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ClaraPonyRide1 added: 2017/06/07


We have started filming again! This time in association with a new field producer in Europe.

For the first offering, we have Clara - dark, lovely young girl - riding a large pony through the streets and of a quiet small town and the surrounding countryside.

The landscapes are continually changing as she rides through the largely deserted streets past shops, houses, gardens, hedges and then into the surrounding fields and woods. In the wide open fields she does a little trotting and showing off for the camera.

Clara has a bubbly cheerful personality with a great smile that shines through. She speaks a mixture of French and English in this video.

This is a great choice for those who like ponies, girls of darker complexion and lots of pretty scenery. The weather was great with lots of glorious sunshine.

We expect lots more from this new producer throughout the summer.

All HD format.
Playtime: 17:22 Min  Size: 520.6 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

DianaCRsaddleride added: 2015/05/25


Diana Costa Rica saddle ride


We are gearing up for a big season of shooting for 2015. There are 3 different new locations in the preparation process. Last week, a new amateur producer started working for us and shot two clips as test down in Costa Rica. We were pleased with his work and the prospect for shooting more extensively in C.R.

This first clip features a very pretty, young Costa Rican rider with decent riding skills.This one is named Diana.She wears a pair of shorts with a bikini top and a vest. Remarkably she resembles the previous girl Pupura and the horse that she rides is almost identical to the one Pupura rides. Diana rides harder than her partner partly because her horse is very powerful and high-spirited. While in the field, her horse barely walks at all. He travels at fast trot and a fast canter and Diana has to struggle to control him. There is also footage where both Diana and Pupura ride together.Then they go up the jungle trail and cross some streams and steeper terrain. This a HD saddle riding clip. Some of it has both girls and the rest is Diana alone.

You will also enjoy the tropical setting with birds chattering in the trees.

We have added a new service to all of the clips that we produce in the future. It is in effect now, and you will find it at the end of the video clip. We have put a few hi resolution photos into the video clip and each will show for 10 seconds. You will be able to download the clip and then save each photo if you use a program that includes what is known as screen capture, screen capture or freeze frame.

We will have instructions and software recommendations available soon.

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Playtime: 17:54 Min  Size: 632 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

PupuraCRsaddleride added: 2015/05/25


PupuraCR Saddle Ride


We are gearing up for a big season of shooting for 2015. There are 3 different new locations in the preparation process. Last week, a new amateur producer started working for us and shot two clips as test down in Costa Rica. We were pleased with his work and the prospect for shooting more extensively in C.R.

This first clip features a very pretty, young Costa Rican rider with decent riding skills.She wears a skin-tight purple leotard and a tight top. She rides in a field first achieving all gaits up to and including some brief cantering. Then she goes up a jungle trail and crosses some streams and steeper terrain. This a HD saddle riding clip

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for a newsletter announcing all new videos and events for this promising 2015 season

Playtime: 13:27 Min  Size: 459.3 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

LatinaPonyComp1 added: 2015/03/17


Latina Pony Compilation

Continuing in our line of compilation videos, we have Latina Pony Compilation 1. It features 3 hot Latinas and 3 different ponies in 2 different states (Texas and Florida). Like our other compilation Videos we cut out everything except the best riding footage and give you an action-packed video with a variety of girls, outfits, animals and locations.

This video draws from the following previously published titles Nina Pony, Jasmine Pony and Jimena Pony.
They are all HD clips and feature 3 lovely Latinas whose families came to the US from such disparate countries as Cuba, Mexico and Colombia. All speak perfect English. There is plenty of riding action, riding crop control. These senoritas do not hesitate to make their ponies know what they want!

So whether you are a newcomer who has not seen some of these clips before (some of them are over 4 years old), or you are a frequent customer who would just like a condensed clips full of nothing but action, this clips is for you.

All of the standard warnings about compilation videos apply - namely be aware that if you have bought pony clips from us before you may have purchased the original "master" clip already.
Playtime: 18:29 Min  Size: 673.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

CurvygirlsridingcompHD added: 2015/02/06


Curvy Girls Riding Compilation HD

We have been releasing some compilation clips of the goat/sheep riding and wrestling. These have been popular. We are now expanding on this idea to include other groups of fans. This compilation is dedicated to those curvy girls with their 36-24-36 figures. If you like large firm derrieres and big boobs on a girl and you like them riding full size horses, this compilation is for you.

First is Megan riding bareback on Cheyannie through the fields and forest. Then there is Helen riding a fast-steppng Paso Fino in Panama on a black sand beach. This is followed by Alexis riding a very responsive horse learning to trot in a ring. Watch the improvement she makes in just the length of this clip. Then the clip ends with our most experienced curvy girl, Meggie riding a big quarter horse around a lake in Florida. Watch the control she has over the animal at all speeds. This a great mid-winter video as you see girls riding in tropical weather while outside where you are is cold mid-winter.

Remember this is a compilation video made by editing the the most exciting clips out of clips that have already been released here before. All these clips are in HD format
Playtime: 13:53 Min  Size: 498.4 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

GoatetcRopeCompilation3 added: 2015/01/14


Goat and other Animal Roping Compilation

This is the third of our action-packed animal roping, wrestling and riding compilation. What an incredible variety of animals and girls we have for you here. There are 4 different HD clips in this compilation video. Like the previous compilations, we have condensed previously posted clips into only the choicest action scenes. We have eliminated most of the talking, any repetitive action, waiting, and resting . All that remain are the scenes with the most drama, action and domination. There are two different goats, a pig and a sheep.

First is Sky who ropes and rides Roper - our large male Boer goat. Then there is the full-figured ,cute Vanessa Lee who wrestles a small wild boar in the mud and gets all dirty. Third is Jen Capone who ropes Ramstein the the sheep and ties him up. The video finishes with the only and only Sheri who rides and wrestles Billy Bob - a big male goat with huge horns.

For more detail you can refer back to the descriptions of these individual clips when they were posted in past years.

Once again we give you the same warning. This material was previously posted in the full-length form. If you have bought any of these clips in the past and you purchase this clip, you will be watching content you have already seen.

If you have not bought any of these clips, this a great price, since you would have paid close to $100 for all 4 videos.
Playtime: 15:13 Min  Size: 549.1 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

SkyPony1.2 added: 2015/01/04


Sky Pony 1.2

NEW RELEASE ! This is a short clip starring Sky -a big curvaceous girl riding a pony. There were two other Sky clips shot in the corral but in this one Sky rides Freckles outside in the jungle. She uses the riding crop to keep the pony behaving properly. This is previously unreleased content. If you like her, consider the other clips for Sky. You can find them using the search function of this website.
Playtime: 03:50 Min  Size: 142.1 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

SheepGoatRopeCompilation2 added: 2014/12/18


Goat & Sheep Riding Compilation 2

This is the second in our series of goat riding compilation videos, but this time we are including some sheep riding too. This is highlight footage condensed from clips we have already posted

Warning: If you have previously purchased these individual videos you will be watching video footage that you have already seen.

This is all the best action from these videos condensed into a fast paced clip. We took 3 clips that were  15 minutes long , or more and condensed them into 5 minute clips showing only the best footage. So in effect, you get 3 videos for the price of one!

First we have the beautiful Heather Silky (alias Silky) roping riding and tying up Ramstein - the devil sheep. The second part features our most skilled rider - Meggie - performing a similar roping/riding/wrestling session with Roper the Boer goat on a very hot summer day. Then lastly we have two Eastern European MILFs (35 year old ladies) doing a two-girl show with Roper.

These videos concentrate all the excitement, comedy, sexiness, fun and domination of 3 goat ride Videos into one high definition clip. Zsuzsa and tatiana
Playtime: 14:51 Min  Size: 533.5 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

JenBRide added: 2014/12/03


Jen B Solo Ride

This is a short riding video featuring jen B - a good rider from the state of Nebraska riding next to a corn field and old farmhouse. This brief session was part of a nude double riding shoot starring Jen and Delilah . To see the nude clip go to www.extremeridingclips.com
Playtime: 05:09 Min  Size: 117.1 MB  Frame: 720 x 480  Filetype: wmv

GoatRidingCompilation added: 2014/11/13


Goat Riding Compilation 1

This is an all-HD compilation of the best of our goat riding content. It is previously released content edited so that it is 100% dramatic action. There are no interviews, no footage of the girls chasing the goat and no resting between rides. It is a compilation of all of the most exciting footage from the following goat riding videos. Candy Sweet Goat RIde, Gloria and Diamond Goat Riding and Galas and Leslie Goat Riding.

WARNING: If you have previously purchased these videos, you will be watching footage you have already seen.

This is a great video for someone who has not purchased these goat riding videos before and would like to get a taste or sample of this fun-loving fetish. It is a "Best of..." video.

You will see riding, roping and wrestling with a big strong male goat.

There are brief 10 second titles before each of the three segments identifying the girls in the video.
Playtime: 15:53 Min  Size: 555.8 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

AKDraftHorse3 added: 2014/10/07


Alaska Draft Horse 3

Here is another enjoyable giant draft horse video shot a month later as the Alaska summer leads into fall.
Our rider is a Native American girl Angelina. She is a newcomer to riding but she had some natural aptitude and learned fast. She trots and briefly canters on the big horse.

We used our new Go Pro 3+ which gives excellent HD footage at a fast frame rate . We used it as a head-mounted camera as well as filming from a second horse riding alongside her.

So this video has some interesting camera angles, a pretty girl, riding at different speeds, beuatiful scenery and the giant Percheron draft horse
Playtime: 14:35 Min  Size: 532.5 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

AKDraftHorse2 added: 2014/09/17


Claire Alaska Draft Horse Ride 2

This is the second clip with Claire in the exotic Alaskan riding location. Again she rides the giant black Percheron . This time she rides bareback and barefoot. This is a popular riding style on this site. She is able to trot while bareback which is a sign of a good rider. The location is different also. Here she rides through a stream which is definitely grizzly bear habitat. The horse owner calls out to any bears lurking to scare them away, hopefully but none are encountered thankfully. The danger is less from the bear attacking but more the horse panicking should it see a bear.

There is an interesting shot of horse and rider trotting across a bridge over the stream and the entire bridge vibrates and shakes from the weight of the horse and the sound of the giant hooves pounding the wood and steel bridge is quite loud.
Playtime: 10:12 Min  Size: 372.3 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

AKDraftHorse1 added: 2014/09/09


As a filmmaker, every time I get a beautiful girl riding a horse well, it is like a unique gem in my collection. This clip is a real treasure. It has the beautiful girl riding a huge black Percheron
draft horse in the wilds of Alaska. It is summer and the fireweed is in bloom. Claire rides the horse at a walk and trot through the brilliant purple blossoms wearing an English-style riding outfit. She also gets the huge animal to canter. To see such a large horse moving at a high rate of speed is truly awesome.

The Alaskan location is just the latest of the diverse and exotic series of locations where we have filmed riding clips . There will be more coming from the great North soon !
Playtime: 10:00 Min  Size: 365.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

expertridinghires added: 2014/08/05


This is a compilation of expert riding HD clips. These clips are the highlights which have been been taken from longer videos that have already been posted on this site . This provides the viewer with the best of the action. If you have bought these videos before you may have already seen these clips
Playtime: 14:51 Min  Size: 542.1 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

hiResBloopers1 added: 2014/06/27


You cannot always be serious. Riding has a a funny side. This usually occurs when horses or ponies misbehave. Here are a several clips of various minor riding accidents where the girl was more embarassed than hurt. This sort of action is often cut from the video in editing. Here we show you some of the funniest clips . Many of them do not appear in the original clip. We slowed some of the footage down so you could see clearly what happens.

These are all HD clips. We will release another DV version later.

Playtime: 09:25 Min  Size: 342.2 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

AshleyHorseRide added: 2014/04/23


Ashlee Horse Ride

Our Texas shoot was dominated by Latinas but Ashlee is an all-American redhead who came along with Zira. She has decent riding skills and trotted the pinto horse which takes some determination since that horse is definitely a "slug" and it was very muddy also. She got the horse to go by using her hat as a riding crop. Although she could not hit hard with a hat, the swooshing noise it made was enough to make the horse trot. Also to keep it interesting, we filmed a lot from a moving truck which keeps the rider in view at a constant distance for long periods. We also shot a lot of different angles and did some pass-by's as well. Here is another reasonably priced clip for your enjoyment.
Playtime: 07:18 Min  Size: 267.5 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

ZiraHorse added: 2014/04/22


Zira Horse Ride

ZIra's second ride of the day was on the pinto horse. It was raining even harder than when she rode the pony. She wore a leather jacket, tight riding pants, knee-high boots and a cowboy hat. All of this outfit got soaked in the steady rain. She trotted the horse over the sloppy mud and standing water and both horse and rider did well. It took real toughness to ride while cold and wet.
Playtime: 06:44 Min  Size: 246.2 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

JoannaRRHhorseride added: 2014/04/14


Joanna Red Riding Hood horse ride

This is our last riding clip with the very unique riding model Joanna. Again she has come up with another very unique riding costume. I call it little Red Riding Hood after the fairy tale that featured a big bad wolf. The crimson-red flowing hood she wears is appropriate for the misty rain that was falling all through the shoot.

Joanna's personality is mixture of certain modern groups of young people. She has a touch of the Gothic girl. She obviously enjoys fantasy and science fiction. She probably loves the show Game of Thrones. She lives in a world of fashion and artistic creativity. She designs many of her own clothes. She is quiet but not necessarily shy. Coming from an entirely different generation, I find her very interesting. maybe you do too?
Playtime: 06:00 Min  Size: 220.4 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

LisaHPrideandfootplay added: 2014/04/09


Lisa Pony Ride and Foot Play

Lisa did a second pony ride on a rainy day. This time she wears a tight-fitting sweater to show off her ample figure. Lots of RC fans love to see girls riding barefoot, so we had Lisa remove here shoes, despite the fact it was a cold wet day. She rides barefoot and then goes over to a children's swing set and plays with the pony with her feet. She rubs her feet through the pony's soft thick hair to remove the mud from her soles. So if you likely chubby girls on little ponies or barefoot riding and foot play, get this clip! It is a reasonably priced clip with a lot going on.
Playtime: 07:45 Min  Size: 283.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

CarinaHPride1280x720 added: 2014/04/08


Carina Horse & Pony Ride

Another really pretty girl from South Texas, Carina is tall, blonde and slender instead of curvy. She is a riding beginner also. She first tried to ride the white pony stallion. He was too uncontrollable for her but we did get a minute of that. Then it was on to our standby brown pony and she did OK with him but after a few minutes, he refused to move any more. he had already been ridden twice that day . So we put her on the pinto quarterhorse and she did fairly well but no speed. Over half of this video is horse and the rest is ponies.

If you like the look of this girl - and many will - you will enjoy this clip which stands out in the group of Latinas and other exotic girls.
Playtime: 07:37 Min  Size: 279 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv