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We are two fast girls who like to drive Hot Cars like Ferrari but old timers as well the way IT REALLY LOOKS GOOD.  Get our movie clips here!

71lincoln added: 2008/11/11



Lady Lily - Special Guest driving the 1971 Lincoln Continental
Lady Lily, dressed in form-fitting jeans and a black short-sleeved top walks through the thin sheen of water being sprayed to keep the desert dust down in the Super Cosmos lot, her thigh high patent yellow high heeled boots reflecting slightly in the water as she walks to the car. She backs the Town Car up carefully, but once she reaches the straight-a-way, Lily wants to open her up, but something tells her to take it a little easy, and sure enough, a Highway Patrol vehicle just turns the bend heading towards her as she reaches near the end of the strip! Lily contents herself instead by tooling around, enjoying the warm California air as she enjoys her Saturday afternoon in this beautiful car, and from time to time, she caresses her boot tops, enjoying the sensation of the sleek patent leather between her fingers. A series of twists in the back road she takes on her return trip to the Museum allows for consistent gas/braking action as she pushes the safe boundaries of speed on such tight curves.

Playtime: 15:27 Min  Size: 116.1 MB  Frame: 640 x 480  Filetype: wmv