've been waiting for this moment forever! She hates it when I film her in public, but given what she
was wearing (loud patterned leggings aside), I just couldn't NOT do it. Them shoes? Them nylons?
Come ON! The last time we were here, she was all bare. Which isn't a bad thing, but I'm a nylon lover!
No way was I letting this moment pass by. But I had to be discreet. I did NOT want her to turn around
and see me, and I certainly didn't want anyone else blowing my cover. This was a tricky shoot, but it
was worth it!

Her movements for this first part are rather tame, but that's because she's feeling a bit overstimulated
with all the activity going on (there was a big event taking place next door, with people coming in and
out continuously). She's very tense in the beginning, but she eases up as time goes on.
For this first part, we get to see her lifting her feet out of her shoes, flashing some very soft and smooth
looking nylon-covered soles and heels! YUMMY! Her shoes are a brand new pair of blue denim flats!
Her nylons, if you couldn't tell, are sheer black! She kind of had an “I Don't Care day” with the rest of
her outfit, but honestly, I don't care. She looked cute and comfortable.
There's a little bit of foot shaking that takes place through this first part, but not a whole lot. Most of
this video just consists of the camera admiring her lovely heels and soles from afar with a few generous
zooms, while trying remain discreet!

It becomes a bit more apparent that she's loosening up, as she crosses one foot over the other, and
slightly relieves herself from both shoes. We can still see that she is nervous, as she seems to be
shaking her leg, for most of the time. By now, she's her moist silky soles fairly exposed for the world to
see — which is a little odd for HER, as she generally isn't one to take her shoes off in a place such as
the library, being self-conscious about the smell (more on that later) or for fear of being called out by
library staff or worse --- another patron. I guess she wasn't too worried about either of those things today, and honestly I'm not
This video about 4 minutes and 45 seconds long.
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