Working girls

Working Girls

sophiapedalpumping added: 2015/02/01


Time once again to take a ride with me in my little silver BMW. This time I focus more on how I pump the pedals as I go fast through all 5 gears driving around. I was actually heading to the car wash and took my cameraman with me to film the sexy way of working the pedals in black open toed heels. I had to laugh a few times at him because my aggresive driving made him pretty nervous. LOL! This clip is all pumping action as I shift the gears, stopping and starting, and making my way around town. I have no trouble driving in even my highest heels (8 inch) and may do another clip in those another time. Enjoy my pedal pumping!! Ciao!
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cleanspoolindaisydukes added: 2014/11/21


After a busy weekend with friends over, my pool needed some maintenance but my pool guy couldn't make it. I guess I don't pay him enough, haha! So I had to get it done before going to work. Needless to say, I wasn't dressed for it but I didn't have time to change so cleaning my pool in a hot pair of daisy duke short shorts, 7" stiletto heels and a see through lace top was all I could do. Of course I crushed about 7 cigarettes while walking around the pool, twisting and grinding the butts with my sexy black stilettos. My cameraman caught a lot of shots of me bending over, showing off my ass in sheer pantyhose while I work (I know I have some fans that really enjoy the views and you know I love to tease) . So I finally got the job done and left for work, spreading joy and happiness everywhere I went. LOL! CIAO everyone!
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crushingpurpledress added: 2014/11/21


Today was a great day to wear my super sexy low cut short purple dress. I wore my matching 8" stilettos and headed to my favorite park after work to relax, take in the beautiful scenery and crush a few cigarettes. The tight dress has a tendency to ride up my ass but as long as the groundskeepers didn't mind... neither did I. LOL! They're beginning to enjoy my visits to the park and I find them following me at a distance when they think I don't see them. Of course I was playful as I walked the path, slowly and deliberately bending over to smell the flowers, letting them get a peek up my dress. I sat at a few benches, crossed my legs sensually as I smoked and crushed my cigarettes. Even dangled my heels a few times knowing they were enjoying the view. But I wasn't sure if they were looking at my legs or trying to see if my breasts were going to fall out, LOL!
There's lots of close up crushes, teasing upskirts and sexy walking throughout this long clip. There's also a slow motion part where I attempt to walk the tops of some benches in my ultra tall heels. But you have to buy it to see it I make it. *wink* Enjoy everyone... CIAO!
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giantesslaundryday added: 2014/11/21


This is another sexy 'giantess' request from new fan. It's laundry day and I've just washed some of my sexy naughty delicates and they're ready to be hung up on the line to dry. I walk out to the yard, not noticing the little pest watching me in the grass. As usual, I'm dressed very sultry, even when doing housework, in white daisy duke short shorts, a tight see through top and white 6 inch stilettos. I drop the basket right next to it and begin hanging my pretty bras and thongs in the bright sunshine. I tower over the speck like a dominating giantess, my heels just miss stepping on it as I work. I bend down and squat right over the little vermon several times (in slow motion), still not taking notice of it's presence gazing up my long strong legs and sexy round ass. Finally I see the tiny insignificant speck and crush it into the ground with the unforgiving sole of my shoes, laughing as I walk away. Enjoy! CIAO!
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legsfromfloorup added: 2014/11/21


This clip is the result of a special request from a fan. I found it interesting and fun to display my heels, legs and ass this way. The video is done from the floor as if the viewer is a "speck of dirt" looking up at a "dominant giantess". I was asked to wear my blue jean Daisy Dukes (they're getting a lot of work lately, LOL) and my sexy purple 8 inch platforms while walking back and forth. I was in a hotel room waiting for some friends from out of town so it was the perfect time and place for the shoot. There are some great close ups of my heels and while I'm walking around, more long sexy views of my legs and ass in my hot short shorts. There's even a few teasing shots of my big breasts under my reveling purple halter top. I'm putting on some make up, checking my look in the mirror (pulling my shorts up my ass in slow motion), making myself a drink and generally just waiting for my friends to arrive, all the while strutting back and forth next to the camera. Then finally I end as I casually step on the insignificant "speck of dirt" (camera) and crush it.
This is a new area for me as far as clips go so let me know if you like it. Enjoy! CIAO!
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sophialabordayparty added: 2014/11/21


Wow! What a busy holiday weekend its been! I started Friday with a evening out on the town and yesterday I hosted pool party for some close friends. I called my cameraman because I wore this incredibly sexy outfit as I ran some errands and prepared for the festivities. I started out with a hot pair of patriotic 'flag' stilettos, a sexy pair of short shorts and a blue lace see through top. I ran out to do some cigarette crushing while shopping for groceries and got some very hot views of my ass and legs as I went in and out of the stores, showing off my red, white and blue platforms. While at the counter I harmlessly flirted with 2 guys in line behind me. The right place at the right time, ya think? When I turned to talk to them, neither couldn't take their eyes off my breasts, noticing my hard nipples poking through the lace. AND I happened to notice the BULGES in their pants. What a tease I am, LOL! Such fun! Well, after getting home I had to get things ready on the pool deck where I did more crushing and gave the camera more sexy views of my shoes, legs and ass. There's even some crossed leg and shoe dangling views when I final got a chance to sit down to relax.
I've still got 2 more days left of this Labor Day weekend and plans for more crushing and teasing so...... Enjoy! Ciao!
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crushinghalfpack added: 2014/08/18


Yesterday I promised to help a friend by checking in on their pets while they were out of town. I didn't want to smoke in their house so I crushed a few cigarettes outside while I let the pets do their business in the backyard. Then it was off to a little outside restaurant for some dinner and drinks. There are some nice close ups of my sexy 7" stilettos while I crush a few more cigs and tease the guys at the table next to me. One guy asked to see my shoes so I obliged and set my leg on the table, he was quite happy to also get a peek up my dress. I LOVED it! Knowing I had their attention, I walked to the bar and gave them one more glimpse of my legs and ass from behind. What a TEASE I am, lol! When I left I stopped for one more smoke in the parking lot and my cameraman said I looked like a hooker standing underneath a streetlight, smoking and gyrating to the music before the final crush. I know you'll love this one.... ENJOY! If you have any requests or comments, feel free to email me at
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teasingatpooltable added: 2014/08/18


This clip is a continuation from my last clip titled 'Crushing half a pack of cigarettes'. It was still early after shooting the 'crushing clip' and I felt like having a few drinks at a bar down the street while flirting with a few very attentive patrons. I've had many requests to do more upskirt videos and I knew my cameraman couldn't pass up the chance to point that camera between my legs while playing pool and teasing. He caught several guys admiring my 7" black stilettos and short mini dress while making my way around the pool table. One guy stopped to make small talk and I made sure he got a glimpse up my dress as I bent over the table to make my shots. I couldn't help it! I'm such a tease, lol!! Several nice guys bought me drinks, which didn't help my pool game, but I rewarded them with a sexy show of legs and upskirts. I was even able to sneak in a cigarette crush on the carpet and one more at the end as I was leaving. It was a lot of fun and I had a great time. I was even asked to join an 'in house' pool league...... go figure!! LOL! I'm sure this will make my upskirt fans very happy, enjoy! Ciao, Sophia
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crushingboxes01 added: 2014/08/07


Sexy Sophia comes home and finds a stack of boxes that were supposed to be thrown away. To get them in the trash, she has to crush them as flat as she can and goes to work in a hot pair of black 6"stilettos, smashing and stomping the collection of boxes. This is a special request clip far a good fan, I hope you enjoy it as well. If you would like to see me crush more boxes or other inanimate objects, please email me at Ciao!!
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sophiaplayspool01 added: 2014/08/05


Have you ever watched a sexy woman in a mini skirt playing pool and strained to get a peek up her skirt? Well this entire video is my cameraman doing just that for you. We stopped at a local pool hall to do the clips where I was wearing a very short jean mini skirt, black fishnet stockings with a hot red stripe up the back seam and my sexy red thigh high boots with a 6" heel. Too bad the place wasn't very busy but I do know I entertained the guys at the bar. My cameraman said they were all looking eveytime I bent over to take a shot. I LOVE being a tease! There's lots of upskirt shots of course, as well as me playfully showing off my form and technique, LOL! This is a must see for all you secret upskirt fans, let me tease you while you try to concentrate on the game, I'll win every time!
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toycrushing01 added: 2014/08/05


This one is a special request from another great fan. I do a lot more than crush these poor toys, I actually STOMP them to pieces!! I come home and find the neighbor's kid has left his toys laying around so I MUST teach the little tyke a lesson. Afterwards they all end up in the trash.
Playtime: 05:28 Min  Size: 216.2 MB  Frame: 640 x 480  Filetype: mp4

microminiskirt01 added: 2014/08/04


My clear and white platform high heels finally arrived and I had the perfect outfit to show them off. I put on some super sexy fishnet studded back stockings, picked out a tight fitting white lace top (almost see through! and of course no bra!) and slid into a gray micro mini skirt for a day out and about. Those sexy stilettos looked so hot seeing the fishnets through the clear straps, I knew I had to get some video clips of them at work. My favorite park was the place to go to enjoy the sunshine and crush about 10 cigarettes. This clip features lots of sexy walking, daring upskirt shots, teasing close ups of my legs, heels and of course, all the cigarettes I crushed. (my favorite part, lol). I know you'll love the way show off my asests in this long clip. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to email me at anytime. I love hearing from my fans. Enjoy!!
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sophiabluedress added: 2014/08/01


Wow, what a long day at work today, I thought it would never end! I needed to relax and find a peaceful place to take a nice stroll, and I had the perfect place in mind. I was wearing a very short, sexy blue dress with matching blue open toed heels and thought it would be a perfect outfit to shoot some videos. I called my cameraman to meet me at this beautiful park and just walked around crushing cigarettes and enjoying the views. I stopped at a gazebo next to pond with a fountain and took in the nature around me. It was soooo relaxing. Being a little playful by now, I made sure he got some good close ups of my legs, boobs, crushes and a few quick upskirt shots for my fans. I know you'll enjoy this one as well.
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sophiacrushing04 added: 2014/07/29


I found the perfect pink and black stilettos to match my really short pink micro mini skirt, and spent the day crushing cigarettes every where I went. The skirt was so short, it barely covered my ass! I walked through a park with beautiful gardens (when I finally found it, haha) and teased the workers there as they gawked at me when giving directions. Then I stopped to pay my phone bill and bought a new lighter, doing a few quick crushes along the way. Later, I met a friend for an afternoon cocktail, crushing a few more cigarettes while I waited outside. Before heading home I thought I'd do some shopping, stopping at the mall and crushing a few more outside. I got a LOT of looks from men walking by as I sat on a bench and even a couple of nice compliments on my legs and heels! How sweet of them! But then... you know how I love to tease, lol. The video has 19 crushes, some slow and some quick with twists and close ups, a lot of sexy walking with close ups of my legs and heels. You won't want to miss this one if you're truely a crush/heel/leg/sexy walking fan. Enjoy!!
Playtime: 15:16 Min  Size: 604 MB  Frame: 854 x 480  Filetype: mp4

sophiacrushing07 added: 2014/07/29


I know you'll love this one if you're a cigarette crushing fan. I crush 19 in this long clip. today I wore my fave black and white high heels with a real short white dress and spent my day out crushing cigarettes while running errands. What a day!! I had to stop by my mechanic but he spent more time looking at my legs than my car, lol! Then I had lunch with a friend and took a stroll along a very pretty garden path before heading home. Lots of smoking and close up crushing, hot leg crossing, some quick upskirt shots and sexy walking for my fans. Enjoy!! (special request clip)
Playtime: 12:15 Min  Size: 489.7 MB  Frame: 854 x 480  Filetype: mp4

sophiasleopardstilettos added: 2014/07/29


I've had some requests to crush cigarettes in my really sexy leopard print stilettos so today I decided to treat my fans and took a little drive. I went up the interstate to a rest stop where I could have a nice walk and crush a few cigarettes while showing off my legs in a very short dress to all the truckers. In this clip are some legs and upskirt shots, close up crushing in my very hot leopard high heels and sexy walking for all my faithful customers. You wanted it, now you have it.... enjoy!!
Playtime: 05:39 Min  Size: 217.9 MB  Frame: 640 x 480  Filetype: mp4

sophiabusinessandpleasure01 added: 2014/07/28


I had to do some work today and decided to make a full day of it. I put on my super sexy red high heels and matching red mini dress and started my day with a cup of coffee out on the patio. Some real sexy under the table views of my legs while I crush a few cigarettes there. Then it was off to the nail salon but they were out to lunch so I waited and crushed a few more, lots of scrapping and long twists. I stopped to see a client and had a quick drink while talking on the phone. There's some real hot upskirt shots under the table again there. I later stopped at another outside bar to meet a friend and waited for a while, crushing more cigarettes and getting looks from the guys sitting next to me. You know I love to tease! There's more upskirt shots here and I noticed one guy straining to get a peek at what the camera was seeing. The look on his face was priceless!! Well the day turned into night and I found myself at a little dance club where I met a few young girls who coaxed me onto the dance floor. I had a lot of playful fun as we posed for a few suggestive pictures. Whew!! What a DAY!! I know you'll enjoy this one!
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sophiacrushing05 added: 2014/07/28


As always, out and about running errands in my sexy black high heel stilettos and mini tight black mini dress. This time I did some antique shopping, crushing a few cigarettes while looking at rocking chairs and teasing the male customers there as I showed off my legs. Then off to a fruit stand and some window shopping, crushing even more cigarettes along the way. Lots of sexy walking and quick upskirt shots as I crush my cigarettes in all different ways. Just when I was heading home I had trouble with my car and had to pull over along a lonely road. Of course I was aggravated as I tried to get a hold of a mechanic, smoking and crushing even MORE cigarettes! This clips has a total of 16 crushes done for all my fans, I know you'll enjoy this one!
Playtime: 11:14 Min  Size: 440.2 MB  Frame: 854 x 480  Filetype: mp4

sophiadeepcrushing01 added: 2014/07/28


I'm crushing over 30 cigarettes in this long custom made clip. That's more than a pack of cigarettes in one clip!! I'm wearing my sexy pink and black patent leather stilettos and a short sexy jean skirt so there's lots of nice leg shots and a few quick upskirt shots. My tight black top also shows plenty of cleavage. These are slow, grinding crushes in both the ground and hard surfaces with good close ups for your enjoyment. You can see me crossing my legs as I smoke and crush my cigarettes, get a peek up my tight mini skirt and watch me walking sexy in public as I crush one after another under my cruel high heels. If you're a true fan of cigarette crushing, this clip is definitely for you. Enjoy!!
Playtime: 21:15 Min  Size: 859.2 MB  Frame: 854 x 480  Filetype: mp4

sophiacrushing03 added: 2014/07/27


I got another request from one of my most favorite fans for more cigarette crushing so I made a day of it, having my photographer follow me around as I ran errands. I stopped at a friends house, then to the dry cleaners, stopped to look at a couple of motorcycles (I'd love to get another scoot!) had some lunch then off to meet a friend at the train station. There's a lot of sexy walking and legs shots in this video and a few quick upskirt views at the bike shop.We got almost 14 min. of close up cigarette crushing in my beautiful blue sparkle platform heels while wearing a very short and tight mini skirt. I got some great looks and comments from guys at the bike shop when I straddled one of the Harleys, haha! Also crushed a cigarette right in front of this one biker and I could tell he enjoyed it. I have so much fun teasing, it was a great day!!
Playtime: 13:43 Min  Size: 549.5 MB  Frame: 854 x 480  Filetype: mp4