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HAGPROD285 agregado: 23/04/2017


Tessa Sexy Driving... The blonde Tessa is back. Wearing such a sexy outfit in this video. A tight black dress and over kneeboots. She goes for a ride in this clip. POV's from the front of this gorgeous girl...
Playtime: 09:18 Min  Size: 278.5 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD284 agregado: 16/04/2017


Smoke, Smoke...... Louis blows lots of smoke from the exhaust into the forest. In a sexy tight outfit she's revving the engine. When she notice she produces smoke she liks it. Smoke, smoke that's what Louis says. Her tight jacket doesn't fit very comfortable so Louis opens her jacker some more. Great views in- and outside the car. Louis is visible from the left, right and front. Smoke from the exhaust is good visible...
Playtime: 11:42 Min  Size: 351.9 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD283 agregado: 09/04/2017


Ariana Revving Upskirt... A video with the beautiful Ariana. Wearing short and open clothes. Bra and slip visible in this clip. With her nice legs she pushes down the gaspedal and revvs the engine over and over. Halfway the video Ariana starts smoking a cigarette while she continues with her sexy revving action...
Playtime: 10:17 Min  Size: 308.8 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD282 agregado: 02/04/2017


Tiffany Revving in Leather Skirt... Tiffany, such a sexy blonde girl. It's raining outside but Tiffany keeps it dry in her car. She is revving the engine in her leather skirt and transparant top. Views from the left- and right side. Also a pov's from the backseat. Check out this revving action of this girl with her sexy legs and great body...
Playtime: 11:52 Min  Size: 352 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD281 agregado: 26/03/2017


Sadistic Eating and Revving (Front view)..... Irma is very naughty again. She loves to eat lots of chocolate and looking at very poor people. She looking very hot in her yellow swimsuit. Lots of sadistic talking, smiling and action. This clip contains the front view of this story so you can see Irma's face more clearer...
Playtime: 07:36 Min  Size: 228 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD280 agregado: 19/03/2017


Mi-Anne battle with insects.... Wow it's the super sexy Mi-Anne in this video. Wearing such a sexy blue bikini. You have seen her before in the Hot Action Girls store with the products HAGRPOD240 and HAGPROD260 so you know she has a very polluting car right... This video you really have to check out! On a hot afternoon Mi-Anne has parked her car in the middle of a open spot in the forest. With her sexy body in a luxury Mercedes she starts the engine and revvs it. The beautifull environment is fullfilled with dirty diesel smoke caused by this hot blonde bombshell... Mi-Anne doesn't mind. She likes it and nobody seems to stop her. But then... Mother nature seems to fight back! She sends some insects towards Mi-Anne to stop the pollution of their natural habitat. So one comes in her car.. Mi-Anne get's out of the vehicle, grabs a piece of paper and tries to get the insect out of her car. When she succeeded Mi-Anne hits the insect to make clear who's the boss. When she hits the insect you can hear the sound when the paper hits the insect. She laughs because she knows the insect will never return. So she get's in the car and continues her polluting activities. But she has not won yet... Mother nature strikes back with a little insect. This time Mi-Anne gets bitten by a small one. She whipes the insect away and continues with revving... It seems like there is nothing mother nature can do to stop this gorgeous girl...
Playtime: 10:35 Min  Size: 318.2 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD279 agregado: 12/03/2017


Sadie Driving (Leg Focus)... Princess Sadie goes for a ride in this video. While she is driving the focus is on her bare legs and feet. She is wearing high-heels. Check out the beautifull blonde princess body in this driving video...
Playtime: 06:29 Min  Size: 194.1 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD278 agregado: 05/03/2017


Exhaust problems..... Hot blonde and busty Abril is having a new adventure in this video. After a walk in the forest she's about to leave. She starts the car and drives of. Just at the moment the car starts to drive Abril feels a shock and the engine stalls. What happend? Abril get's out of the car and looks behind the wheels. The last part of the exhaust pipe seems broken. What she's gonna do with it? It's seems useless to her so she throws it in the forest. Lot's of people will annoy it but Abril doesn't mind. It's not her problem the forest get's polluted. She get's back to her car and starts the engine. She notice the engine makes much more noise now the exhaust pipe is shorter. So she revvs the engine the hard way. Lot's of noise in a quiet and peacefull forest. Abril wears nice thight clothes...
Playtime: 11:42 Min  Size: 351.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD277 agregado: 26/02/2017


Lexi Revving in Pink Wetlook Leggins... Sexy Lexi is revving her old car in this video. She is wearing tight wetlook leggins and high heel boots. She revving that old polluting monster of her. Without any refreshing she blows the exhaust straight into the air. Lexi doens't care about that so you can see her revving action from different pov's. Nice close-ups of this hot girl...
Playtime: 12:18 Min  Size: 369.9 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD276 agregado: 19/02/2017


Celeste Revving (Feet Version)..... We have seen Celeste before. The mature woman with her big boobs. In this video she is revving her jeep. The focus is on her bare feet. The video starts with good views of Celeste's body...
Playtime: 08:34 Min  Size: 257.3 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD275 agregado: 12/02/2017


Tessa Revving after Fitness... It's the blonde stunning Tessa in this video. This hot beauty just had a workout at the fitness. Still wearing her outfit she in her car ready to drive home. But hey first some cooling down for herself and some warming up for the engine. Good views from the side- front and barefeet from Tessa. With her naughty looks she's revving non-stop in this clip...
Playtime: 10:18 Min  Size: 309.5 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD274 agregado: 05/02/2017


Lizzy Driving in Reverse... Lizzy saw Christina action at HAGPROD273 and thought... well i can do it too. Her experience in driving backwards is less... So she needs some practice... In the first 5 minutes of the video Lizzy has her first driving in reverse experience. The other four minutes she goes for a ride...
Playtime: 09:16 Min  Size: 278.1 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD273 agregado: 29/01/2017


Christina Driving Reverse... It's that tall girl Christina. She revvs the engine a few times and starts with driving in reverse. This girls really knows how to do it! Without stoping she drives backwards at a good speed. You see Christina from the front, side and behind. She wears a tight black pants and black short shirt with her belly visible...
Playtime: 10:24 Min  Size: 312.7 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD272 agregado: 22/01/2017


Eszti Revving and Jewellery... It's that little sexy Eszti in this video. Eating chewing gum and revving at the same time. Eszti puts on gloves and lots of jewellery during this action. She wears a leather pants wich is also visible in the video...
Playtime: 11:30 Min  Size: 345.8 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD271 agregado: 15/01/2017


Mijou First Revving... Meet the hot Mijou in this video. She is a mature woman with a heavenly body. In this video she is about to experience her first revving session. She uses her old Daewoo Matiz. It looks like there is something strange about that car. Smoke appears from the exhaust everytime Mijou pushes down the pedal. But when the engine becomes easy you can hear a sort of "puf" sound. At the same time you can see some extra smoke. Mijou knows about this but it really doesn't matter to her. All her dirty exhaust rises up to the air. Behind her car there some little bushes. Above those bushes there is a cycleway. All people who are biking there are breathing her exhaust. Mijou sometimes looks over her shoulder to see what's happening behind her car... She smiles... Mijou is wearing a nice tight summer dress...
Playtime: 09:52 Min  Size: 296.6 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD270 agregado: 08/01/2017


Pit Girl Blowing Smoke... Check out the hot blonde Louis in this video. She is wearing a sexy pit outfit. She about leave for a race but needs to warm up her car first. She left it the whole night in a wet and soaked environment (a forest). Well you can see that because Louis car blows out lots of smoke while she's revving. From time to time Louis checks the mirror or looks over her shoulder to check the smoke intensity. Camera pov's taken from the exhaust, focus on Louis and Louis towards smoke wich rises to the trees and sky...
Playtime: 11:51 Min  Size: 356.3 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD269 agregado: 23/12/2016


Kristel Apple Crush With Car... Such a hot day. It's so hot Kristel wears her swimsuit this afternoon. She's kind of bored and decides to crush some juicy apples. She doesn't like them anyway. She uses her car the crush these pieces of fruit. POV's from in- and outside the vehicle. After her first ride Kristel get's out of the car to see if the apples are flat. She's not satisfied so drives reverse to start another try. When all apples have been crushed she gives them some stomps with her high-heels...
Playtime: 09:37 Min  Size: 289.2 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD268 agregado: 18/12/2016


Abril Trace of Litter... Abril goes for a walk in the forest an carries bags full of litter with her. She wearing high-heels, a thight jeans and only a bra. She's in a litter mood today and spreads the litter all over the forest. She leaves a trace of litter behind her...
Playtime: 11:39 Min  Size: 350 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD267 agregado: 11/12/2016


Bertina Revving in Red Dress.... Bertina is here. Dressed in a hot tight red dress she revvs up the engine of her car for you...
Playtime: 10:08 Min  Size: 300.6 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv

HAGPROD266 agregado: 04/12/2016


Ariana Revving Smoking Smiling....... Ariana really looks very sexy in her white short dress. With her high heels on she revvs her car very elegant. It's a hot summer evening so Ariana drinks her drink while revving. After drinking it's time for a cigarette. This is the way Ariana loves to release some stress! Revving, drinking and smoking. She loves it, that's why she smiles a lot....
Playtime: 10:47 Min  Size: 324.1 MB  Frame: 1280 x 720  Filetype: wmv