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Do you like leather ? Sexy ladies wearing leather trousers, jeans and jackets - download videos here.

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Sarah_114 aggiunto: 18/02/2018


Sarah, the best of all. See her in an amazing classic clip from "leather-babes". She is wearing mega tight Miss Sixty leather pants, taking
on her make up in the bathroom, preparing for the following shooting. More than sexy, don't miss this rare kind of clip!!!
durata: 06:04 Min  grandezza: 237.4 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Belinda_2 aggiunto: 16/02/2018


Sweet and shy Belinda, wearing her lovely casual leather pants, combined with a sexy leather jacket. What an outstanding natural
beauty she is... enjoy!
durata: 03:46 Min  grandezza: 144.2 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Laura_24 aggiunto: 11/02/2018


Hot sexy stuff from "leather-babes". Topstar Laura in tight and sexy Miss Sixty leather pants, with boots, crushing a bunch of tiny poor
balloons with her butt and her boots. Evil Laura, don't do that! But as you can see, she has fun ;)
durata: 03:05 Min  grandezza: 113.2 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Kate_23 aggiunto: 10/02/2018


Sexy Kate in her lovely bikerstyle leather pants. What a babe!
durata: 03:22 Min  grandezza: 127.5 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Giuliana_Fashion_Show_4 aggiunto: 28/01/2018


Classic from leather-babes. Mature dreambabe Giuliana in another fashion-show, trying different wetlook leather leggings and Miss Sixty
leather pants (no sound)
durata: 04:44 Min  grandezza: 184.6 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Kyra_2 aggiunto: 26/01/2018


Our new dreamgirl Kyra in her second clip, wearing again breathtaking shiny wetlook leatherleggings
durata: 04:16 Min  grandezza: 163.6 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Katharina_9 aggiunto: 21/01/2018


You know topmodel Katharina from leather-babes? Here she is in another classic in Miss Sixty leather pants outdoor, with leather jacket
durata: 05:04 Min  grandezza: 198.3 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Charlotte_4 aggiunto: 19/01/2018


Tall blonde topstar charlotte in a great outdoor clip, wearing her biker style leather pants with elegant leather blazer
durata: 03:57 Min  grandezza: 158.9 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Eva_Alexandra_Fashion_Show_1 aggiunto: 14/01/2018


Another hot fashion show from leather-babes. Two girls. one room, and many many Miss Sixty leather pants. See Eva and Alexandra
trying some of them, and having lots of fun together (no sound)
durata: 04:56 Min  grandezza: 191 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Luisa_Diamant_7 aggiunto: 12/01/2018


BREAKING NEWS: Erotic-Starlet Luisa Diamant was too hot for C4All. We are sorry, we had to take down her first clips, because they
were to teasy ;)
But no problem, we start a new series today. Watch her in her new black leather pants with pockets. Sooo ultra tight and soft. See her
enjoying to wear them, stroking this sexy pants in many close up shots. A dream!!!
durata: 05:59 Min  grandezza: 249 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Stella_3 aggiunto: 07/01/2018


Teasing babe Stella from leather-babes, in a very daring close-up dancing performance for you, wearing Miss Sixty leather pants. Hot
stuff you should check out!!!
durata: 04:12 Min  grandezza: 159.7 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Tamara_6 aggiunto: 06/01/2018


Sexy lady Tamara on the streets again, in her tight black leather pants, with red leather jacket
durata: 04:39 Min  grandezza: 191.6 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Laura_23 aggiunto: 31/12/2017


The new year is coming! And we make party today!!! So here is a sexy classic from leather-babes. Daring babe Laura showing a wild
and sexy dancing performance, shaking her body like hell - wearing amazingly tight wetlook leatherleggings. Well, a good and shiny way
to start 2018.
durata: 05:36 Min  grandezza: 218.2 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Luna_7 aggiunto: 29/12/2017


Sexy redhead Luna presenting her tight black leather pants, combined with a black leather corsage. Man, this is sexy!
durata: 03:01 Min  grandezza: 115.9 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Kate_22 aggiunto: 24/12/2017


Merry christmas!!! We know, what you like, so we have another brillant Kate-video for you. See this shiny superstar on the sofa,
presenting her amazing tight wetlook leatherleggings, with boots and leather jacket. So enjoy your time with Kate and all good wishes to
all of you - thanks for all those years of support :)
durata: 03:32 Min  grandezza: 139.7 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Jane_2 aggiunto: 22/12/2017


I saw an angel - curly blond supergirl Jane in a leather-babes-classic, wearing shiny wetlook leatherleggings and leather jacket outdoor.
durata: 04:42 Min  grandezza: 181.7 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Giuliana_1 aggiunto: 17/12/2017


You already know mature babe Giuliana from her fashion shows. Now here she is in a regular video classic from leather babes. Watch
her teasing you on the sofa in tight black Miss Sixty Oneway leather pants and short leather top. Don't miss this hot stuff!!!
durata: 05:28 Min  grandezza: 215.5 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Belinda_1 aggiunto: 15/12/2017


Are you ready for another leathered sweetheart? This is Belinda, so cute and sweet to watch. See her in her casual style leather pants
outdoor for you, combined with a grey pullover. An outstanding combination, an all-day-outfit for every location, classy but sexy. If you
like her, we will do more, so let us know :)
durata: 04:54 Min  grandezza: 190.7 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Aiyana_7 aggiunto: 10/12/2017


Sexy Girl Aiyana again in her unique way. Watch her walking outside in the cold, just wearing her shiny black leather pants and a black
leather corsage, having lots of fun. Enjoy!!!
durata: 03:29 Min  grandezza: 134.9 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4

Helen_Fashion_Show_2 aggiunto: 01/12/2017


Leather-Babes All-Star Helen in the next part of her fashion show, trying Miss Sixty leather pants in different colours. Hot and sexy (no
durata: 06:07 Min  grandezza: 239 MB  frame: 1280 x 720  filetype: mp4