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We are two fast girls who like to drive Hot Cars like Ferrari but old timers as well the way IT REALLY LOOKS GOOD.  Get our movie clips here!

56lincoln added: 2008/11/11



Lady Lily - Special Guest driving the 1956 Lincoln Premiere
Lady Lily Gardner, decked out in a turquoise pvc jacket, knee high Leather stiletto heeled boots, stetson, black leather gloves and jeans takes out the '56 Lincoln Premiere Hardtop for a spin. During her travels she receives a compliment from an admiring passerby on the last of the "official Hot Rod Lincolns" which she graciously accepts. Both glove lovers and pedaling enthusiasts have much to feast their eyes on with this clip.

Playtime: 18:43 Min  Size: 223.2 MB  Frame: 720 x 480  Filetype: wmv