ShoppinginRubberI aggiunto: 21/04/2013


Stunning Kalista visits a big mall wearing full latex gear, including gorgeous latex knee boots. Lots of footwear and
shiny butt footage.
durata: 07:26 Min  grandezza: 90.9 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

TheMetroII aggiunto: 17/04/2013


Lila and Katrina are back in the second part of their Metro video. Shiny black latex, sexy tall high heeled boots, pvc,
corsets and public exhibitionism are all caught on film for you.
durata: 09:43 Min  grandezza: 77.9 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

TheMetroI aggiunto: 14/04/2013


Lila returns with her friend, Katrina, who'd never worn fetishwear before this video. Latex and pvc leggings, tall
black high heeled boots and latex cinchers are all on beautiful display on the Metro
durata: 07:09 Min  grandezza: 63.5 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

PlayingAround aggiunto: 07/04/2013


Add a Jack Russell Terrier to a room with Katrina and Lila getting dressed, and it just doesn't get any cuter. We've
upped the cuteness scale to about 11 in our newest behind-the-scenes Girls Get Ready video.
durata: 08:42 Min  grandezza: 69 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

LeatherLatex aggiunto: 01/04/2013


Video from Lila's visit along the canal in a super cute ensemble featuring long latex gloves, short cheerleader skirt,
fashionable short leather jacket and latex leggings.
durata: 10:15 Min  grandezza: 229.5 MB  frame: 720 x 576  filetype: wmv

RedCatsuitIII aggiunto: 31/03/2013


Another installment of the Kes in a red latex catsuit and corset video series! In this last clip, Kes goes to a small
local grocery and buys her supper while still fully dressed in fetish latex and high heels.
durata: 03:40 Min  grandezza: 46.4 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

PinkWhite aggiunto: 24/03/2013


Lila looks super cute in a skin tight pair of baby pink latex leggings. First she takes the chilly Metro and keeps warm
in her new pvc rain jacket, then she soaks up the summer rays downtown among the public. Sweet AND sexy!
durata: 07:26 Min  grandezza: 166 MB  frame: 720 x 576  filetype: wmv

RedCatsuitII aggiunto: 20/03/2013


In the second installment, Kes leaves with her latex purchases feeling rather hungry after all her shopping and
clothes trying-on and goes for some ice cream. Yummy!
durata: 08:04 Min  grandezza: 69.2 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

FastFood aggiunto: 18/03/2013


"I'm really hungry. Why don't we grab a burger and you can film me ordering in my catsuit?" With an offer like that,
we'd have been nuts to refuse courageous young Kes. Don't miss it!
durata: 09:36 Min  grandezza: 107.4 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

AlwaysShinyII aggiunto: 13/03/2013


Latex Kitty goes out into the world in her full latex suit--top, corset, full skirt, shiny jacket and rubber boots. Extra
long video with lots of shiny footage that really shows off this public fetish girl to her advantage!
durata: 14:20 Min  grandezza: 167.2 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

Blackwhite aggiunto: 20/12/2012


Katrina and Lila go Christmas shopping in their latex leggings and shiny puffy jackets. If you thought black latex
leggings get lots of attention, wait until you try white ones with a red zipper!
durata: 09:11 Min  grandezza: 88 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

IceskatingII aggiunto: 16/12/2012


I had all kinds of witty titles planned: PVC on Ice, The Kinkapades, etc., but the shiny and extended footage from
Susan's second PFG video are much more entertaining. Shiny antics on ice, what could be more fun?
durata: 16:41 Min  grandezza: 220.7 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

Aurora_Carmen_Dress_up2 aggiunto: 13/12/2012


Carmen's what you might call a latex addict, and in this video she introduces Aurora to the pleasures. Over 14 minutes of footage in a latex filled room!
durata: 14:30 Min  grandezza: 166.9 MB  frame: 720 x 480  filetype: wmv

GothicLatex aggiunto: 19/11/2012


Maria spends time in the center of town in a cute black and white outfit, featuring white knee socks and high heeled
pumps. Sweet and shiny public fetish footage!
durata: 07:04 Min  grandezza: 100.4 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

TatoosTransLatex_Large aggiunto: 01/07/2012


Mette Th13teen goes out in public in her transparent latex skirt, showing off her impressive tattoos and lovely legs.
durata: 07:53 Min  grandezza: 113.6 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

BlackLeggingsRaincoat aggiunto: 18/06/2012


Mette13 stalks the city in her SBR raincoat and black latex leggings. Watch out for the guy on the bike in this public
fetish clip!
durata: 09:06 Min  grandezza: 103.1 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

Lucia_Rebel_Window_Shopping_Full aggiunto: 10/06/2012


The public fetish duo is driven to town in a super shiny black sports car wearing super shiny latex outfits. The hot
bright sun really shows off the latex sheen to perfection!
durata: 23:53 Min  grandezza: 275 MB  frame: 720 x 480  filetype: wmv

ShinyLegs aggiunto: 06/06/2012


Here's a video of Maja's city walk in her fashion leggings and shorty boots, featuring Maja with a new hairstyle and
lots of city footage.
durata: 07:45 Min  grandezza: 94.1 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

HighWaistLatexSkirt aggiunto: 31/05/2012


Kes looks spectacular in her high waisted black latex hobble skirt and high heeled patent leather ankle boots. The
skirt is perfectly set off by her hip length blond braid and sexy silk secretary's blouse.
durata: 08:27 Min  grandezza: 81.1 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv

GirlfriendsI aggiunto: 26/03/2012


Introducing long-locked Nadine in a public outing with Lila during her blond phase. Great crowd shots and reactions.
You'll see more of Lila's semi-transparent purple latex leggings in the next installment.
durata: 06:44 Min  grandezza: 89.4 MB  frame: 640 x 480  filetype: wmv